Candle In His Heart

Candle In His Heart

A Poem by Lexi Nicole

That little candle burns through the darkness of his heart.


That little candle burns through the darkness of his heart…

She holds out her hand and he smacks her away
Doesn’t want her help, just lives in the pain
And she prays every night, willing him to survive
She sets little candles all through the house
Hoping that, somehow, he’ll find the light

He talks in his sleep, letting out all his fears
All the night long she watches his tears
They creep down his cheeks, crawling from dreams
And all she can do is sit and watch him sleep
She keeps lighting candles and saying her prayers
And hoping that, in the morning, he’ll still be there

She watches him hurt, writhing in pain
Drowning in this endless rain
And she keeps lighting candles
And dragging him from his sleep
She listens to promises she knows he won’t keep
She walks outside, feels the warmth of the sun
And hopes one day he’ll come with her
When this is all done

She begs and she pleads with him all the time
Her tongue always rolling over the same little rhyme
And he waves her off, pretending he's cool
But his eyes give away the fear in the fool
He doesn’t want to commit to something, anything but this
(Old habits, honey, they’re hard to break)
This is not  yet a risk he’s willing to take

When he goes to sleep, warm in his bed
She hangs rosaries over his head
And whispers a prayer as he drifts into dreams
Nightmares, actually, that rip his tortured soul in two
And she lights all those candles
Not anything new

And she doesn’t know
That deep in his heart
Those candles are burning
So terribly hot
(There’s gotta be more than this, he knows
This can’t really be the close of the show)

© 2012 Lexi Nicole

Author's Note

Lexi Nicole
Yes, this is another Nikki Sixx inspired poem. I was listening to Sixx:A.M. (Pray for Me, to be exact) and this kind of just...came. Anyway, I'm very proud of it. Comments and crit greatly appreciated :)

EDIT:// revamped a bit. took away the ending line and changed around a few words. this piece is probably my favorite out of everything I've written, but it needed some work.

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' Moneyball ' is a great new movie that deals with the impossible and persuades people it can be done. Then again the theme is based on what Ayn Rand wrote about in ' The Fountainhead.' Before that, Hercules killed the Nemean lion that surprised the world. Which is what people do when up against the wall, they turn to another direction and keep it moving.

Posted 9 Years Ago

And he waves her off, pretending he's cool
But his eyes give away the fear in the fool
He doesn’t want to commit to something, anything but this
(Old habits, honey, they’re hard to break)
This is not yet a risk he’s willing to take
--favorite lines:)
yeah, it seems very emotional and from the heart. i think it'd be better if you add more lines...kinda left me hanging in the end, me wants more of this!! :)
This is chocolate for the eyes, with sprinkles! XD

Posted 9 Years Ago

You really are a gifted writer. This one hit me from the second line, the imagery of someone harsh with suffering. Reminded me very much of the two years my husband and I cared for my father-in-law, who was paralyzed from a stroke and in constant pain. He was usually grateful, even apologetic, but it was a hard blow for a proud and once strong man. You also captured the emotions of a care-giving family member. Lovely, evocative poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Encapsulates the necessary suffering of the young. It reminds me of the lessons which help us all grow. Nice work! Thanks

Posted 9 Years Ago

awesome a*s poem i love nikki sixx especially motley crue so this was awesome thx 4 sharing:)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Freakin' awesome LADY ; )

Posted 9 Years Ago

So poetic and wonderful,
Emotional read, i enjoyed this

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love the seemingly one-sided love. The pacing is nice and gradual, making the development easy to comprehend. It'a a well-crafted poem, indeed.

Keep Writing. ^___^

Posted 10 Years Ago

Yeah, I can tell your heart is in this writing. Can't wait to read the continuance. That second to last stanza and the ending is really great hook. Keep up the great work!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Great emotional expression!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Lexi Nicole
Lexi Nicole


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