Start of a great war/Birth of a hero

Start of a great war/Birth of a hero

A Chapter by The Matrix 550

Transformers Evoulution episode 4:Start of a great war

Maximus-Codet Optimus, todays promotan day. You are now Commander Optimus.

Raptimal-Thank you.

Maximus-As a commander you get a sqad. Heres yours,Ironhide,Inflamer,Ratchet,and of course Flamethrower.

Raptimal-Okay sir. Do I get a command center?

Maximus-Thrid door on the right.

Raptimal brings his squad to the command center.

Fireblast-I hate to inform you commander,but we Decepticons approaching!

Raptimal-Ratchet,go alart Maximus,the rest follow me!

Redalert runs for Maximus while Optimus leads the rest outside.


Raptimal-We're under attack! Battle stations!

Maximus runs up.

Maximus-Handling everything.

Raptimal-Now that your here.

Maximus-The Decepticons must be stopped no matter the cost.

Maximus flys into the sky toward Uknown. Maxomus unleashesa beam and Uknown falls,so does Maximus.Raptimal catches Maximus's body.

Raptimal-Last of the Primes,we will lose,The Great War is to the Decepticons. Retreat!

The Autobots flee.

Raptimal-Maximus's body mut be preserved. His soul must not leave our presence

© 2009 The Matrix 550

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Added on November 8, 2009
Last Updated on November 15, 2009