Chapter Seven: Dumb Ole' Tommy Doesn't Know Who He's Dealing With!

Chapter Seven: Dumb Ole' Tommy Doesn't Know Who He's Dealing With!

A Chapter by Lauren!!

Danielle and Kira plot against dumb ole Tommy.


Chapter Seven


Dumb Ole’ Tommy Doesn’t know Who He’s Dealing With



Everything was wrong. How could Tommy be cheating on her with Elsie Elis? Ugh! It was just…gross!

Math class was always an extreme bore. Danielle’s math teacher, Mr. Bedford, would be amazingly hot is it weren’t for his 1’’ by 1’’ glasses, balding hair, and tight, black pants. Really, he was only about thirty years old, but he looked as if he were fifty. Math really was Danielle’s least favorite subject, she hated it more than she hated knockoffs.

“Okay, class.” Mr. Bedford said as the bell rang. Danielle already had her binder out, and was too stressed out from the day before (the day she learned about Tommy and Elsie). “Take out your homework so that we can correct it together.”

Danielle, instead of taking out her homework, pulled out her phone. She needed someone to talk to, and what she didn’t need was a lecture on the importance of algebra.

She set her phone underneath her desk, making sure that Mr. Bedford wouldn’t be able to see her texting. Let’s see, she thought, who to text? She decided that Kira would be a good target. She usually had her phone out during class.


Easy enough, she thought, deciding that she should take out her homework so that Mr. Bedford didn’t get suspicious. Right as Danielle pulled out her homework, her phone began to vibrate crazily in her front pocket. Danielle quickly grabbed it, and read the text message.

Kira: Hey. I am super-sorry about dumb ole tommy.

Of course she was sorry. What good friend wouldn’t be? Like, Elsie, Kira was a bit on the ditzy side, though she was ten times prettier than any old Elsie Elis. Elsie had a reputation of being a dumb blonde who failed every class because she was always too busy filing her nails, brushing her hair, or looking at herself in the mirror. If only school were that easy. Kira, on the other hand, tried as hard as she could to get good grades and ruin the reputation she currently held, and it showed. She would often ditch Danielle and Avery while at the mall, because she “Had homework to do!” And yet, she had a C average.

Danielle nodded in approval of Kira’s text, and quickly pressed the reply button.

Danielle: Thank you so soo much. But what are we going to do? I can’t just let him get away with cheating on me! I am Danielle Carlson for goodness sakes!

“Algebra,” Mr. Bedford said, standing up from his desk in the corner and taking long strides to get to the front of the classroom, “Is everywhere! You will use it in every profession. Each and every one of you will use algebra when you are older. So, you might as well learn it now so you don’t stay in high school forever.”

The class groaned. Honestly! Danielle thought, resting her head on her hand for support. I am not going to use algebra as a professional soccer player. Get real!

“Algebra is used if you become an accountant!” Mr. Bedford bellowed, as if it weren’t clear that an accountant would use some kind of math. “It’s used if you become an astronaut, a secretary, or even a musician!”

The class groaned once again. Then, Danielle’s phone vibrated. She pulled it out, and read the text as quickly as she could.

Kira: Omg I know, right? And you are Danielle Carlson! I say we stick it to him good!

            Danielle couldn’t help but laugh. It was so like Kira to use the term, “Stick it to him good,” while dealing with Tommy Jarrods.

Danielle: Haha I love you, girlie! But heck ya, we need to “Stick it to im good,” so to speak. =)

            Putting her phone away, Danielle looked up at Mr. Bedford as if nothing had just happened, and she had been paying attention the whole time.

            Almost evidently, her phone began to vibrate against her thigh. Reaching out to grab it from her front pocket, Danielle kept an extensive smile across her face, making sure that if Mr. Bedford were to look over at her, she would be facing him, looking as if she were still paying attention.

Kira: We should catch him in the act! And then egg his face!

            Perfect. Nothing said it’s over more than egging someone’s face. And that was exactly what she panned to do.

© 2009 Lauren!!

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