The Sun's Rebirth: John

The Sun's Rebirth: John

A Chapter by Brenden Brown

An in-depth description of the character John. May contain spoilers.

John Judycki
Physical Traits
John is 6'1 with short blonde hair and purple eyes. He has clear white skin except for a scar running down the right side of his face. He has plenty of muscle to go around.

Element and Skill
John's poison element gives him a very effective mean of damage. Similar to Brenden, John uses quick attacks, but unlike his brother, he uses his high defense rather than speed to back up his power. While using his Alternate Weapon, John utilizes the weapon's massive size to deliver massive blows to his foes.

Role and Characteristics
John is a tactical thinker, asking many questions and thinking to himself for long periods of time to get a better grasp on understanding things. On top of this, John is very polite, well-spoken, and is good with women. However, he can sometimes be a bit stuck-up and judgmental.

Weapons and Armor
John's weapons are two swords, named Cobra's Fangs. One is a katana and one is a wakizashi. The katana is a bit longer. They both have purple-tinted poisonous blades and black and purple laced handles. They also have their own respective sheaths that are pure black with a gold "CF" engraved into each one. John wears heavy armor that appears to be made out of the purple and bronze scorpion scales.

Alternate Weapon
John discovered his Alternate Weapon in "Chapter 13: Toxic Wasteland". John combines his two swords to create a greatsword. The greatsword is much larger than the other two swords combined. The blade becomes longer, thicker, and much wider, and the handle becomes longer, meant for two hands. Because the sheaths do not change, John cannot sheath his greatsword.

John has acquired many useful abilities, such as being able to lob large balls of toxic gunk and creating a temporary shield in front of him by crossing his swords.

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Author's Note

Brenden Brown
May contain spoilers.

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