A Chapter by shareeg

At age 19 Jaydens life begins again- as a vampire. She is thrown into a new world that lives within the world she thought she once knew.




As Jayden awoke, she felt tingles down her back and throughout her legs. She removed her blanket and sat up slowly. Jayden tried to stand, she felt herself fall to the ground. A surge of energy rushed through her and she felt stronger. Jayden quickly jumped to her feet then ran to the bathroom and began to vomit into the toilet. When she was done, she stared at herself in the mirror. She began to hear a sound �" like something popping. Just then, she felt a drop of water shoot up at her. She looked down into the toilet. She could see something swimming in the water. She jumped back, screaming in horror. She noticed worms jumping from the water and popping in the air, and then they would die instantly.

She lifted up her shirt and looked at her stomach. There, she could see what looked like tiny worms inside her skin, moving around rapidly.





Suddenly, her stomach burned. It felt like they were trying to burst through her actual skin. She fell to the floor feeling shear fear and anxiety racing through her.

Her entire stomach began to turn bright red, and then she felt something bizarre: her teeth felt razor sharp, all of them.


Then she felt large fangs like those of vampires growing specifically longer than the other teeth. Just then, the feeling in her stomach burned even more. Finally, she could hear her skin tear. The worms began jumping out of her stomach. When they hit the air, they would pop like firecrackers and die. Jayden stared in disbelief. Once she could no longer hear them, she looked down at her stomach, which now looked normal, like nothing happened. Unexpectedly, Jayden could feel her arms and legs tingling again. They felt strong and heavy. When Jayden stood, she felt dizzy because it was like she moved quicker than she ever had.





When Jayden reached the mirror, she noticed her eyes were gray. Her hair was wild and she was fearful of herself. Just then, her sweet cat, Oliver, entered the bathroom. Oliver was gentle and loving of Jayden. He wanted nothing but to be under her all the time.

She quickly threw Oliver out of the bathroom and slammed the door, afraid of what she would do to him. When Jayden looked back into the mirror, everything had changed. Now, she was back to normal once again.



Her teeth, she could feel them they were normal when she looked in the mirror her eyes were back green and her hair seemed tame now. Her white tan skin seemed to glow a little, but in a good way. Her blond hair seemed brighter she sunk to the floor wondering what to do. She quickly began frantically cleaning up the worms with tissue and she flushed them down the toilet.


She could hear her phone ringing. She rushed out the bathroom to answer.

“Hello, happy nineteenth birthday, Jay.”

“Oh, hey. Thanks Jordan. You’re calling early,” Jayden said to her best friend Jordan. Jayden didn’t want to mention what happened, who would believe that she turned into a monster she thought. She also didn’t want to face that reality herself, it didn’t seem real.


Jordan played on the basketball team. She was a lesbian. Jordan was 6’1 and very pretty. Jayden loved that their names were so similar. Jordan was Mexican and wore her dark hair very long. Her brown eyes were amazing. Jayden felt so short next to her, even though Jayden was 5’7”.


Jordan was openly gay and was already a senior, while Jayden was just a sophomore. Jordan was twenty-one and seemed to act like she was much older.

“Jordan, I may need to call you back. I’m not feeling too good,” Jayden said, stuttering over each word.

“What’s wrong?” Jordan asked, sounding very concerned.


“It’s like I woke up and realized I was a monster. I got to go.” Jayden hung up quickly. She grabbed her robe from her closet then sat down on the bed, she stood and began pacing. As she turned around, she felt someone grab her arm. She screamed.

“Calm down, it’s me,” she heard a familiar voice say. She quickly realized it was Jordan. “How the hell did you get in my room?”

“When you say you felt like a monster, what do you mean?” She felt Jordan’s intensity. It made her nervous.

“How the hell did you get here so fast?” Jayden asked again.

“Jayden, please calm down.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down Jordan. You were home. I saw your number on the caller ID. How did you get here so quickly?”

Jordan ignored Jayden’s questions and went on asking her own.

“What do you mean, you felt like a monster? And answer me honest. We have no time.

You been nineteen now since 12 am hit. It’s now, what, 7:15 am? I need to know.”

“Why does the time matter?” Just then Jayden felt her stomach growl. She noticed she was hungry, but in a way she never felt before. She felt like she had not eaten in years, she was famished.

“Oh my God, I feel really hungry, more like starved.”

“What kind of hunger?” Jordan asked, curiously.

“What do you mean, ‘what kind of hunger’, Jordan?”

“I mean, does it hurt like you have not eaten in ages or does it feel good, like it sends joy through you and you feel calmness?”

“Ah, no, it’s more like I could eat you I’m so hungry.”

Jordan’s eyes grew very large and her head tilted all the way to the side like her neck suddenly broke it was the scariest thing Jayden had ever seen. Her eyes turned gray, just like Jayden’s did earlier. As she leaned her head back into place, her hair grew wild like an animal. Her face seemed to harden, and then her mouth seemed to open.


Her jaws grew large and her teeth glared like an animal just like Jayden’s had. Just then, she heard a sound come out of Jordan. Her voice was like a beast.

“She’s ready to feed! Move fast!” Just then, two other girls appeared. They were crouched over like monsters. They looked like Jordan. The teeth, hair, and eyes were all the same, it was a horrifying site. Jayden noticed it was Marlo and Page, their other good friends. Marlo was really short and Chinese. She wore her hair in a bob and had a slanted bang. Normally, she was very silly and weird, but in a fun way. They all loved her. She was a senior, like Jordan.

Next to her was Page. She was a freshman and was only seventeen. She was a light skinned black girl. She was very thin and tall. She was average looking in the face but her best feature was her figure it was the best any of the girls had ever seen. Her stomach was flat and she had large breast, her body was amazing. Page was very serious all the time. She always seemed on edge. Jayden had met them her first week at school.


Jayden was a transfer student. She never told them why she transferred over.


Within her first week she noticed the three of them because they were always together and seemed to stare at her. She and Jordan became instant friends and bonded since they were both on the basketball team.

It seemed that Jordan really wanted to be her friend because she was always extra friendly, but not in a sexual way. It was like they wanted her to be a part of their group, desperately, and they were always around. Jayden never understood why, but since she was new and needed friends, this was a godsend.

Page approached slowly. “We know you’re scared, don’t be afraid we are not here to hurt you we are here to help you. By now you released your first hunger worms, and once that takes place you must feed. If you don’t, you’re liable to feed on anyone at any moment and you will reveal what you are.”

“What am I? And when you say feed what are you talking about Page. You’re scaring the s**t out of me.”

“We don’t have time to explain,” Page said in a serious tone.

“Yeah, you will explain,” Jayden said aggressively. “You can’t just fly in someone’s window and tell them weird things. You’re terrifying me.”

“Come with us and feed now,” Jordan demanded.

Her voice was strong again and terrifying to Jayden. She was far less sympathetic and seemed highly on edge.

“Why does your voice sound like that but Page’s doesn’t.”

 “I’m much older than Page, much,” she said with a tone that meant business.

“I come from the old age of our kind. And when you’re as old as I am, your voice grows strong when you’re in form.”

“What do you mean by, in form Jordan?”

“When we say in form we mean your natural form, your vampire body.” Jayden felt trembles go down her spine again.

“I am not a vampire, I was never bitten.”

“That’s because you’re a natural like me and Marlo.” Jordan said.

“What do you mean a natural?” Jayden asked, now even tenser.

“You were born a vampire. We recognized this when we first met you, because we’re the same breed of vampire. There are different types, different races, just like humans have. Natural vampires don’t actually begin the change till age nineteen.” Jordan answered.

“Page is only seventeen,” Jayden said, confused.

“Yes, but she is not natural. She was changed three months ago.”

“My god, this is crazy it sounds nuts and I can’t believe I’m talking to you guys but you look like vampires, this is surreal.”

“There’s no time.” Finally Marlo spoke. “We must go while we can still control your first bite. Visualize yourself as you were earlier so you can transform again into, well, what you are. Lean your neck to the side and break your neck. That causes instant change.”

“I can’t. I don’t know how to break my own neck.


No way, you guys are freaking crazy if you think I’m going to break my neck.” Jayden’s face looked disgusted at the thought of it. Marlo ran up to Jayden quickly and snapped her neck. Jayden was stunned and in a natural reaction she jumped, to her surprise she had jumped up so high she hit the ceiling. When she hit the floor, she was in form. Her hair was wild her arms and legs tingled and felt heavy. She could feel those teeth again.


Just then, she saw Marlo jump right out the window. She followed; instinct led her she didn’t think about it. She realized she was actually flying, but quickly. She could feel herself racing through the air.

When she looked behind her, she could see the other girls.  About an hour later, she saw Marlo landing. She followed. It was like she was doing everything unconsciously, she was extremely tired. As each girl landed, Jayden watched them.

“Where are we?”

“We are in California,” Page answered.

“Wow. Were on the west coast it didn’t take long at all. “That was so fast.”

“Well, yeah. We travel swiftly,” Marlo said, laughing, “And I’m a good guide. Some are better at getting around to other places. I am one of the best at it. It’s truly a skill.”

Marlo was silly again and smiling. She was so animated when she spoke. This is why people loved her around.

Page was serious. “Follow me,” she said, “And stay close, very close.” As they walked down the busy street, Jayden suddenly thought about what was happening. It seemed like a dream. This didn’t feel like real life, but it was real. The girls all followed Page, who seemed to move rapidly. It was then Jayden realized they were all out of form. Their hair was tame and teeth were not exposed.


It dawned on her that she must have changed back, too, naturally with them. But she wasn’t controlling it. It was like being around them caused her body to act instinctively and it just knew to follow suit.


Page stopped at an apartment building and they entered, it seemed really normal and plain.  

“I picked this prey because he is a child molester and he cannot stop himself. He meets up with others like him here on Thursdays. The three of them go out and get themselves little boys, but not today, not today,” Page said, sounding very sure. Page moved like lightning, quickly, instinctively.

Again, Jayden followed. She could tell they were moving faster than people’s eyes could even see now. Before she knew it, they were in this man’s apartment. She didn’t even realize how, if she came through a window or door.

But when she looked behind her, she could see the window was open and swinging. She laughed. They came through the window. The men jumped up quickly, startled. They were white men and two were thin. The other was fat with red hair, very creepy looking. He wore glasses. Something about him looked like a pervert she thought. Now Jordan was in front.


“So we like children, do we?” Page asked in a mocking sort of way.

“How the f**k did you get in here?” One of the thinner guys said. He was missing teeth and had a scar. The other thin guy seemed more afraid. It was like he sensed this was more than four women. This was trouble.

The guy with the scar smiled. “You’re hot. I see that you’re real cute girls. All of you.” He glared at each of them, eyes searching their bodies.

“But you don’t prefer girls, right? You like little boys,” Jordan said, watching him closely.

One of the thin men pulled a knife out. “I don’t know how you girls got here, but you better go just the way you came.”



 Jayden could hear Jordan’s neck crack. It was a dreadful sound. Within one second, she was in front of the man. She grabbed his knife quickly and sliced a large slit in his throat. She began feeding on him. As soon as Jayden smelled the blood, instinct led her.

It became easy to crack her own neck. Jayden felt herself going for the fat one who was now trying to run. He didn’t stand a chance. She jumped on his back and began biting his shoulder.

She tore a large chuck of flesh out. He yelled out in intense pain. Abruptly, she saw Page raise her hand. In an instant, her nails were long. She cut into his stomach with them and began feeding at his stomach. This made her notice what they were doing. They were sharing a man and they were drinking these men like juice and killing them like animals. She looked behind her to see Jordan still feeding from the man’s neck and Marlo was drinking from the other guy’s thigh while he was actually watching, he seemed stunned. The other two men were dead. Why was he alive, watching? Jayden wondered.

She realized the other men had much larger wounds because of how intensely they bit them. It was like Marlo had a different style, she realized while they had ripped large tears into the men with all their teeth.


Marlo was just using her two fangs and drinking at a slower pace, which to Jayden, was like torture. Just then, Marlo stood and backed away. The man’s eyes were large. Jordan approached him and with one quick move, she had slit his throat with her nails and began to drink from him.

Marlo looked at Jayden. “I have a small appetite. I never finish them, but you must, so they don’t change.

You have to drink till there is nothing left.”

“How will we get rid of them?” Jayden asked.

Marlo answered: “Once they are drained, the poison from our bites work like acid to dissolve their bodies. We can just leave. There will be nothing left of them.”


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© 2012 shareeg

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