Chapter 3:Last of its kind

Chapter 3:Last of its kind

A Chapter by The Matrix 550

Chapter 3:Last of Its Kind

Ratchet-Good news for ya'll two. I can mange to get you a new body. Its just... you'll have to... how do I put'll have to get a new scan.

Hotshot-Can I just scan the SR Racing Shot again and it work?

Ratchet-No... a hole new scan...if you want a new body.

Optimus Prime-No Decepticons! Hotshot stay everyone else come with me.

The Autobots exept Hotshot run out.

Hotshot-They think they can leave me behind just cause I'm the new guy I don't think so!

Hotshot transforms and leaves the Autobot HQ.

He stumbles across a old SR-71 Blackbird jet. He touches the jet and it transfomers

Unknown-Who are you? Where's The Fallen?

Hotshot-I don't know who that is, who are you?

Unknown-My name is Jetfire. I am the last of the original 13 primes.Then  Fallen striked I chickened out. He was going to kill whoever stood in his way so I joined him. Tired of  being a Decepticon I fleed, hoping my Autobot brothern would forgive me and let me join them.

Hotshot-Well my name is Hotshot, you can say I'm the new guy,but one day I'll lead the Autobots.

Jetfire- I remeber when I was first created by the AllSpark. Seventh Prime to be created. I was as eger as you.

Hotshot-You callin me a rookie!

Jetfire-I'm just callin you young,nothing wrong with that.

Hotshot-Listen,I'll take you to Autobot HQ. Then Optimus can decide.

Jetfire-Lead the way.

© 2009 The Matrix 550

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The Matrix 550
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Added on October 13, 2009
Last Updated on October 13, 2009