SWICK: Thy Blood of Darkness VOL 1

SWICK: Thy Blood of Darkness VOL 1

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki

My first album





1) Awaking Sympathy Hymn


Thou ode of darkness as thy shallow reign in the

Wind loneliness of years has thou come

As thy hymn


Blows in the wind of sorrow the ashes fades

Away in thy shallows as rose

Of thy blood ash and



Thou are ode scums in thy mist of blood

Thou voices of sorrow among thy

Darkness doors of eternal open

Nor should thy ear turn away from thy


Arise of new soul thy dusk have proclaiming just of longing

[Conceiving waves of]

Blood a graven tone of touch awakes thou of slumbers

Standing alone the reeves heard unknown as

Room to crust to roam to shadows

[Every existence falls to gust]

Wings of joy comes a bound but though none is known

Thy make sods scrowns to unrisen

Has falling to dust to be reign

Against the demonic of might

That has past alone thy shades glory to thee heavenly blood

That is stronger than man

[Atonement of flesh rises and turns away]

Wisdom guide you fourth as thou

Time crosses again

When the sparrow glides through

Unknown to thy reality of faith

[As thy dove passes away in sunlight]

As the dove casts away into the skies an ode of flying joy leaps

Across the skies as thy sun glides down

On the lands of the calm of the waves raging stream

Dooming through the night as forever known

Restored by the storm to the sun

Lights cast all that’s not away thrones of judgment proclaims in dismay

2) Thy Sages Cry

As thy dove passes away

All cries during of might cast all no one treives

Into sinful silence

As the light shines of three when I see burning halos


Lexton forms in gulls thy crown of light shines

When thy sparrow flows

Only is left standing when all has cast ashore

Destroy by the evil waves of


As thy cries reign thy suffering grows on the darkness

While thy souls are reach out to the light justice

Flows in reigns

Of sorrow swelling dopts for ten thousand long years

Has never

Had peace save thy weeping that has be forsaken

Thy end of this is


3) Thy Eternal Light

Oh praise to light thou end of sorrow for thy holy

Elder has forever heard thy voice

Of weeping and plea of

Life has thou not see nor answers to what’s inside

To thou of thy breed roam

As help cries

Nor no answers to thy kneeling with great to thy


Answers unknown of thou cries

As time fades away

[Thou Time shall end in season]

4) Comhremariahnokiyashasku


5) Thy Calling Cry


6) Phynomichi Cynder

Ode thy gale to the gate and give us strength

To the ones that need thy strength the

Holy crown of life resembles

To whom that makes it into thy land of everlasting

That is left behind shall reap thy cost

Of there works and suffer

Thy wicked sorrow

Death agony sins as thy suffering rages

Thy ode among darkness arises to over looker of agonizing cries

When the flowers wither

Thy voices fades away unto the


Thrashing themes flows across the

Bloody paths

Souls weep as they die out places in which thou must go

Drawn of grief costols, relieves all that’s hurting to reap was

The cost of grout to the deep seas of blood restores

Thee last that has forever gone

7) Shrouding Riots

When the crock crows as the light arise

Many ages are born

Lots to see in the mourning

As thy clock turn when the sun raises to

More shall be awaken

As the light shines the shades are ever so

Large underneath thy shading

Of darkling blooms

Ya though in shadows I know you will stay

With me comfort me

When every time the light shines the more

Thy darken shades grows

In the darken sheaves

Let go of thy selfendulgance

Let go of thy meaningless choice

Stop and know this how

I have taught you well

[Now I rein thy light as thou it never in places]

That it should be told

8) Vital Cycle

Feasting your eyes on the poor less path

Never so disappointed shall I be

In time you’re sowing

As well as your reaping

As I look at you

Touching on what is never yours

To treasure

Turning up as the moon and sun strives upon you

The hands of your falling foolishness

Shall become your imprisonment

Never shall you return

[Into his eyes I see your lies as of a back of fools]

As agony brings you to your knees pleating

For mercy life strikes you with many stripes

With every every falling of your guiltless blood

Ye shall face thy revolution of your

Sinful plots

The time has come as a graceful

Hands of salvation

At the dawn of walls as they close

Thy dying words

What’s left is though as nothing never

Was said

9) Purity Blood


10) Casting Vows


As thy blacken tides collapse as through the force

Of a making of a new darken source

To wither once more as thy wrath begins

To tare thy walls of victory

Lingered within every heart

That has never paid thy dept to another sacrifice

As I saw the angels glide around as something in began

Falls as gusty ash among thy heart of thou ode to the resting

Vessels through the tree of the skies

Never make thee wait

For my soul is pleating for forgiveness

Being knocked away into the shadow pit

Of prison

[Pressure of darkness tares thy soul apart]

Bottom of Form


© 2010 Nicaushio Yamaki

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huh.. wow.. this is amazing! =O Imagery.. is well done! I love your descriptions and the flow of this is fantastic!
Great work! =D

Posted 7 Years Ago

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ii love this

Posted 9 Years Ago

well thats just incredible, i come here to give a review and everyone has pretty much siad everything there is to say. this is pretty damn awesome, but uv heard that all before obviously, if it werent there wouldnt be so many people lined up sayin the same thing. ur very good with descriptions i see, these were very interesting to read, so good job

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Just one thing.....WOW!! I love these! So descriptive! The imagery was intense, the flow was great and each one was insanely awesome! As everyone before me has said, you have some serious talent man, well done!


Posted 9 Years Ago

taalent, so much talent....

Posted 9 Years Ago

Nice choice of words. Great desriptive detail!

Posted 9 Years Ago

i agree this was a really great write you are very talented

Posted 9 Years Ago

wow, you have amazing talent. this was great. (:

Posted 9 Years Ago

beatiful use of words....i can't find words to describe how amazing this is!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Nicaushio Yamaki


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