SWICK: Chronicles Of Sin VOL 10

SWICK: Chronicles Of Sin VOL 10

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki











Chronicles of Sin

VOL 10







1)    Fallen World




Oh my descendants my will has been crushed.

During my days are passing through

I cry out unto you, above all

Deception, I shall dispute.


My cradle has faded, thou my throne has

Been struck down with balance blade

Light of enslavement. My wish shall

Come to pass.




2)    The Cradle of Loss


Follow me, to the deep waters

Let thy soul, be released

As you go upon your silent might


Come to me, for cleansing as an purity from the

Rusty ground, trapped into the of your pride

Oh how their might be one who sees

My you be my shield from sin of pleasure

My thoughts has deceived




So let thy plea upon you, be known to my atonement

Through prison



 A my path comes first, through all

Eternity I will dispute this wicked



For so long so much pressure has come

Unto you my life is yours to be used

As thy heart desires


By another tear is another cry inside

I have failed to you unto my elders in heaven

Through my eyes in blood

I shall feed


The salvation has been defeated no life is standing

In this fatal world disciples help me

Get across to the waters

My dear help my with your life

Through the waters of death


We have been weaken by our fate

To restore our throne


I have lacked the power to victory

So I turned to the blackness

In me I am have been locked

In prison of shallows


While the battle is over I continue to fight

Though I have lost everything

With thy treasure we once

Shared has faded



Save me, for this suffering

Feel my pain to escape my trials

Out of darkness


Through your heart I see in

Death carries me, to the light

Of the elders


 As I carry you under my wings

Forever my wounds are fatal

So weary and in shame

As in all ways awaken to

The sign of sin


It’s never too late, to move on

Through the waters my hands

Though yet we protect each other

Always never apart


My life is over, my sis have grown

Into my heart I plea of ended silence

For my ways are to blame

I know I can make here anymore

So take me into the blackness

For eternity rest.


My cradle has ended forgive me for my

Wicked soul my sorrows and cares

Are no more


The loss of my salvation has been lost

Forever my throne is in shame

By day and by night as I

Sovereign into remaining in



 Yet never forsake my life for you

Through the shadows I am with you

Be calm my child

And let give you peace




3) A grey of ash


With my body up on the blade of death, the time slowly

Stops. As my inner vessel mutters in silence

Shall I always take up the heavens?

For all has been lost


So my throne has been turned to dust, will you always be with

Me forever?


As my will for you I shall

Be with you always


 Even though all hope is lost

Will hear my voice?


In your heart their you will

Seek me


For all memories of betrayal in sin

Will you still remind your faith with me?


Never will I turn away for my love


Dawn of my blade, mutter as a voice knocks on me

Trust of me has failed I lied

Into the victory stricken into

The Gods of loyalty

Never will you hear my words of deception

That once was turned on me


 Reach your hand to me and I shall

Guide you to the light


Nevermore I have seen though

It was nothing else

Corruption dies into the gray

Like last drop to the darkness crying out for

Deliverance the troubles in my heart is getting greater

As I stumble into evil


But when the sparrow flows I will

Be like a glow to the eyes dimming at your soul

Reaching for mercy

My heart pleas for you to forgive me

Of this hatred I have sown for years


As I say unto you, my heart is going to never turn

Against you, nevermore then light of my voice

Heals your sorrows

And even though the clouds fall I will

Always be with you


Through pain and through death

Beyond my everlasting my heart

Is always by your side

As so my love for you always


If I have stayed this tragic cost will never

Come to pass


 Do not fret my love as the leaves falls for its



My soul feels as it’s never enough

To please my sins, though I may not

Know what will bring fourth upon me

Through day and the course of the night

I search for the hope that has

Faded from me


So I travel to the shores of wonders, to find my hope again

Though nothing I seek is any longer in my sight

For what I may not live here no longer

Slowly my sin of the unknown is slowly eating away in me inside.


Let me be to the stars of the heavens, though your soul

Only then shall the cost be paid

For my hope is lost


Will you follow me to the otherworld?


 I will always follow you


May you always be by my side through lost of



Never will I leave you alone


3)    The spears of life



4)    Eternal slumber


My shame has put my to slumber

Though I muttered into my silence

Never shall I be reused in pain

All the suffering in my days

Has fallen in like leaves


How I don’t know how

Far my days are left as I am falling in time

The light of enslavement lofe into me

Then we shall be knowing how I

Am worthy to flow in the skies

Of forgiveness


My revenge is cure thy one to blame

For this folly I have been cost for

In my blackness


My holy throne has crumbled for a foolish

Man illusions of darken voices

Devours my pride of



I will never be deceived again

In dying shall it cost me oh Elders

Of the clouds


Though my accused blade of punish befalls

On me may thy cup be removed?

For my sake I have no sin within



Still clam my love, you will never die

Even when our hope is lost


My joy is taking me out of what my last

Hope to see you fall


Allow my heart to grant you all your desires

For I am here for you evermore


 My eyes has blinded me for wickedness

Sins in another’s fallen cost

Never take me into this shame

No more


Let my saint be replaced against the ones of

To blame for their foolish cause

For so many times in life I have tried to reject

This sorrow within me


The more I refuse the worse my soul

Becomes close of dying

Away to astray


When I have paid my atones for your sins, I am the throne will raise again

For more time I will dispute. The praise of Voices in my way, and allow

To risen again for revenge like an ocean of

Terror. Thy blade of punishment awakes for the deceiver, joy and desire slowly becomes of me.



5)    Oppressors of silent cost


Since all of these years you trust me. All throughout my days

I have never heard your confession


Since my voice to you crumbles to the air

Falling by night once again in thy dreams I shall give



Never again will you suffer my pain in the hours of

Punishment, through my anger and pride has let you

Neither fall as leaves nor by time it will be all yours

For eternity


Through thy eyes I cry out to the weeping hours

Hold on to me so I can set you across the heavens

Hatred to those who sins up thee

As thy voices cry upon me taking me though

The blackness of sorrows

Behind the clouds may my heart stay in you


Through my eyes never seen ever so much pain

As you turn away from me with terror

Stays with me help me



Stay with me help me for I have fallen

Into darkness

Never, leave me alone in the clouds of sin

Reach thy hands make me hold

For I am strong in you


Take my hand hold me tight around your neck

Though I have hated your ways

May I shall save you


The end is near to a death for thy will be like faded crust

In the wind tossed into your eyes


Terror never comes unto you for many have suffered never

Have I yet to befall again taken me into your arms?

Have I not protected you as unlike any other? Forgive me for my

My sins that has cost you within your being

Of wills


Let your grace take over me strengthen me

In your own heart nevermore will I be so weak

Unto many never by day and nor by nights

Will I be in shame through the gates of my

Throne in death form my blade snares across my



I will….Be stronger than the flows of the falling

May you be with me to cover my path to the light?

I will….Never be like the faded leaves from its branches

Take me through your wings


Let me fight with you alone your side for I will

Keep you safe with my blade of pride

Cursing the silence of dulls in your heart

Let you light shine again


Once again I see you through the path as I

Conquering thy winter blaze muttering

In the skies breathing into my eyes

That strikes into my own



Shall I not be worried by any soul?

  For you will be with me

In all the way to the next world


6)    Hymn of the dying


Even now I watched you walk through the night. My being

Of the wind flows through the meadows. Crying through

The wind of the night, every hour day and night

Your voice calls from on the surface.



Through all, I see you as a shadow.

Even though in the darken sight

I can feel you in a lost place

Come to me my dear


Let me forever shield you

Through your terrors

Like a ghost in a eye on a foggy



Stretch your hands of grace

Out to me oh my dear do fade for I am here

For you always


Do you know about my cost, in all thy days?

Shall not I have told you? In my heart

It’s time to go and reveal thy



Never shall you suffer in dept

For as one we will be

Together always


Save me from my death let us

Walk a shore together by day and night

We will claim our pride


For it is done by the wicked hands of my own accusers doing

Three days…. I shall be seeing the skies again


Three days…. I will be victorious in your eyes

Never beyond I will be free taken my own battles

As frozen fades be the suns of faith

(Background vocals)


My, the souls are you’re to gather on your own

Yesterdays are like faded ashes

Tomorrow is a pleasure to seek

The past is never to be remember

Death is the afterlife your fate


7)    Crystals of Joy


To thy might, my eyes belays your

Violets towards the world as she rises

Against thy will to the justice of light

Conquer all that is death


To all whom witness the destruction shall torture

To the wilderness in the world

Devore the lore into me hands

To the light slaving the blacken rage towards me


And now as the dawn to all that has

Died into the resting heavens

Those flowers sing into the heartless

Peace of Lore

In the spears of light and all that is

Worth living


To the shadows may you see him across the

Shores the waters of the heart

I plea that you not fall into thy darken voice

Oh to thy elders shall see you fourth

To my eyes


Beneath you is a cloth which holds you in my

Hearts wrap me around your neck

You receive honor in thy name

In peace


All has be done unto the elders

Wicked has infected the hearts of the weak

In desperation will seek nothing

As the cradle falls

By you number in the light of terror

Will no longer be


As you fight though you have nothing to protect

In the terror of your own

Crown will be snuffed into

The wind


Lives has been in grace for years

Let not be instead longer

To live longer to see your might strike

More enough to endure you



Give your all unto what has done, destroy the unjust

Blood lust in all things

Tares into your sight across the dark

Every hour your land shall you recreate

Can you hear me?


8)    Renonsiali Rose




9)    Nomium rohinia


Curse it be, thy wrath of the world

Curse it be, the anger of the blackness

The reality is falling astray touching the surface

To thy land


Suffer not; never let only the time we won’t go

Abandon the sights of the corps

Silence your tongue to the sleepers

Follow the foolish man


Drink of his offer excepting your own disgrace

Deflection to the blindness in your eyes

Of a last drop

Requesting to thy throne of fate

Beyond the frozen winds of might

That has casting in your name across the skies to the ocean

Craving to survive the thrust

Of force


Receive this gift in flesh for not yet will it be

The last for it has just begin

To destroy in castures of the shadows

When the moon is full

I shall reappear


I shall reappear in the flesh of your eyes

Make lost until your pride returns as we are strengthen

Ever again


Will you this war through terror

Through the agony

During the day and through

The night


Never will you proceed against my will

For the long in life I shall fight

In trust of you.


10) Fate of heart


For so long so much has happened, as I lay my eyes

upon you. Tomorrow speaks, to my throne was rebuilt again

As tides of lore will always be the same

Thousands have fallen to my fate of pride

Mystic of it all turns to ashes

And as for you, shall I always

Carry you under my sheild






























© 2010 Nicaushio Yamaki

Author's Note

Nicaushio Yamaki

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Oh, I didn't realize you updated this, I like it a lot; as always!!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

great work as usual. love to read more of this. good job man

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

So much I read in your work is awesome! lol
Always a battle, a saving, a journey, a cursing, a loving, bewilderment, etc lol

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

wow i love it

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

wow very amazing, i wish you can write my lyrics out.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

Yeah, i have been doing this for sometime now and read a lot too. anyways thanks ^_^

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

Wow this is amazing! You wrote this yourself? I could never hope to write something as great as this. Amazing job! I absolutely love it!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 14 Years Ago

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