The Knight of Kequa

The Knight of Kequa

A Chapter by AJV

Onurak waits to hear from a messenger of some good news, but then hears bad news also. What will happen and what will Onurak do?

   A man in blue armor, that had a cyan cape, with bright red hair stood by the window of his castle. 'An early morning sunrise, thus I have yet to wait for a sign from Mother,' he thought to himself.
   The door opened as a man in a black cloak stepped into the room.
   "You should have knocked before you entered," the man said who was still looking through window out from the Keep.
   The man in the cloak, who was a messenger, knelt down and said, "My apologies, Sir Onurak. I bring you announcements both good and bad."
    Onurak's blue eyes reflected the snow that had begun to fall from the sky. He was still emotionless as he says, "Proceed."
   "The good news is that we found the traitor's settlement. They are camping not too far from these grounds, as if they left not too long ago."
   "Perhaps," said Onurak. "What is the bad news?"
   "The oracle would like to see you," the messenger said.
   "Which one?"
   "The Oracle of Reokin."
   Onurak sighed. He knew if it was of Reokin, something terrible was to happen. He stood at his place and then said, "Where are the others?"
   "They left early to pursue the traitors, that is what Sir Knox has said. His squad will meet you in the Forrest of Muskiom. He had nothing else to say and he took off."
   "I see," said Onurak. "Have a tshornen ready for me. I must prepare for my ritual before I decamp."
   "As you wish."
   "Knock next time, for my sake."
   Onurak left the Keep as he was walking down  the halls of his castle. He enters in his room and stripped himself naked before entering a shrine.
   The shrine was dark and had only but a statue of a woman, made from white marble with long hair that covered her nude body, who held a sphere-shaped glass.
   "Mother," Onurak said as he knelt both knees and put a hand on the glass. It began to glow inside and the room was then filled with light. "Here my prayers." Onuraks eyes closed as he prayed to his goddess.
   "Onurak..." was echoed in the shrine as Onurak opened his eyes and looked around.
   "Ivienia?" he questioned. 'Was that her?' he thought to himself. At that moment a memory of a terrible flashback entered into his mind, but he quickly thought of something else to ignore it.
   Onurak got up and left the shrine. He put his armor and gear back on. He looked behind him and stared at his weapon.
   It was a large broad sword of a unique design. As he picked it up and latched on his back, he walked out the door.
   Onurak walked to the stable as a manager escorted the finest stead.
   "Here you go," said the manager. "She should take you to your destination in no time. Just try not to work her out too much."
   The tshornen that was given to Onurak was bulky and well mannered. The materials on it covered its face, except for the eyes, and covered its back and abdomen. The seal of Kequa was imprinted on the material.
   "I wont, good sir
," said Onurak. He leaped over it and commanded it to go. The tshornen lifted its hooves and trotted its way out of the city.
   'I will get my revenge,' Onurak said in his mind. He then commanded the horse to sprint to the Forrest as he hopes to meet his comrades. 'I will return and serve them justice to what they have done. I am Onurak, the leader of Kequa!'

© 2010 AJV

Author's Note

tshornen (ti- shore-an): its a crossbreed between a horse and a elk (male).

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Added on May 20, 2010
Last Updated on July 14, 2010
Tags: fantasy, knight, good, evil, battle, power, supernatural, adventure, kingdom, elements, times, search, revenge, ritual. honor, medieval, magic



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