Chapter 3: What?!!!

Chapter 3: What?!!!

A Chapter by rielovella

Ella covers up the truth but still...



After three weeks, no signs showed that I have a baby inside me. So, everything is back to normal. Today, Selina and I are going to the market to buy some goods. Hebe won’t come with us because she’s working today at the hospital. She’s pretty good nurse and she really loves helping those doctors there.

“Ella,” Selina shouted.

I was brushing my hair and prepare my bag.

“Let’s go now!” I said. I rushed down the stairs and we left the house.

We ride a cab going to the wet market. While we we’re inside the cab, I felt nauseous because of the smell of car perfume. I closed my mouth so that I can stop vomiting.

“El, are you okay?” Selina asked me.

I take a deep breath and said that I’m okay. “Maybe I’m not used to car perfume.” I added.

Selina opens the window and that makes me much better.

“Thanks Sel,”

After 5 minutes, we reached the market. We go down to the cab and paid money to the driver.

“Thanks,” the driver said and we closed the door.

“Okay let’s go.” Selina said.

We enter the market. I grabbed a cart and started to buy what we needed. Selina get the list of goods that we needed.

“Okay, let’s start with bread.”

I pushed the cart and we grabbed a loaf of bread.

“What’s the next on the list?” I asked. She peeks at the list and the next is condiments.

“We need ketchup and vinegar.”

So we go to the section of condiments and grabbed ketchup and vinegar.

“These two, right?” I showed to Selina the bottles and she nodded. I put those in the cart. While pushing the cart, I noticed a bottle of mayonnaise and felt nauseous again. What’s happening to me? I’m not like this before. Maybe, I’m… Never mind! There are no signs yet so maybe I’m just dizzy this time.

“Next is fish; milk fish.” Selina said and I pushed the cart.

When we reached the fish section, I can smell the dead fish everywhere and now, I’m more nauseous. I stopped pushing the cart and closed my mouth using my hand. I hope Selina won’t notice me.

After a minute, nothing changed. I’m still nauseous and this time, Sel noticed me because she’s calling me to push the cart near her. She put the bag of fish in the cart and went near me.

“Are you okay?” she asked. She rubbed my back to reduce dizziness.


Suddenly my vision is blurry and I collapsed.


Ella collapsed and I don’ know why. Earlier when we are inside the cab, she feels like she’s vomiting but I helped her by opening the windows. Now, I’m trying to lessen vomiting by rubbing her back but no effect. She collapsed and I try to wake her up.

“El? El?!” I shouted and moving her. Everyone who was in the fish section went near us. They are trying to help me.  A lady tried to help us by calling the ambulance.

“Is she okay?” a security guard asked me.

“I don’t know sir,” I replied.

“Don’t worry miss. Someone called the ambulance to bring her to the hospital.”

I just nodded and waited for the ambulance to come.


“Hey let’s go.” I said to Calvin.

“Why we’re here?”

“We are here to buy a basket of fruits for Arron.”

“Okay,” he scratched his head. “You know that he hates someone who brings fruits for him because he feels that he doesn’t need sympathy.”

I didn’t reply to what he said. Maybe he is right but still, I’m worried about him because he didn’t eat fruits yet.

I grab a cart and pushing it to the fruits section. While pushing the cart, I notice a group of people gathering in the fish section. Then there’s a male nurse preparing the stretcher. They put the woman in the stretcher and brought it outside.

“Let’s go now Calvin,” I said and finding Calvin. He’s not beside me so I find him in the crowd.

“There he is.” I find him beside a woman. I went near him and said let’s go softly.

“Wait,” he said. “What are you saying Miss? The woman is pregnant?”

“That’s what I think and what signs are meant.” The woman explained. “Her friend said, when everyone is crowding around them, she’s dizzy when she smells fish. And women are nauseous when they smell fish if they are pregnant. I pity her because she isn’t with her husband to take care of her. Men nowadays don’t care about women who carry his baby.”

“You’re right Miss. Men nowadays are bad but of course not like me who am caring and very gentleman.”  Calvin said. I think he’s already flirting and trying to impress this girl. It’s better if we leave so I can stop his mess.

“Let’s go now. Arron’s waiting at us.” I said.

“Ok.” He said. He looks at the woman again and kissed her hand. “Thanks Miss.”

After that, the woman left and I talked to him.

“What are you doing again?”

“Of course, trying to know what women is thinking now. They are special to me.”

“Oh stop that Calvin. Women are not like flower that can be easily picked and destroyed at a minute.”

“I know.” He puts his arm around my shoulder. “Let’s go.”

Then I pushed the cart again.

While pushing the cart, I didn’t notice that there’s a woman in front of me so I bumped her.


I was following the stretcher when someone bumped me using his cart.

“Aw,” I said. “Better watch where you are going mister.”

I really hate when someone intrudes in this kind of situation. I looked at him badly and run near the stretcher.


“Sorry,” I said but I think she didn’t hear me because she already left.

“Chun,” Calvin’s waving his hand in front of my face. “What are you thinking? You bumped that beautiful girl.”

“Sorry okay?”

“You better be.” He said and put his arm around my shoulder. “Let’s go.” And I start pushing the cart again.


The nurses put the stretcher in the ambulance and I entered the ambulance. They closed the door and we’re going to the hospital where Hebe is working. While travelling, I called to Hebe to tell her what happened to Ella. I get my cell phone on my bag and dialled Hebe’s number.

After three rings, she answered.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Hello. Hebe?!” I shouted.

“Hey, what’s the commotion? Do you need to shout like that?”

“Hebe, Ella just fainted in the market.”

“What?!” she shouted. “What happened to her?’

“I’ll explain later. Oh by the way, we’re going to your hospital because it’s near here.”

“Good. I’ll wait here in the ER.”

“Ok. Bye.” Then I pushed END.


Oh my gosh! What happened to Ella? It won’t happen to her unless something is bad about her health.

I went to the ER and wait for the ambulance where Ella is.

After a minute, a noise comes near and near; it is the ambulance! So I go to the exit to help the nurses. The door opened and the nurses go down to bring the stretcher to the ER. I saw Ella lying on the stretcher. My eyes were pretty blurry because I’m stopping my tears to fell down.

“Bring her to the ER.” I said to the nurses and they rushed.


I looked at my back and it’s Selina.

“Sel, what happened to her?”

“I think she collapsed because she’s pretty dizzy when she smells fish.” Selina explained.

“Wait! Ella doesn’t faints that easily because of fish. I remember last three weeks before when I cook sweet and sour fish, she didn’t faint.” I said.

Suddenly I remember what happened the next day. She didn’t go home after going to the bar. What if…

“Oh my gosh!”

“What? What is it?” Selina stared at me, trying to guess what I’m thinking.

“Let’s go.” I grabbed Selina’s hand. “We’ll know if I’m right.” And we run going to the ER.

When we are in the ER, the doctor is already checking if Ella’s okay. I let go Selina’s hand first and helped the doctor.

“Doc, is she okay?” I asked.

“After these examinations, we will know. Just help me.”

“Okay sir.”

The doctor is checking her.

“Bring her to the room. I think she’s okay.”

“Thank you Doc.” After that, we bring her to the normal room so that she can rest.

“Hebe, where are you bringing Ella? Is she okay?” Selina asks me. She’s really worried about Ella.

“Don’t worry. She’s okay. Later, the doctor will tell me something about her.”

“Phew! Thanks Hebe.”

“That’s my job.” I smiled and I tell her to go to the room 1226.


Well, that was a relief. She’s okay now and I’m going to the room 1226; where Ella rests now.

Before I went to the room, I buy a can of soda in the vending machine. While buying, my cell phone ring and I answered.


“Selina, this is Angela.”

“Hey Angela, why did you call me?” I asked.

Angela is my assistant in the shop. She’s good at helping me and I’m lucky to have her as an assistant because she’s very good at organizing things and helps me a lot whenever I’m there or not.

“Someone wants 100 sets of accessories. She needs it at the end of the month.”

“That’s pretty hard to make but still good job Angela. I’ll go there after an hour. I’m fixing some things here.”

“Okay Ma’am. Bye.”

After that, the conversation ended. I grab the can and went to the room. I open the door quietly and close it. I put the bag on the chair and rest a bit.

“I’ll be busy later again.” I sighed. “If only Ella and Hebe can help me. But Hebe works here during weekdays and Ella’s busy with other work at home. Maybe I should rest first to reserve energy.

�-�No one�-�

While Selina’s taking a nap, Hebe entered the room to tell Selina what the doctor tell to her. Hebe tried to wake up Selina.


“Selina wake up!” I said.

“What?!” she shouted.
“Sssshhh… Don’t wake her up.” I pointed Ella.

“Okay. Hey! What’s with waking me up? Don’t you know that I have to work on 50 sets of accessories if-I-can tonight?”

“Then, you don’t want to know what happened to her? I’ll be leaving because I just woke you up.”

“Tell me what happened.” Selina said.

I take a deep breath and try to think how to tell her.

“Better brace yourself and whatever your reaction is, just be quiet.”

Selina nodded and I tell her what the doctor told me.

After telling her, her face is unexplainable. Maybe she’s too surprised and can’t suppress her feeling because Ella’s resting.

“What?! How did… Why did…. Gah!” She was standing earlier then now, she sat suddenly in the couch. She doesn’t know what to do now and how do it happen to her.

“Relax Sel, even I can’t relax this moment but be quiet first and we’ll tell her what her condition is now.” I sighed again.

“She should really tell us what the truth is.” Selina said. She’s mad now I think.

“Don’t be mad unless if you want to have wrinkles as early as 30.”

“Ok, ok I won’t be mad.” She remained silent and

 we wait for Ella’s conscious mind.

© 2011 rielovella

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