Jimmy and SRV

Jimmy and SRV

A Chapter by Kenna Marie

As Ty’s brother, Kevin (AKA “Kevbot” according to Jerry’s nickname for him) pulled up in the driveway in front of Ty’s house, they were beginning to mention him in this conversation.
“Kevbot?” Dylan asked as he noticed his big red truck unoccupied with Ty’s random busybody self visiting the home very urgently.
“Kevbot? You can’t call Kevin that, I call him that!” Jerry argued.
“Yup! That’s Kevbot! He’s a cool dude, man.” Dylan disregarded Jerry’s comment.
“Yeah, I know. He’s my best friend.” Jerry stated. “As far as it goes, me and Kevin are pretty alike as far as music basis goes.”
“Like, music interests or?” Dylan asked.
“Yeah.” Jerry replied.
“I agree.”
“Not just because we like Jimmy and SRV together, but our style of music in general.” Jerry lit a cigarette at the remembrance of good times with Kevin.
“Yeah, usually when you guys play music you also kind of play very similarly.” Dylan, also in nostalgia, commented.
“Except, I don’t know, he does a lot of sweeps and runs and stuff.” Dylan noted. “Where as you just sort of jam out.” He continued.
“Well, the thing is, about Kevin that I see though, is he lacks structure.” Jerry openly was critquing about Kevin’s music ability. “I mean, he’s really good; don’t get me wrong. It’s just, he lacks basic structure. He doesn’t know his chords by name, by feel or anything like that. He just plays. So, basically, by himself he’s bad a*s. When he plays with a couple of people, he’s not that good.”
“Yeah dude, that’s because it’s a totally different thing, man. Like people who play by themselves for the longest time and don’t play with people just can’t. It’s just like how people are taught dude.” Dylan was the last one to comment further on this topic before Jerry drifted off into another subject.

© 2016 Kenna Marie

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I like it. You use people's words to describe someone instead of just writing a paragraph describing them. The only thing I'm confused about is what's the purpose of this piece? Just to describe Kevin?

Posted 5 Years Ago

It feels like you're transcribing an audio recording, even though you include some details. I kind of like the detachment, lack of context. Just like -thoughts between two dudes.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Kenna Marie
Kenna Marie

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