Chapter 2. Training day.

Chapter 2. Training day.

A Chapter by Joshua David Vrana

As Amy woke up to the sound of her door clicking open she opened her eyes to see Zero standing next to her bed looking at her, "mmm?" she moaned tiredly, "time to get up Amy" Zero said in a soft voice, he pulled her into a sitting position and left the room, Amy knew that today was her first day for training with a teacher to develop her abilities so that she may be studied to make a better version of her. She got of her bed and saw that Zero had brought her some breakfast and training gear, she ate the toast and bacon, left the rest to be taken, changed into her new training gear which was light pink like she had wanted, she put her clothes on her bed and stepped out of her room to be greeted by Anna with her morning pills that she had to take, they kept her under control and manageable, then she went to the training room and waited for her teacher to arrive, while she waited she watched Zero train with his partner, they fought viciously trying to kill each other, Amy’s teacher walked in with Anna “Amy this is your master, Maliron” she introduced them to each other “he will be training you to use your abilities”, Anna left the room after that, her master looked younger than Anna, but she felt like she was in more danger with him than anyone else, he seem to have a darker side then everyone else she meet. “Now child show me what you know” he asked her, she then showed him all that she knew, that she had learned from Zero, “well done, you’re better than my nephew” he praised her, he then taught he how to combine powers to make new ones, from that she learned the lightning blade and many others. In one weeks’ time she could stand her own against Zero, she was to be the third version of Zero, a better version of him but he kept getting stronger and stronger, while she stayed the same, maybe she had to be of a certain age after all she was just ten four foot six inches tall and ninety pounds, with white hair and red eyes, whereas Zero had brown hair and eye five-four one twenty pounds and Z-two had black hair and eyes and was younger than her. She practiced all day every day until she couldn’t stand and Zero had to carry her to her room, he really was like an older brother to her, he took care of her when she was sick, he brought her breakfast when she overslept, and dinner when she got done training. “Amy you’re going to kill yourself if you keep doing this” Zero pleaded with her to stop and take a break from training “you don’t have to train every day, they don’t mind if you take a break” he said, but she kept pushing herself to go further, until she collapsed to the floor coughing up blood, then they had her back in the first room trying to help her, but they had not the power to do so, Zero asked if he could go outside the complex and get help, they put him in lock down, as my health slowly degraded, I fell into Acoma and slept until I got better, or died.

© 2013 Joshua David Vrana

Author's Note

Joshua David Vrana
this is Amy, she is a clone of a tarrain.

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Added on April 15, 2012
Last Updated on January 14, 2013
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Joshua David Vrana
Joshua David Vrana

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