Forgotten Past

Forgotten Past

A Chapter by The Matrix 550

Transformers:Evolution episode 2:Forgotten Past

1,000 years later...

A young robot rumeges through a bin.

Maximus-Screenshot,lets just go.

Screenshot-But I need my missles.

Maximus-The Decepticons haven't attacked in 72 years,we ran them right off the planet.

Screenshot-Okay,lets just go.

The two transform. Maximus becomes a crane and Screenshot becomes a  missle truck.

Screenshot-Who are we meeting up with?

Maximus-Rashinal,and Sentinal.

Screenshot-The High Council...

Maximus-Yah,ever since I was taken from power 297 years ago they've been reporting me none stop.

They arrive to a big building. They transform and walk in.

Sentinal-Your late!

Maximus-We got held up in Crator base 3.

Rashinal-Silence! We hate to say this but you are being cut from the High Council.

Tradinal-Finaly got what was coming for him!

Maximus-As former leader of the Autobots,my partner has reasons to belive the Decepticons are prepairing to moblize.

Tradinal-The Decepticons?Ha!We knocked them of the planet!

Maximus-Thats what I said...

Rashinal-Leave from our presince,to never return.

The two rejectors transform and leave.Screenshot is hit by a missle. They transform.

Shockwave-Target sighted.

Maximus-Go get the High Council! We need back up!

Screenshot transforms and approaches the High Council building.

Maximus-You'll never get me!

Maximus fires at Shockwave. Screenshot returns with reenforcments.

More Decepticons run out. This battle reminded Maximus of a long forgotten past. The Battle of Accients 1,000 years ago.


Maximus notices the Decepticons dragging off Rashinal.

Maximus jumps towards Rashinal. He misses but secretly follows. When they arrive at the base a new Decepticons Maximus has never seen is standing in front of him.

© 2009 The Matrix 550

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The Matrix 550
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Added on November 7, 2009
Last Updated on November 7, 2009