vent/rant- "The Raptor"

vent/rant- "The Raptor"

A Chapter by Kelly Cole

on the spot m8

love, it was nice
knowing you for a while
oh, it was nice.

but you made me into a giggling idiot
and you told me things i couldn't get out my 

love, you bore me
oh, how you bore me, love
it's not your fault.

i've done this so many times, it feels numb
and i felt like i had to
coz my waiting time was so long
i never knew when it'd stop, but
some-when it had to.

you see my bane knows the truth, oh
my very core belief is him is - him.
i never wanted to stop the party coz it
wasn't me hosting it.

i never wanted to stop the fun but then
my love came to me at last
all the skies above couldn't have imagined this
he came, he came to me in a dream
and i breathed life inside of it
manifested right in front of me
i told myself after the moment was gone it would
happen again.

call me a derogatory word
something to demean me
call me a soul sucker
a brazen lover
tho i never loved those fools.

i was angry, upset
all these words filled my chest
i was a child
my temper low
no one heard me
get up to go
for a while 
the dark was all i'd known.

i lived life in the shadows, calling
your name, you never came
but your touch
makes up for so much
and i- 
i'm begging us to collide
once more.

i still feel guilt
even tho it transpired for a good lengthy one year
hand after hand, like
a rolling stone, i never
settled on no one's home
i felt the need to hurry, so
i ran right out the door
never even looked back
i don't even look back anymore.

just tell me you forgive me
give me the pass
i promise i won't
do it
no, never again
oh, you already knew but 
i'm telling you again
i was bored out of my mind
needed something to grind
if i had
to do it over
i wouldn't
coz it led me 
straight to you.

© 2019 Kelly Cole

Author's Note

Kelly Cole
so this took off a lot...

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You expressed urself good in this one
Nice work

Posted 5 Months Ago

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Kelly Cole


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