A Chapter by shareeg

Who am I? A vampire- this is not real.


Chapter two- Acceptance


Jayden sat in class just a few hours later, thinking about what she was and she felt very sick and afraid. She kept thinking about how she was a murderer. She wondered why her mother never told her about this. She knew her father had left them when she was a baby and wondered: was this why?

 She ran out of class. She could no longer sit there. She felt tortured. As soon as she was actually outside close to her car she noticed him. There was a tall guy. His hair was blond and he had deep blue eyes. He was standing by her car, staring at her. It was clear he was waiting for her so patiently, time was nothing. His hair was long and wavy. His face was so very handsome, he had boyish good looks.

He looked angelic and he was strong and tall. Although he had muscle tone he was not bulky. She had never seen him before. She would have noticed him.


As soon as she got to her car, he began to speak. His voice was very soft. “Your breed is so rare, and the smell, your scent is different from every other type of vampire I have come across. Your breed has a strong scent. I don’t like strong scents. You and those girls, you’re all Viaxin right? Wormpires,” he said, there was something smug about him, and he was sort of condescending.

“I don’t know what you mean or what you’re talking about,” Jayden said, moving closer to the car door, she was turned off by his attitude and stunned that he seemed to know what she was.

“The virus that makes you guys vampires derives from, like, worms, right? So whenever your hunger is intense, you vomit worms, right?” he said, waiting for her response. He got nothing. She just looked confused.

He kept speaking. “I’m a Niatate,” he said. “We are considered the beautiful vampires. The breed everyone wants to be. You should feel honored to meet me,” he said, smiling proudly.


“We only have fangs. All of our teeth aren’t sharp, like yours, and we don’t break our own necks to change or feed as often as you need to.”

Realizing he wasn’t going to stop probing, Jayden decided to talk to him. “Really, I just changed today,” Jayden said, making him aware that she knew nothing.

“Oh I see. You have much to learn still. I guess nothing was told to you before you changed. You knew those vamps before your change, yet they kept you in the dark. Weird,” he said, as if he was deep in thought about that fact. “My breed we are the fastest, strongest, most attractive. We only feed once a month.”

“Yeah I think you already mentioned how amazing you are but I guess I will feed in to it, so how often does my kind feed?” Jayden asked.

“I think at least twice a week. You are very much like animals. Plus your kind can spread like a virus. You don’t have to be a natural. If you bite, but not till you drain, then the prey can become a vampire. My breed, we despise that about your kind.


We have to constantly clean up behind you guys. See, my kind, we don’t spread. There is no virus in our blood. It’s pure. You have to be born Niatate. I’m technically not allowed to talk to you about this.”

“Then why are you?” Jayden sounded aggravated.

“I don’t know, I don’t really follow rules. Honestly, you look like a Niatate. Your beauty, your face shape, you have our features. It’s uncanny.”

Jayden could see Page approaching from behind her in the car’s rear view mirror. As she turned back to her new friend, he was gone.

“Was that Niatate talking to you?”

“Yeah, he seemed self-important.”

“Vampires like him think they are superior to us they usually don’t speak to us unless they want something. Just out of spite, they could lure you and kill you. They hate our kind and consider us polluted. Be wary of him.  His name is Dmitri, and he has been hanging around here lately, he came out of nowhere actually. We never used to see him.


Now he is just around all the time, at all the hot spots. He is noticeable because he is extremely gorgeous and he has a way about him, seems like a leader of some sort. But as he is cute, he is deadly I hear, and they are the strongest breed of all.”

“How many vampire breeds are there, Page?”

“There are five, and of them all, we are considered the lowest on the totem pole.


They call us Wormpires as a joke, and most, even the damn Geapys think they’re better. They are next to us at the bottom, but I find them to be the worst.


“Geapys smell like fish and feed daily. I hear they feed several times a night. Niatate are the only breed that cannot spread, so they feel they are superior. Only Niatate and Viaxin, which are what we are by the way, only our two breeds can day walk. The other three burn from sun. Their skin is too sensitive.”

“So why are we considered low?”


“Well, partly because of the worms,” Page said, “and there are other reasons, I hear. We are the only vampires that have worms inside us.”

“Why do we?”

“It’s just our nature. It’s what keeps us from having pale skin and it keeps us warm-blooded. Only Viaxins and Niatate have warm blood.”

“We seem a lot like them, the Niatate,” Jayden said to Page.

“Yeah, and we are second in strength. Only Niatate are stronger than us, physically. That’s why they really rank us last and treat us like they do. They fear us most of all, other breeds, and want to keep us down because we are similar to them in many ways. That is something to fear. We will teach you about all this in time. One thing you should know, just like, human men are stronger than their women. Vampire men of the same breed are stronger than vampire woman. The only time you will be stronger then a vampire man is if he is a breed beneath you strength-wise.


See even though we are lowest on totem pole, we are the second strongest breed, strength-wise that is. All other breeds are weaker. Therefore you will be stronger than all vampire men except Niatate men and Viaxin men. Strength in breeds goes like this: Niatate number one, Viaxin second strongest, Meads are third, then there’s Vericons fourth and the Geapys are weakest of all. Since we are so strong, we should not be considered so low on the totem pole, but we are because of fear. Remember that we’re really second at heart and one day that will be recognized. There are rules and class systems. We even have leaders, like humans do.


Like Americans have presidents, we have rulers who rule for 100 years, and then it changes, but it’s always a Niatate.”

“What are the rules?”

“Stay calm. You will learn as we go Jayden.”




Just then, Jayden noticed a big Spanish guy staring. When he passed them, she felt shivers. He was hairy and extremely muscular. He looked at them heatedly.

“Let’s get in the car and go quickly.” Page seemed startled.

“You’re going with me?” Jayden asked Page.

“Yes, I need to talk to you.” As they got in the car, Jayden felt excitement about all the things it seemed she was going to learn.

It was like yesterday she was in a fake world and today she was in the real world. She appreciated that fact in some ways.

“Don’t mention anything to your mother.”

“Why isn’t she one?”

“No, she isn’t. You see, we looked into it already. Your mother adopted you and your real father, well, we can’t find him. We know your real mother was killed by the Niatate after you were born.




“Because she did something no vampire has ever done. She broke the number one commandment. You see, your mother was a Niatate and your father was Viaxin. The first commandment says Viaxins cannot birth a child with Niatate. If a Niatate woman breaks this rule and it’s found out, they are sentenced to death and the other breed would be sentenced to 50 years starvation, but not killed.”

“That’s scary and creepy. It’s like racism or something,” Jayden said.

“Yeah I guess it is sort of like that.” Page laughed. “You saw that Spanish guy who stared at us?”    

“Yeah, I saw him.”

“He is a wolf man. They are half wolf, half man, and one of our enemies. They hate us. The only time, no matter what, we vampires stick together, is against other creatures that are enemies to us. There are many other creatures, some I don’t even know of. If you study, you learn more. There are some vampires who know a lot about others and some know little.”    

“What creatures do you know of?”

“Well, here in Philly there are only about a dozen different types. All creatures derive from different places for different reasons. Soon, you will be able to recognize other creatures even when they are not in form. I know about Slevins, Wolfmen, scales, and ah, fairy’s,” Page said proudly. “Other creatures are aware of us, but humans are aware of nothing but themselves, and they are the majority by far, which is why we never reveal ourselves to them.”

“How many of us are there?”

“I don’t know for sure but I think there are about twenty Viaxin vampires in Philly. There are like, fifty Niatate here. We’re always outnumbered, even though we can spread and Niatate can’t. The other three breeds tend to live in cold, dark places, because they can’t day walk. They out number us as well. Most Niatate and Viaxins live on the west coast. Since we can day walk, we tend to stay in hot places.”

“How many vampires are there in the world?”

“I don’t know, half a million maybe? But that’s not a lot. There are billions of humans in the world.”

“You named some other creatures. Tell me a little about them.”


“I can’t tell you everything in one day, but I will tell you about Slevins briefly since they are friendly with us and one of the most pleasant creatures. I love them, the fantasy of them, that is. Slevin derives from the word sex. They are the sexiest creatures and they can cause lust spells. They can hypnotize you with their sexiness. They feed once a month but not like we do. They don’t bite or kill really. They feed from humans by mating with them. Then, when they reach orgasm, they take, like, energy from the human, which feeds them. They don’t harm them during that process. The humans aren’t really aware of what happens. The thing is once they feed from the human, that human can become obsessed and fall in love and will stay that way unless the Slevin releases their spray onto them. They can spray the human to release them from being in love, which is the kind thing to do.


Slevins can’t feed from the same human more than once. But if Slevins spray them to release them, then that Slevin will go weak for a full month. Slevins hate to go weak because they are so desired by other creatures. If they are weak, they can be taken advantage of �" especially their woman.


Slevins’ sex is considered the best of all creatures and Slevins are rare. So this is why they don’t like to go weak. But if they don’t spray the human, then that human will never fall in love with anyone else or move on, even though they will never see that Slevin again, most likely.


“Slevins are considered the fastest creatures on earth. They have to be, since they are so wanted. Slevins are the only other creature a Niatate vampire will marry. Besides Slevins, Niatate only marry other Niatate. Slevins are strong, but usually not stronger than most other creatures. They are delicate.


There are probably only one thousand or so in the world and you have to be born Slevin. If a Slevin marries a different creature, then they can never produce a child. Biologically, Slevins can only produce with their own kind. Slevins don’t come in different breeds like us vampires. They can only produce one child in their entire lifetime. Slevins also are not mortal. They live for 500 years, and then die. You see how we vampires are different ethnicities, like you’re white; I’m black in human terms, and like Merlo’s Chinese? Slevins, for some reason, are either white or black. That’s it.

“Wow. Are there any Slevins here in Philly?” Jayden asked.

“Yes. I have seen a few, actually. There is one in our school. “There’s a Slevin here at LaSalle?”

“Yes, a black girl.”

“I never noticed her,” Jayden said.

“Well how would you? You didn’t even know they exist. You may have already seen her.”

Jayden laughed. “Are there bad creatures?”

“Yes. I mean, we’re considered bad.”

Jayden hadn’t thought of herself as bad. “We only drink from bad people,” Jayden said defensively.

“Yeah, we do, but not all vampires live by that code, our nature alone is what makes creatures see us as evil. We have to kill to survive. There are other creatures that don’t have to kill, like the Slevins. So if you were like them, wouldn’t you see a creature that has to kill to live as a bad creature? I’m not saying everyone thinks we’re bad, but some choose to stay away from us and others don’t mine us and get to know us on a case-by-case basis. There’s no rule that says you have to bite only bad people. Remember that. However, you do have to constantly travel to different cities, states and countries when you feed.

That is a rule. This way, we’re never really noticed. Niatate only feed twelve times a year, once a month.”

“How did you become a vampire, Page?”


Page seemed to look away now. She seemed shocked by this question.


“I was just turned a few months ago. You see, there are rules, like I told you. We are only allowed to change a person once every hundred years, technically, but elders ignore this rule as well as some regular a*****e vampires. Unless caught, they get away with it. Some vampires never change humans and some do. It will be your choice, Jayden, to change someone but it should only be once every hundred years. Don’t take chances. Since when you change a human they stay that age forever, you are not allowed to change anyone under sixteen or over twenty-one.

“Why is that, I don’t understand?”

“You see, all natural vampires like you, Jayden, vampires who were born vampires, you stop aging at nineteen. That is also when you change into a vamp. So when most vampires are born, their parents separate from them until they turn nineteen, then they come back for them.

So since all natural vampires look really young they want to keep it that way, that’s why you can’t change someone older.”


“However, only Niatate and Viaxin vampires can bare children. The cold, pale vampire women can’t at all, which is why some of them turn humans, so they can feel like they have a son or daughter. Usually Niatate and Viaxins don’t ever turn humans, and also, you can only bare a child once every one hundred years biologically. Even if you wanted, your body can only do it once every one hundred years. So if you had a baby next year, you will not produce another egg for, well, one hundred years. You would produce an egg once each month after that until you got pregnant again. Then once you do, no more eggs for another hundred years.”


“So if Viaxins don’t usually turn humans and you’re Viaxin, who turned you, Page, and why?”

“There was this Viaxin vampire named David. I met him a few years ago when I used to live in Portland, Oregon. We were friends. He seemed to always follow me and show up where I was, but I was always dating a guy named Josh so I never noticed David in a romantic way. I didn’t know he was a vampire. Anyway, I didn’t know it, but he was obsessed with me. The thing is, vampires can’t really have sex with humans.

They are not strong enough a vampires thrust alone could kill a human. His desire for me grew strong, after high school when I came out here for college he followed me. I didn’t even know he had been watching me so closely. One day he showed up here pretending he happened to be in town. This was three months ago. David invited me to what he said was his parents’ home for dinner.”

“When I got there, I realized it was just me and him. He told me he wanted to make me his lifelong mate and that I could live forever. I told him no. I didn’t even understand what he was talking about. I thought he was crazy in that moment. Then he said, either way, he would have my body.

“As I turned to walk away he bit me and when you’re bitten, it’s not like the movies. You change and you change quickly.


Within maybe twenty minutes, I was changed. You can’t change from a scratch. It has to be a bite. When I changed, he was right there, standing over me. And even though I was a vampire, since he was male, he was stronger. He took my body.

“He raped me repeatedly for hours, and then he just left. I have not seen him since. I didn’t know what I was now, or what to do.

Luckily, the girls knew immediately I was changed and since I was already friends with Marlo before I became a vampire, it made it easier for me to get help. I didn’t know they were vampires until after I was changed.”

“So, male vampires are allowed to rape and force humans to become vampires?”

“Yes, they are, humans are considered prey but remember they can only change a human once a year.”


“A male vampire is not allowed to do that to you, right? I mean if you’re already a vampire a natural like me.” Jayden asked nervously.


“Well no, not unless he is Niatate. They can rape anyone they choose with no consequence, except a female Niatate. But David was not a Niatate, since I was human, he was allowed to rape and turn me. He was supposed to teach me the rules like how to feed before he left. He did neither, which is why he will be called to a tribal, and I’m going. I want to see what his punishment will be.”

“When is his tribal?”

“I don’t know yet, but I will be informed. Tribal is like vampire court.”


“This is all interesting,” Jayden said, taking all this information in. When Jayden turned to ask another question, Page was gone and Jayden was home. Page had told her what she had come to say, maybe more.


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