A Chapter by Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

“CAN I?”

Can I listen once again to the sound of your heart
To the notes of your songs and the poems you recite?

Can I see once again how you paint my sweet smile
Embrace me and hold me while we walk through the mile?

Can I feel once again the love that once we shared
Like in those old pictures which remind how much you cared?

Tell me if you'll let the yesterday come back
Now that your present's well and you got all the luck.

Tell me if there's a chance to forget all my lies
Erase the memories with sadness in your eyes.

Tell me how can I mend the pain of that goodbye
Now I want to win you back but I don't know how can I.

           I never had been an investigator or a spy in my whole life like what I am doing today. Funny but, I just find it no reason not to believe and listen to my instinct to follow the woman in the park. She’s now at the gate of a two-story house in this crowded street.

            An old woman opened the gate whom I think the child’s granny because she carried and kissed her right away. The woman followed them inside and closed the gate. I stayed for some minutes near the gate where I can see them entering the house. A woman welcomed them  and in this moment I feel my heartbeat has stopped!

           My eyes won’t deny- it is her. It’s Margaux! She got the child from the old woman and carried her. I don’t know what to do. I want to open the gate, call her name, hug and kiss her. Now I feel how I  miss her so much. I want to cry and shout with joy. At last, I found her! After two sad years, I found her.

            I decided to look for the number of the house, the street, the neighborhood, and memorized them. This is not the right time. I should make a plan before making any action. Besides I really don’t know how to start today.

            I went home and laid down on bed on that early time. I want to rest. I want to make plans- careful plans. I really want to see her and talk to her tomorrow.


“M-Margaux…” I called her name while standing at the front of her door. I returned to her house this morning and now I am looking at the face that I’ve been searching for two years.

I know I’m crying this time. I can’t believe she’s here now at the front of me.


            We both just stood and looked at each other. I don’t know what to do. I want to hug and kiss her but I’m like stocked at my place.

            “How are you?” to our surprise we asked the same question.

            “C-Come in,” she said while giving way for me to enter the house. She led me to the living room.

            My attention was captured by the large portrait of the baby girl on one side of the room. She understood I was thinking about the baby.

            “She’s one year old,” she said.

           I smiled. How happy I am to talk about the baby.

            “Is she our…”


To my surprise, Margaux stood. But she sat again later and started to tell a story to me.

“She’s my sister’s child,” she said.

“Who’s is your sister?” I asked her.

“That’s her,” she pointed out the woman in a photo frame displayed on the wall. It was the woman yesterday.

I know she’s lying because I heard yesterday from that woman that she’s not the real mother of the child.

“You’re not telling the truth, Margaux.”

Her eyes sharpen. “How dare you accusing me like that!”

“Because I heard from your sister yesterday, she’s not the mother of that child.”

“H-Have you met?” her voice lowered.

“Yes. Yesterday…at the park.”

“O-Okay, I’ll admit. She’s my child. But it’s not what you think. I’m married, Ricky.”

I was shocked. I can’t say a word.

I saw her crying. And I felt the warm liquid flowing from my eyes, too.

“I-I’m sorry, Billy.”

“Y-You’re…m-married…” I said like I whispered to myself. I felt so weak.

“M-My husband will come anytime, so please, Billy…”

I have no choice but to leave.

© 2015 Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

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Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

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Added on May 3, 2014
Last Updated on December 29, 2015


Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)
Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)


Hello! I am Dhaye, a public secondary school teacher, a passionate artist "married" to her dream. I write in different perspectives. So please know NOT all my works are about me. .. more..