Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by cesar

Chapter 1

It's starting once more, a day in which the zombies rise up from the earth and go towards their places of work and their schools. Zombie? Such a cool word to say huh?. The sun rise is a clear sign that the paper boy is soon to pass by with that stupid grin, I hate that kid. It's a Friday morning and I am off-work today. My thoughts linger as I sit down in the porch drinking my delicious coffee, sweet delicious roasted coffee.

“Good morning Mr. Henderson, here's your newspaper” that screechy voice interrupted my peace.

“Good morning to you too Stevie” I replied but I felt like I had to say more. For months and months his face disgusted me for no specific reason at all and now I felt like abusing this poor 17 year old kid.

“Stevie, take that stupid grin of your face next time you come, yeah? Concentrate on doing your job, say good morning and go on to the next house, no need for you to show me your teeth. By the way brush them before you go to work.” and with that I took my paper and shut the door. I looked out the window and saw the kid crying while delivering his papers next door and trust me if I were a human being I would have felt sorry for him.

The phone rings and it's my cousin Herb from around the corner, he probably wants to be a pain the a*s and come bug me for me to make him breakfast.

“Yo, Kirb I know you home. Pick up the dang phone you b***h. I'm gonna be there soon, I have a few eggs and bacon here and I'm wondering if you could cook them for me please, my stove had a little accident and it won't work, call me asap.” Voices, these voices asking me for help and this that will not stop and I want them to stop.

The name is Kirby Henderson and I am a major a*****e, turns out that I wasn't always like this. I used to be a nice kid with a nice future. I graduated in the top five percent of my high school class but let's say I made some bad choices in my life that resulted in me being stuck with child support for 2 kids that supposedly are mine. Hey, if I don't remember sticking it in then I didn't do it.

I turn on the shower and as a stand still letting the drops of water refresh my face I keep thinking in those moments. The moments that I left behind, the moments when we were happy, the moments that we shared in deep passion and these moments made me feel a hot sensation through my veins like a volcanic eruption until finally the volcano exploded. Every single morning I debate whether if I call her or not but it's useless, I always end up calling her. I pick up the phone as I push the buttons.

“Hello?” I hear her voice loud and clear.

“Hello? Kirby is that you? Grow up why don't you and stop calling me okay! I put a restraining order on you and if you even call me again I'm gonna put...” I put the phone back down as I relax on the couch pondering what have I done wrong...At least for a few seconds before thirst gets a hold of me and I get a beer from the fridge.


“Stevie, time for your paper route honey” I could hear my mom's voice from downstairs but truth is I was wide awake. I couldn't sleep that much thanks to the music of the arguments between my parents.

“Stevie, I swear to God if you don't come down right now boy you're gonna get yourself the beating of a life time” that's my dad's voice. You could pretty much say that I'm sick and tired of the same bickering and arguing in this house. I am 17 years old and I'm pretty much finishing high school but my family is and will always be trouble. The door opens and I see my father with a belt and as he raises his hand as if to hit me, I stop him midway.

“You pull that s**t again on me and my mom you piece of s**t and you are going to regret this” I said in a very convincing tone. He looked at me as if he had just seen a ghost and went down stairs. I followed suit, grabbed my newspapers and as I looked through the window I saw how he hit my mother again. The world becomes cloudy in my eyes some times and I wish that I could just end it, end the whole pain and suffering and finally rest in peace oh that would be the day when I gain courage and kill that bad man.

© 2010 cesar

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Added on November 19, 2010
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