Cybertrons Creation.

Cybertrons Creation.

A Chapter by The Matrix 550

Transformers Evouluton episode one:Cybertrons Creation.

In the begging there was,Primus and Unicron. Two brothers reprensenting good and evil. Unicron wished ultimate power,Primus just wants to stop him.

Primus-Unicron,your destiny awaits.

Unicron-So you agree,I'm about to destroy you!

Primus pairly misses a punch.


Primus punches Unicron in the back.

Unicron-You wish you can deafeat me!

Unicron turns around and punches Primus. Primus hits right back.

Primus-When will you ever learn!

Unicron-When will you ever grow up!

Unicron hits Primus.

Primus charges up a punch,then he hits Unicron with all his might. Unicron floats off into space.

Primus-I am alone...

Primus starts to think.

Primus-I know.

He starts to meditate. All his power become a front of him. The energy becoms solid.

Primus-The Matrix of Leadership!

With its power he starts to transform. He becomes a metal planet. He called it Cybertron. He then created twelve of his kind. He called them the Primes. First to arise was Alpha Prime,then Beta Prime,Denastics,Sabberclaw,Sharkfang,Prima,Resetion,Intergalacta,Cyberwing,Nelion,Neotansesure,then finaly Maximus.

Demastics goes scavenger hunting in space about 34 years being in exitens. He ran into something that hasn't been seen in millions of years,Unicron.

Unicron-I understand,you stand out of the other Primes,you want power.

Demastics-Yes,more than anything.

Unicron-If you join me,you shall get a new body,more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Demastics-I accept.

Unicron shoots a beam at Demastics. He appears with a new body

Unicron-The Fallen, slauter your brothers and bring them back to me.

The Fallen-Yes my master.

The Fallen returns to Cybertron. His invasion begins. First he fire at Sabberclaw. Then Prima runs up and he hits him with his blade.

The Fallen-I pitty whoever stands in my way!

He chops Neolion in half.


Soon The Fallen takes down Beta Prime and Alpha Prime. Followed by the death of Neotansesure. Resution trys to deafeat them but fails. Cyberwing was next to fall. Sharkfang willingly dies to save Intergalacta,but The Fallen kills Intergalacta too.

Maximus-My brothers...

Maximus jumps on The Fallen and uses The Fallens blade to kill The Fallen.

Maximus is blown off Cybertron and it begans to change. Soon Primus stands in front of Maximus.


Primus-Yes,you showed great courage today. I grant you The Matrix of Leadership

Primus hands Maximus The Matrix. Maximus quickly staches it in his chest

Maximus-I'll re-creat your race,no matter the cost.

Primus-Good. Take care

Primus slowly beacomes a planet again.

© 2009 The Matrix 550

Author's Note

The Matrix 550
ignore grammar problems

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Added on November 7, 2009
Last Updated on November 7, 2009