Chapter Two "Into the fire"

Chapter Two "Into the fire"

A Chapter by Beemo

[Chapter 2] “Into the fire”

“And this is how King Slarfin the Mighty slayed the deadly troll horde, reports of his victory had spread throughout the land and Miticeez City had prepared a feast of legendary proportions. But, days, turned to weeks, and weeks to months. In the last month of the year one of the Miticeezian cavalry man was brought in being drug along by his horse. One of the officials rushed to his side to check his heart, the instant he laid his hand upon the man’s chest. The warrior snapped up gripping the official’s hands with a vice like grip. He said ‘They don’t die, they don’t sleep. They had face.’ then died. Slarfin was last seen headed to the Glomitorian Mountain Range, and was never seen again.” ” recited Oli’ enjoying the folk tale of Slarfin the Mighty while laying upon his royal blue sheets on his stomach. His bedroom was extravagantly dressed with blue, white and gold. The carpet covered marble which tiled throughout his room never really sat well with him; on account of a head injury he received wrestling with his brother and friends. Nose deep in his book, he didn’t notice Ja’Quil posted with his longbow prepared to fire upon him and his beautiful books. SHOOO! The arrow shot through the air grazing the top of Oli’s head, directly piercing the spine of the book sending the book out Oli’s rear window. “GOOD OSHMA! What in the name of Shulu are you thinking?!?” retorted Oli, all Ja’Quil did was snort then burst out laughing. Oli’ charged Ja’Quil tackling him by his waist sending them both sprawling across the marble tiled floor in the hallway. Oli’ managing to slip from his brother’s furious clutches grabbed his bow and ran up the stairs to the roof chamber. Oli’ grabbed his sword and shield then pursued Ja’Quil. Ja’Quil, already halfway across their 75 foot by 75 foot roof chamber, slid under the dining table grabbing the table spread while sliding. Then he dove out of the window, while in free fall Ja’Quil pulled an arrow from his quiver and shot it through the ledge of a nearby rooftop. He propelled himself down the side of the building. Ja’Quil knew the exact reason to grab the table spread, it was to keep Oli’ from propelling himself down the palace wall. Oli’ not wanting to jump off the roof to his death was looking for an alternative way down. So he began scaling the giant palace wall to the busy streets below. Chasing after his brother reminded him of playing tag throughout the palace when he, Ja’Quil, Shaknu and Justice were younger. Meanwhile, Shaknu and Justice were out training in the wide open fields of Fletchingburg. “Shaknu,” said Justice “do you think we’ll ever venture pass the fields of Fletchingburg?” Not taking his eyes off of the target in front of him for a second, Shaknu replied “We lay our way in life, no one else does. I’ll leave when you do.” He released the arrow sending it whizzing through the air, hitting the target dead center. “Lo.Flinc^tha.ha!” cried Shaknu, or “bull’s-eye!” “Nice shot Shaknu! You’re getting better every day.” commented Justice. “Thank you brother, now it’s your turn.” Shaknu replied. Justice didn’t use a bow, he preferred a throwing knife, or a Qa.hinc^tha, which was a traditional Miticeezian ranged warrior’s recommendation. Slipping out his Qa.hinc^tha from its sleeve slung across his back. He took position, placing his right foot diagonally behind his left. Took a breath, spun, and threw the curved blade, which went through the front of the target and out of the back being laid to rest about 40 yards from Justice and Shaknu. “That was amazing! You’re more skilled with that throwing weapon than I am with the longbow.” “Father taught me, he’s the best teacher when it comes to throwing anything.” Replied Justice.

While the two brothers were recollecting on their times of their childhoods, they were too deeply involved in this that they didn’t notice Ja’Quil and Oli’ shooting down the hill in an old mine cart. Justice looked back just in time to foresee the calamity diving out of the way he cried to Shaknu, “Brother behind you!” Shaknu turned very slowly, catching eye of the two making a fool of themselves he said “Oh that, pffft!” extending his arm with his fist turn outward he held his ground. The very instant the mine cart touched his fist, it came to a halt send Ja’Quil and Oli’ flying through the air. After both of them realized what happened, they got right back to fighting and throwing fists. Justice, furious that he and his brother were almost reduced to dust with the mine cart incident, walked over and labeled both of them in the jaw with his fists. Coming back from being knocked into seemingly non-existence, realizing that they made Justice, who rarely ever gets mad, they decided it was best if they continued their skirmish later. “Stop making a fool of yourselves! You two fight like wild animals, over the smallest and stupidest things!” shouted Shaknu, “He shot my book out of the window, my favorite book the pages just blew all over the place!” replied Oli, “All I asked of him was to get off his lazy bun, and head over to the tavern with me for a drink, that was two hours ago!” said Ja’Quil. Again getting into an anger fueled argument began fighting again. Justice and Shaknu began back up the hill to the city gate. The gates were made of oak wood, with iron bands studded with diamonds and other gems. The gates opened before them slowly creaking to the maximum area it could be opened to. Catching sight of the beautiful Gongaceezian Princess Hornetia buying apples and other produces from the green grocer stand on the far end of an alley leading to the tavern. She had on a dark black robe with a dark green band wrapped around her slim waist. She also had a dark green headdress carefully wrapped around her head covering her nose and mouth, which was typically worn by Gongaceezian locals, but Justice, knew that she was no local. Her build was just too familiar to Justice; she had a thin waist, jet black hair like that of her sister’s and mothers. Her hands were small and delicate looking with a small palm region and thin fingers. Her touch reminded Justice of his silk bedspread that of which covered his royal bed. Justice was snapped out of his dreamful gaze by the screams of a woman, of Hornetia. Two, obviously drunk men began to touch her waist and to slide off her headdress. “Oh, what do we have here?” said the shorter man. “What a beautiful one you are, you aren’t from here are you?” asked the taller man. Hornetia scared for her life and trembling said, “That matter is none of your concern. Now I’ll be on my way.” The tall man outstretched his dirty arm “Hold on their precious, your voice sounds familiar.” Hornetia’s eyes opened up wide “No, you’re confusing me with someone else.” She said in a shaky voice. Justice hastily walked over and said “Let her continue on with her day.” Immediately recognizing that the young man standing beside her was Justice, the man of her dreams, revealed a side of him she had never seen before, heroism. “Outta’ of our way pretty boy, no way you’re messing this up.” said the shorter man. Wrapping his arm around Hornetia, who by this time was squeezing him so hard Justice could barely breathe, began walking away. The town crazy, Lilho Unia was standing before the palace preaching another one of his crazy myths. Lilho Unia was a shepherd which was his family tradition, he often times preferred the company of animals as opposed to actual people. Lilho was an elderly man he had a long flowing beard which stopped at his waist. His hair was like that of snow white and clean and untarnished even though he was living amongst the animals of nature. He was short, stood just over the waist of Shaknu with his shoulders.  He wailed “Woe to all, woe to Miticeez for Nikcronian the Terrible, will bring all to their knees.” Shaknu really found his stories quite entertaining even though others just viewed him as some crazy no life, which he was. “Good day to you Lilho, how are the sheep treating you?” “Ah Shaknu my boy! My you have grown to be a mighty fellow.” He exclaimed gesturing with his hands. “The sheep are doing fine.” He said. “Lilho, why is it you say ‘Woe to Miticeez’ and who is Nikcronian the Terrible?” asked Shaknu. “Come with me, I have got a story to tell you.” Lilho started off walking towards the right cobblestone path, which in the city was the least travelled path. This was because it was formerly used for the transportation of weapons and other instruments of war, being a time of peace people didn’t want to appear as war supporters or murderers. “We shouldn’t be going this way Lilho; we will only find pain and punishment. Let’s head back before anything happens.” Turning his shoulder on Lilho, Shaknu began turning back towards the palace. Laying his hand upon his shoulder Lilho said, “No you must see what I am going to show and listen carefully, to the words I speak to you.”

Experiencing a change of heart, Shaknu decided to continue down the road. As they got farther away from the palace, the beautiful shops turned into rundown ruins, the wall had begun to disappear. The cobblestone path turned into loose and sharp gravel. Shaknu had never seen anything like this before, broken buildings and walls were unfamiliar to him at the time, but would later become a recurring thing. The gravel path led through the bricks of the former wall and out to a grassy plain. The color of the grass was a bright green with dark green tips, beyond that Shaknu took in the sight of the greenest trees he had ever seen. The green was so vivid for a moment Shaknu didn’t believe it was real. Enjoying the view for the time it lasted was a moment he never forgot to this day. He then noticed that the gravel path had disappeared from underneath his feet, so had the green grass. Instead of being green, the grass was a dark black and purplish grey. Shaknu stooped down to touch the strange blades, when he was interrupted by the slap of Lilho, “Don’t touch that you fool!” he exclaimed. “What is it, I have never seen anything like this before.” Said Shaknu “They were known by the locals as the ‘Blades of Death’ they’re very venomous and thus shouldn’t be touched.” Replied Lilho then continued down a dug out dirt road way which was grey. The path led up to a forest of purple, black, and grey. Standing at the mouth of the forest, he peered down the endless darkness of the forest. Upon stepping foot into the leafy abyss, Shaknu was met by a tall figure dressed in a white robe which was fastened around his waist by a gold belt with tassels hanging from it. The figure had to have been over six foot eight, its shoulders were three to four feet apart, its hair was long and flowing the hair was white it went down the figure’s chest to his waist. The creature began to speak in a calm voice asking, “What have I to do with you, Shaknu son of Monte, and you Lilho son of Anothoth?” Lilho said in a shaky tone of voice, “The legends are true, the Forsh-Dwokeles who dwell in the Forest of Shadows.” Shaknu shifting his gaze up to meet the cold-colored eyes of the being, its facial features resembled that of the Seadwokeles. “Go home you two, this is no place for the likes of you.” said the being. “I need your help, tell Shaknu what will happen.” Replied Lilho, “I cannot and will not mingle or associate myself with the likes of you.” retorted the being turning its shoulder and heading back into the abyss. “What aren’t you telling me Lilho?” asked Shaknu. The being turned around to face the pair again and said, “Your city is to be attacked tomorrow; this will happen and there is nothing you can do about it. Then reports of the destruction of Miticeez City along with all of its provinces, after these things occur a loud bang like that of thunder will burst out of the forests. Breaking trees, destroying buildings and injuring thousands. These things are a foreshadowing of what will follow. You will awake catching sight of a new dawn, a Black Dawn of which has never been seen by Lithuaians since its beginning or ever again. The dark clouds of this dawn will then hurl balls of fire, and rain drops of boiling water. But, this Black Dawn might also become a beacon of hope it might provide escape. A dragon will follow soon after.” “Then why must I worry when this ‘Black Dawn’ will provide an escape for whatever calamity shall befall me?” retorted Shaknu with his arms folded across his chest. “Notice I said ‘might’, the dawn will only be an escape if you will make the right decision. You must flee to the Dwarf stronghold Krakatoa.” A Crial bird flew down from the trees and rested upon the being’s shoulder. A Crial was a long extinct species of bird that lived many years ago, it resembled a dove it was a clean white, and with black eyes its beak was long and yellow. “How will I know if I’ve made the right decision?” demanded Shaknu, “You’ll know when you see it. Choose wisely” The being then vanished from sight.

The next day, the boys were called into the royal meeting room. Shaknu, still in a dreamful daze was slapped awake by his father on his way by. Justice snorted and began laughing to himself; this was short lived because he was slapped in the back of the head by their mother. “This is no laughing matter, there is no reason you two should be laughing.” Said Monte their father “Let’s begin with saying that Fletchingburg is in grave danger, as are the rest of the Miticeez provinces.” “How can this be Father? Fletchingburg is more productive than it has been since its founding.” Monte’s fired gaze rested upon Shaknu, who felt as if he was being burned alive by his father’s eyes. “The Sword of Legends has been stolen from the Temple of Meeting in Miticeez City.” All four of the boys jumped out of their seats filled with anger, believing that their pride as Miticeezians had been damaged as a whole. “We must go up and redeem Miticeez City restoring its pride.” “There is no Miticeez City to redeem!” shouted Monte, “If there was, I wouldn’t be telling you about this!” A wave of fear mixed with sadness fell upon them all causing them to take their seat. “We’ve decided to send you young men away from Fletchingburg on a journey,” “Away from Fletchingburg!” cried Shaknu and the others. Shaknu then recalled the words of the Forshman, “reports of the destruction of Miticeez City and all its provinces.” “Yes, away from Fletchingburg. Our enemies appear to be making their way down the eastern coast of Lithuaia.” “Odesta, Ndwaheek and Adila are in their way, they are powerful provinces.” Said Shaknu “They were powerful provinces, all three of them have been destroyed, they no longer exist.” Said Monte in a grim voice, “We believe they are on their way to the two tribes just outside the west entrance amid the number of burial mounds around Fletchingburg. They will arrive at the tribes before nightfall, and will make it here in 2 days.” “Who is ‘they’? Who are ‘our enemies’?” asked Oli’.

Monte’s gaze slowly went down to the table his face had the tell-tale sign of fear and horror. Then muttered, “Our enemies are,” before Monte could finish revealing the identity of the mystery invaders. One of the archers in the towers yelled in horror, “Dragons! Drag...ahhh!” his screams faded out then, for a moment there was silence. Monte got out of his chair and hurried to the windows by the balcony just outside of the royal meeting room. They all gathered around looking for the “dragons” reported to be outside. Monte turned around obviously disgusted thinking he was being tricked and said “There is nothing”. Not a minute after the archer’s body slammed onto the hard marble balcony floor. “Your city will be attacked.” Shaknu thought. The room filled with screams of the women, these sounds were followed by a loud whistling sound. Whatever the sound was, it was getting closer, and closer. “Quickly, put out the candles!” demanded Monte. The room lit up like burning embers with the radiance of the sun itself. “Get down!” cried Monte, seconds later a loud crash rung their ears, this was followed by a burning heat. The cries of Monte, Cleo, Z’loafa’had and Runea rang out for a moment then stopped. Ja’Quil disoriented before the blast, ran out of the meeting room and down the palace halls to his room. There was the kitchen, which was spewing flames and burping smoke, blocking the entrance to his room. Coughing and becoming very lightheaded, Ja’Quil doubled back to the meeting room. Upon arrival, the city in complete turmoil, the other three, Shaknu, Oli’ and Justice had passed out on the meeting room floor. Lightheaded to the extent he could barely walk, Ja’Quil making his way to the others, collapsed. In a twilight blackout stage, Ja’Quil was still awake somewhat. He mustered enough strength to turn himself over to face the meeting room door. Before he blacked out, he heard a person screaming in terror running, then the sound of a blade being thrown through the air. The blade pierced the person through his back and out his chest. He crumbled to the ground with a heavy thud upon making contact with the marble floor.

He began gasping for air; heavy footsteps came not long after. The sight of the dying man sent a blaze of anger through Ja’Quil’s body, he was mortified. The identity of the one making the footsteps was far more horrible to behold. It was pink and had the pointed ears of a goblin; its eyes blazed a sun-like yellow. It laughed at the dying man, then stooped down and decapitated him. Ja’Quil made a loud grunting sound catching the attention of the creature. It rose from the body and walked slowly over until his shadow blocked out the light from Ja’Quil’s view. Ja’Quil looked up with eyes filled with tears noticing the creature’s left side of the face was swollen around his eye, and just under his nose. “Ahhh, so your family is the royal butt kissers in this province eh? Oh, and what do we have here, more royalty? Cha ha this is just too good!” retorted the creature. He called to other, smaller creatures to drag the bodies out. Ja’Quil upon being lifted passed out with the thought that he had never seen their parents.

© 2013 Beemo

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