Ark Anhel

Ark Anhel

A Chapter by Haeshin

Literally dumped out of Heaven, the Angel of Death seeks a traveling drifter as a way to find God.


Because I see how humans grieve


Because I see how their hearts break


Because I see how they cannot stand the pain


Because I see how they love beyond the end




Azrael, Angel of Death, is literally dumped from Heaven to Earth without a single explanation as to why. To get some answers Azrael tries to convince Joshua Wendell, a traveling drifter, to help him find the Vessel of God and therefore You-Know-Who. At the same time Lucifer's efforts to start the Apocalypse (again) causes both angels and humans to fall while demons rise, and something has to be seriously wrong up in Heaven....




Azrael- Appears 20. The Angel of Death who is literally dumped from Heaven, and is determined to find out why. The quest, however, calls for a righteous human that does not or doesn't quite believe in God. As his duties required him to witness humanity, Azrael was influenced by them to develop a straightforward, somewhat single-minded nature. He's more sympathetic than his fellow angels, who condescend to humans, while Azrael admires them. His ultimate pet peeve is someone else horning on his job as Death, which he bears proudly.


Though 'dumped' from Heaven, Azrael retains every ability he had except teleportation. Since his angelic attacks affect the soul rather than the body, very few dare to approach Azrael in a direct confrontation. Strangely Azrael is the only one who knows that, or at least talks about, God being bound by something called the Law of Direct Intervention. He insists that his job as Death is not to cause the end of life, but to help souls to either a better or worse place after death.


Azrael is an adept mechanic and an enthusiastic but terrible driver. Joshua has forbidden him from ever getting behind the wheel of a car and to stick with flying. It's heavily implied that Azrael was once human, but he went 'Transformer', as he himself puts it.



Joshua Blair- 26. A laidback, independent traveling drifter. Estranged from his family, Joshua wanders the country until Azrael finds him as the one who can help find the Vessel of God. Joshua refuses, but then accepts when he and Azrael save a town from an invasion of flesh-eating fairies. In helping Azrael he feels he can finally do some good, alleviating a sense of failure towards his family, and figures he has nothing else to do anyway.


Joshua often needs Azrael to act as a distraction in order to complete a task, but he proves talented at handling 'people people' situations, keeping people in the dark about the supernatural. To obtain information through the Internet he forces himself to study in order to become a hacker.


Once a fast and reckless driver himself, Azrael's driving abilities has traumatized Joshua into becoming more obedient towards the laws of the road.



The Vessel of God- Supposedly the body of a human who was once a Messiah, not the Messiah, as Azrael puts it, that was willingly given up by its original owner while the soul is extracted to protect the world. Not much is known about it to the angels, far less by humans, except that the Vessel is kept in a place that can be reached only by human means. Azrael supplies more details: If a human reaches it by his/her own power they are granted one wish regardless of all and any rules, though wishes that mean controlling someone's heart is the one thing not allowed.


Azrael seeks the Vessel of God to set whatever has gone wrong right again, which God will able to do at will once freed from the Law of Direct Intervention.



Jude Silver- A quiet, melancholy young man that Joshua thinks a newfound, if not a litle creepy, friend until Lucifer orders Jude to capture Joshua and use him as a bargaining chip against Azrael. Jude is extremely passive and appears to be unaffected even by Lucifer's supposed manipulation of his guilt (which is never actually seen), but being called creepy seems to rouse a deeply buried temper.


Jude usually seen idling with a deck of playing cards, which seems to control the immediate luck/fate of others. As he rarely fights it's hard to say. More often Jude appears as an observer or spy. Azrael claims Jude to be the 'most annoying' person to fight.



Lucifer- The Prince of Hell that is constantly plotting the Apocalypse to the point where Azrael always adds 'again' in a tone of exasperation. His smiling, smug nature is shaken when faced with a choice group of archangels, the ones he calls his older brothers, as they know the truth about him and his infamous Fall. Lucifer detests his 'big brothers' and their supposedly superior, persecuting attitude towards him.


Despite being called the prince of demons Lucifer has no powers except to hypnotize human beings. Compounded by his natural talent of manipulation, this ability has allowed Lucifer has to garner Hell and demonkind to his whim. According to Azrael, Lucifer's powers were taken from him by God as punishment.



Blob- The immortal that created various supernatural creatures in the image of man, intending for angels to be a superior species. Unfortunately they had monstrous appearances and this 'thing' where other living creatures burst into flames upon sight of them. Blob abandoned his creations and the angels were later adopted by God, who gave them human forms and created Heaven as their home. Blob became interested again in the angels when he saw their new, beautiful, and powerful forms, their cosmic responsiblities, and sidled up to them in hopes of reclaiming fatherhood. He was successful, but Blob began to play around so that humans ended up getting killed, angering God. Absolutely terrified of the deity, Blob is on the run with God hunting him down. He counts on Lucifer to protect and shelter him in return for...Blob acting like a father?


According to Azrael Blob was given his name by God out of contempt.



Rachel- A determined female angel trying to rally the others into embracing free will, which to most angels means disobedience to God. She eagerly seeks to recruit Azrael, but he refuses and calls Rachel a 'self-righteous a*s' that kills her own brothers and sisters just so that she can be right.


Ella- Soul Reaper. Dedicated to her job, Ella shows attachment to her former employer, Azrael, saying that he was fun to work for.


Pearl Lazarus- 15. The girl that Azrael is shocked to recognize as the Prophet of Death. She is one of the seven Keys to the seven Gates of Hell, Heaven, and a place in between. Literally Pearl is one of seven people who keep lost souls from entering the world of the living to prey on them.


Incurably shy and quick to tears, Pearl is confused and terrified by the increasing number of supernatural happenings. She's kidnapped by a large organization of religious fanatics called the Seraphim, and by the time she is rescued Pearl has discovered her power as the Prophet of Death, which kills her captors by accident. The trauma of taking lives and the Seraphim's tortures has left her quiet, cold, and calculating. Her former sympathetic self appears when Azrael shows how distraught he is.


Pearl discovers her ability to turn any and all things to ashes with a thought when, in a fit of terror, she accidentally reduces some of her captors to ash.



Sei- 17. An Asian boy who was among those kidnapped by the Seraphim. Expressionless and mute by choice, Sei only shows that he is dedicated to Pearl, whom he protects and whose orders he carries out regardless of their nature.


As the Prophet of Foresight Sei is able to see the future, which he uses to stay one step ahead of everyone. Somehow Jude Silver is immune to this ability; in a rare moment of speech Sei expresses surprise at how unpredictable Jude is.



The Seraphim- A group of religious fanatics that have lasted through the centuries, hunting down the Prophets whom they believe are what 'infects' the world. Their core belief is that if all the Prophets and their blood relatives are killed, the world will become pure.



The Seven Prophets- Seven bloodlines that exist to protect the world from lost souls. Every generation only one person of each Prophet bloodline possesses the Key, or power, unique to them. In modern times all but the Prophet of Reminiscence, or memory, has forgotten their purpose and abilities.



Callisto Dominic- 24. A graceful, wealthy Italian from a prestigious family, he generally ignores the demands of his relatives and high society. Callisto comes to America to pick up Joshua and Azrael, taking them to Italy so that they can meet the person whose body was found alive after being sealed for millennia in Mount Ararat. Callisto himself is the Prophet of Reminiscence, holder of the world's memory and therefore keeper of every knowledge known to man (but not angels or demons).


It is Callisto who tells Joshua that to reach the Vessel of God he must open the seven Gates of Hell, Heaven, and a place in between with the Prophets' help. The steps to that path will release lost souls into the world, and the only way to get rid of them will be to reach the Vessel of God.


As the Prophet of Reminiscence, Callisto manipulates and stores memory. He treats Azrael like an old acquaintance. Because he suffers a congenital heart condition, Callisto cannot use his power too much or too often.



Yeshua- Appears 16. A coffin sealed by various materials was found by archaeologists in Mount Ararat. Recognized as a Christian relic, the coffin was brought to Italy and unsealed by experts to discover the body of a youth inside, perfectly preserved...and alive! To Azrael's immense shock he recognizes the body as Yeshua, the Vessel of God.


Even Callisto doesn't know if Yeshua is a doll or not, but though his upper body is that of a male youth, below the belt Yeshua is like a Barbie doll, without any reproductive organs. When awake Yeshua displays a benevolent but somewhat unresponsive nature, going days just sitting in place until he finally responds. He reacts most notably to Azrael, who is reluctant to but confesses that he and Yeshua are old friends.


Azrael is apprehensive that Yeshua should be awake and more or less autonomous. He claims that Yeshua and Jesus are two different people, but the mentioned parts of Yeshua's 'life' mirror that of Jesus Christ. Seeing Yeshua again, Azrael suddenly wonders aloud 'which one is he?', and appears afraid.



Hosea Jordan- 19. A young man of indeterminate origin, Hosea is a psychic that reads the innermost thoughts of others. Rather mature and wise for his age, Hosea appears apathetic but is really the opposite, deeply empathetic with people.



Amanda- Tough and resilient, Amanda is a barkeep that takes a liking to Azrael after the latter wins a drinking challenge to earn money. She develops a motherly attitude towards him.



Camael- The angel that irritates people with a persistent urge to teach others and comes off as a know-it-all. He's assigned to Azrael's case, observing until he discovers what the Angel of Death is up to.



Michael- Appears 25. A strict, serious-minded archangel who finds less responsible beings as a source of irritation. His superior attitude well hides the core of himself, which cares about humans and reproaches other angels for behaving so callously towards them. With so many angels defecting to Blob, Michael shows that side less and less.



Gabriel- Appears 30. A compassionate and staid father figure that has trouble understanding jokes. He's an assistant to Michael and is always concerned about how a person's feelings affects others. He represents Africa and commands the earth.



Raphael- Appears 17. Fiery, protective, and cheerful, Raphael tends to worry too much when someone is wounded. Knowing Azrael's weakness to hugs, Raphael exploits this and often gets a punch in the face in return.



Uriel- Appears 18. Lazy, quiet, and shy, Uriel appears to only deal with superficial things. In reality he hides the true nature of things if he thinks they're too painful to know, feeling distant from his brothers because of his awkwardness. Uriel represents Antarctica and commands the winds.



Israfel- Appears 15. So gentle, sweet, and kind, he often provokes an awkward moment among his brothers, who care for him but experience 'sugar overload' whenever he's around.

© 2015 Haeshin

Author's Note

*creative liberty taken with religious stories/figures. if offended, please do not read

*attached photo does not belong to me, all copyrights to original owners

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