Know Thy Enemy

Know Thy Enemy

A Chapter by The Matrix 550

Transfromers Evoulution episode 3:Know Thy Enemy.

Uknown-I see we have vistitors.

Maximus-Who are you?

Uknown-My people call me Uknown. Why are you here?

Maximus-For my friend Rashinal.

Uknown-Can't give him back but you can't leave either.

Gaurds walk up to him. Maximus starts to fire at them.


A blue and silver jet flies toward Maximus. Maximus jumps on top of it. He jabs his blade through the jet and it falls. Maximus runs to Uknown and hits him with his blade.

Unknown-Go along you have earned it.

Maximus walks through a huge doorway to find a research fasility with Rashinal straped on a table. A small drill goese in his chest.



He starts to fire at the men in the room,but he was too late. He wiped out the room but Rashinal was dead.

He returns to the High Council

Sentinal-You say it wasn't your fault! Rashinal died on your watch!

Scattershot-He couldn't get there any sooner!

Sentinal-Defending your worthless captain are ye,your lucky I'm not cutting your duty as an Autobot!

Maximus-But I got valubal information! Like the new Decepticon leader Uknown!

Sentinal-That might be valubal. Your saved for now...

Maximus-So whos the new Magnus?

Sentinal-I nominate myself!

Scattershot-No!Maximus will be better!

The other Autobots cheer.



© 2009 The Matrix 550

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Added on November 8, 2009