CRZ STORY TIMEEE  (   tyler-ree   )

CRZ STORY TIMEEE ( tyler-ree )

A Story by CRZ

  Tyler-ree , a Caucasian, born in a wealthy house. Racism never brewed in the conversations of the house. Their parent's loved a lot of people , just despised liars and robbers and in they're experience they always came from African Americans except one time from Bill from the post office. Tyler-ree would bring all his good friends to his house. He hated the fact that Black people would look at him with digust. Every time he passed them, the thought would pop up , " why do they think I'm like every other white person? Racist, greedy & relish off oppression. I just want some f*****g weed and something good to share about. And these fuckers look at me and judge me cause of my skin and the place I was born in.  
  Even though we were one of the nine wealthy houses in the neighborhood.  The rest of the houses were not the ghetto, they just didn't have a parkway and a huge backyard.  Like it's my fault. I believe white glory is a corny story. Everybody thinks they know what I'm thinking. I f*****g hate it. Tyler-ree heads to school every morning & since he's outnumbered, 1 against a whole black empowered f**k the white man , black is beautiful , let's cherish our women and any body who's white no matter what their story is f**k em neighborhood. Every other step Tyler-ree takes a puddle of spit comes from a person scolding at him. 
  One day Tyler-ree got tired one day of the walking dead hostility in school and said "F**K ALL YA, I don't care that you black and blahh blahh. Race don't matter when I say f**k you all. S**t, I'm tired dude. " 
This didn't go smooth with the black is beautiful group. They were posting secret meetings via tumblr and skype. They planned to obliterate Tyler-ree's silver spoon upbringing. 
  Tyler-ree  was chilling in his large living room with a Mozart picture adorning the whole room and said to his non hostile freind Umar " yo that felt great man. I know my message was not appropriate but like my frustration left like when Peyton Manning spirals that football to the hands of guy on top of the touch down logo when I said F**K YOU ALL."
Umar killed the roach of pineapple express and said with his eyes low
  " Yeah,  I know what you mean. Is like the tables have shifted. I sometimes think if we give the whites their own medicine, are we really winning? Like I think my people got what we got cause some way some how God knows we can pull through. An eye for an eye, makes the whole blind and up to this point,  Stevie Wonder sees more than all of us."
  Tyler-ree's eyes dilated like he seen the school's cheerleading team twerk. He referred each girl "his little chocolate pumpkin cakes ♥.♥ " 
  Tyler-ree asked Umar "hey, can I this time?"  Umar took out a gram of train wreck, split the dutch finely in with his boxcutter grinned and said "this n***a man.. aigh dog go ahead" 
Tyler-ree started waving his hands side to side " I appreciate MY MOTHAFUCKIN N***A , HES THE DUDE HES THAT N***A " , he calmed down a little and blasted CRZ's Firm Heart Hazy Thoughts mixtape on full blast.
  A few cold days passed and the ravaged people planned on burning this immaculate house. As Tyler-ree went off to Grandma's house for the weekend. He was on his way back home on the greyhound and as he was walking home, he got ambushed.
His house was in the ruins burned and all. Umar couldn't beleive what he was seeing. He asked the police weeks later if they were any remains. They said one family picture was still kinda intact. 

  This is what you saw 

© 2014 CRZ

Author's Note

Please make sure to click on the picture next to the title, the picture is part of the story.

I took the picture and formulated this story of that picture. It's either non-fiction or fiction.

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a powerful write. I've relocated from the high desert to the north and it saddens me that racism is everywhere - someone always has to tear another group down to elevate themselves. Makes no sense.

Posted 8 Years Ago

THe inspiration behind the story is good. I am in India and black and white doesn't matter here but still I am familiar with the 'eye for an eye contest' and its the first time because of your story that I didn't feel irritated by the concept. I had 131 requests pending and I am glad I took the time to read a story, this story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

that was good, a little on the dark side, but we all have those days! ;) Well done! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

It is a powerful story friend. All of us have experienced racial hatred no matter where we are, in one form or another. This short story unfolds like a thriller. Picture you uploaded ads quite a knock.
This short verse for you inspired by your story
"Any difference you see
between you and me
is nothing but ignorance"
My favorite line is " Stevie Wonder sees more than all of us"

Posted 9 Years Ago

In relating two separate cultures ... I figure its the leadership in each culture ... that has to take care of its own. People like Tyler-ree may provide job opportunities ... stable political administration ... but they can't be expected to also contribute to the motivation of folks ... from other cultures ... living together. That expectation comes from communal relations ... the way its practiced in tribes. An urban environment is certainly not reflective of that.

In comparing white and black ... we are drawing on an enormous number of issues. It doesn't even begin to help us understand the situation. It helps to narrow the issues ... and deal with each ... based on its situation. An honest expression that could do with some discernment.

Posted 9 Years Ago

interesting......i liked it!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

A very entertaining story. I wanted to know more. Could expand the who, what, where, why and how to make a complete tale. I like the honest tone to the tale. Had a feel of real life. Thank you for sharing the excellent story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Interesting pic, and interesting read, I like the flow and how just because racism is never mentioned it might be right underneath the surface. Good Write

Posted 9 Years Ago

i agree .. interesting snapshot of real life (i would say) reverse prejudice is a valid topic i think .. it would be nice if we could keep the pendulum from swinging so far each way ..
i think a bit of editing is in order good sir ;)
i also think you had fun with this ... definitely could be expanded .. lots of story line there

Posted 9 Years Ago

An good write. a thought-provoker..

Posted 9 Years Ago

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A Poem by CRZ


A Poem by CRZ

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