SWICK: The Prodigal Soul VOL 6

SWICK: The Prodigal Soul VOL 6

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki










The Prodigal Soul



1) Reign path



2)  Selfish vessel


As thy soul walks to no direction seeking for what is

No more


Such a soul choosing his own life for the

Sake of sin passes through his



As I gaze into the dark of my own eyes

Astray as I go to a path

Dismay screaming the ashes for comfort


When the time comes you will know where you should be

As you travel through your own thoughts of

Wickedness may you remember your



As I awake unto thy light of forgiveness

Away I go to the right place

Reveal to me my righteous destiny


For there is hope to many that seek

When the time strikes as it will make you hold



3) Silent meadows


For so long, I have been in abundance

For so long

Gazing unto my sins

That I have never done

Many thousands fall by my hands

 As I have spared no one

My eyes open to the grey

Of my cause

When all blood is shed

And lost in

Thy name


Come to me my child

Don’t let it be known to

Led astray of your



For I provide you the guide path

When you are lost in shadows

Let it be my will

To lead you to freedom


Troubling it shall be never promised

Of a straight road

But it will be worth

Your patients


Gather yourself and walk with me

To my guidance

And never look back



Take hold of my hand

Let me lead you to



Allow me to lead you to thy

Path of light

Do not be afraid


Let me hold you from the dark

As I watch you walking

In the guiding path


Take hold of my hand

Let me lead you to



My pleating heart

As for my spirit comes to

Reach you

Do not reject me


For I too have sinned

Allow me to strengthen you

As you go along your



Be strong my son

For my spirit falls unto



Accept my spirit and use it against the darkness

Let me fight by your side

Please do not be afraid of my



Embrace me for I will fade into a

Dying of wind

Into the shadows


As I watched you beg for mercy

I came unto you

Yet you ignored me

Everything I try to give you

And all that I have done

Yet your trust

In me


4) Loss of fate



5) Cloudy sorrows


Screaming for your release

Struggling into your site

While you crumble into your

Might in your eyes


My soul hungers for freedom

Still trapped into the shell

Of silence


Being tortured in the elegy

Ignored from my words

As they fade into the wind


Everything I had I never get

To keep for all hope

Is at fate


Blaspheme be the taker

Of my dearly

Dreams that I souly



Standing once more empty

Toning in the joys

Of wicked charming



In your evil tones

Into the grey you come

To steal my



My spirit is draining apart

Feeling hopeless

Praying as I bleed

And crying

For deliverance


For somehow
I always knew you

That you are strong

Yet still

You feel the one to blame


Punished by your own

Hands among your

Own vessel


Craving greatness of sorrow

For the blood running

Through my fragile



To help you know what’s

True in you fate


I can’t just let myself fall by another


You have forgiving all

And yet you’re empty


Though thy lonely clouds

In the skies shows my

Icy tears of pain

Running though my



All I ever to know is

Why have you

Forgotten our life


Life is fragile as I

Seen what I know

To be my reason


You are too blind to see

My grateful pain

In my life


My body is turning to dust

Into the winds

Blowing forever



Trapped into the darkness of

Weeping of my heart

Is calling

For somehow
I always knew you

That you are strong

Yet still

You feel the one to blame


From the blackness I cried for you

Still you ignored me

In my shame


To help you know what’s

True in you fate


Still through my blackness

I called you

And you have forsaken



All I wanted is to be

Your helper

Forever more


Within in the sadness of my heart

You never told me

Before I become prisoned

I reached for you

But you never came


Trust me again and all lost

Will rebuild again


6) The farlen queen


For so long I have finally lost

Within fate my pride has

Crumbled as wicked

My ways


I found myself in

The wrong of my choice

And I have forgotten

For what has



To all things in my life

The more greed I



To more in your desire

The more your heart

Be wicked into

The deception of your



Forgotten what really has meaning

Never looking forward

Helping the faithful

Souls with your heart


As I watched you as

You grew to take the throne

The more your


Sinful ways has grown

So much grief

And anger


Now you see and know

Your place

To be heard as you begin to change into

The light


And you that the fallen of your

Crown has lead you to



 In all my life I always wanted

To go to the right path

Though my heart was blind


Keep me away from sin

For my bleeding cries has

Started to come


Never forsake me my

Queen as long as you have

Given unto your sins


Come unto me and I will

Provide you to thy



Never have I wanted to see

You lost your throne

To a foolish doing

In your soul


Never have you had to go back

To the darkness again

For I have

Delivered you


Oh creator within my life

I give you my



For I have be blind for so long

Never have I seen when

I was right


But now I know

Throughout my days

You comfort me


For I am your elder

That has delivered you

Away from your



May you never be

The same again

For once again

Your heart is pure


7) A Fatal Death


Oh my elder of light

Save me from this cold

Darken world


Restore me in your

Hands of joy

Before me


Take away myself

To you out of my

Grief of despair

Touch me


For my heart is



Come unto me with thy thirst

Of life removing

Myself from this pain

In death I go apart


Come near me oh

Fate as I lay my

Soul in the darken ashes

Of blackness


As the clouds roar into the

Stormy winds

Withdrawing my hearts last



As my silence around me

Turns to ash of

Brighten stones

Of dust


Oh take me away from myself

From this cold world

As I lay unto you


The torture the grief

My inner being

Finds love

To thee that

Knows my heart


By day I weep you for

To come for me

Awaken in new life

In your guide

Of light forever


Forsaken vessel

By day I plea by night



All of the things I have done for

You yet you take

What is good away from



As my body sinks in my on darken shell

With a heartfelt elegy

Soughting my harden



When you cry may I never

Be their though my will

Me be


When you stumble

May my spirit

Come to you

With deliverance


















© 2010 Nicaushio Yamaki

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Amazing:) I loved it:)

Posted 9 Years Ago

this story is amazing you are a great writer

Posted 9 Years Ago

Epic songs to it. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Another great great write. I cant begin to explain how great your writing is... amazing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

The story is amazing. Many types of writing. I like the wide open style where it is easy to read and understand. This story would be too tight in a close type story. You are writing a story with each part with purpose and reason. I enjoyed this story. The feel and energy of a excellent writer is in the words.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Im sorry if i might have been a bit harsh. This type of poem doesnt really appeal to me but im sure it will to some people. You have a really good basic structure here to make a really awesome story about darkness and etc. especially since theres a vampire epidemic at the moment.

Posted 9 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Outstanding series. Captivating. The 'old english' style or feel to this just sets a marvelous tone. A story or series of poems told by firelight.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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