A Chapter by shareeg

Vampire lust id much stronger than human lust.


Chapter four- Lusting


Page led Jayden through the club. Marlo had left and it was just these two now.

“You have to start to notice things that you normally would not, don‘t try rather but let it happen naturally. What do you notice most in this room?” Jayden looked around the club at all the vampires.

“Well okay, one thing I notice is everyone is in groups of three or more. Even the way most of them dance, it is as a team.”

“Yes, that’s because vampires all have packs. Our pack is unique because it’s all female and vampires usually like to have both sexes in their pack, they feel stronger that way. Now in the corner over there, you see that guy standing alone.

“Yeah I see him. It’s like he is a ghost. My God, he is pale and wow, he’s cute but scary.”




“He is a Mead vampire. They are third strongest physically, which means he is a man but you’re still stronger, unless he is elder �" then it’s a tossup.

Meads cannot day walk and they actually have a cookie scent, sort of like baked goods, so they do smell nice. Meads are also very loyal and of all vampire breeds, I feel they are the most trustworthy. They hate war. They believe in family and marry young and they feed more often than me and you.”

“How often?” Jayden asked.

“Meads feed several times a week,” Page said. “Now that you have spotted him, you will be able to spot all the other pale ones. They’re not like in the movies, right? I mean, their skin, it’s shockingly pale. More so than you imagine, right?”

“Yes I didn’t think they would look so dead, but they do. It must be impossible to blend in.” Jayden said.

Jayden looked around and then she noticed more of them tucked away in corners. It was as if they were trying to hide out.

 “What is that fishy smell?” Just as they passed the corner, the scent hit Jayden right under her nostrils.

“You must have passed a Geapy vampire.”

“Damn they stink badly,” Jayden said laughing.

“Be careful. If one heard you, they could take offense, but then again you could beat them, we’re way stronger.”

Jayden noticed a man and the veins in his face seemed green. He was extremely thin and moved very snake-like.

“What is that?”

 “That is a scale, a sort of human reptile. They are friendly and convenient to know. They have healing powers inside their tongs. Now we heal fast anyway, but for major wounds, they just speed up the process. They travel through water amazingly and give the best oral sex.”

“Ewww gross.”

“Well it’s true. They come in handy. I don’t see any fairies in here today, but be wary of them.”

“Why? What are they? What do they do?” Jayden asked.

“They are sneaky and always have some sort of thing they want from you. They can seem friendly and sweet and they can grant wishes. They are short like little people are. Midgets, I think you call them. But they can change form. See, they have this awesome thing where they can imitate your power if around you. Any creature they are around, they can mimic and sort of become. So next to you, they can look like a Viaxin vampire and do everything we do, but in all reality it’s a fairy the whole time. Sneaky, sneaky things, I tell you.”

“The girls sat at the bar, so what interesting rules should I know?”     

“We’ll never disrespect elders, and it’s good to have one in your clan. They are strong. An elder Geapy, for example, might be able to kick your butt even though our breed is stronger, just because it’s an elder. The older the vampire, the stronger they are usually. Also, never reveal yourself to humans unless you intend to feed off them and kill them as well. But never leave a human alive who knows what you are. That offense can be punishable by death.”

An attractive Mead vampire male sat down beside Jayden.

“Never teach a new vampire while others are around, they will sense she is new and you know how much vampires like to prey on the weak,” the Mead said smiling. He extended his hand to Jayden.

“Hi, I am Sean and I’m from Paris but I’m here for the next few months visiting an old friend.”

Sean’s accent sent shivers down Jayden’s back. When she touched his hand, it was ice cold. It reminded her of her grandmas cold cheek at her funeral; cold and solid. His eyes were deep brown. His hair was an chestnut shade of brown and short. He had a five o’clock shadow and seemed masculine.

He seemed like a man who could build a house from scratch. He had the deepest dimples. His smile was toxic. The fact that he was pale only made him more edgy. As Jayden shook his hand, she felt so invigorated.

He then extended his hand to Page. “Hello,” he said politely. His voice was strong. The accent was very thick.

“You’re an elder,” Page said.

“Now for such a new vampire I’m shocked you picked that up and you’re not natural. You have good instincts.”

“How do you know all that about me?” Page said curiously.

“Well I have excellent instincts, as well. Plus I am elder.” The girls blushed.

“Oh no,” the elder said intensely. Both girls were startled by his sudden mood change. “I smell,” the elder said with a look of anguish, “I smell…” The elder kept sniffing like something really stinky was close. His face scrunched up. “Move. Move now, an Ingrid is present.” Sean said strongly.

Page looked horror-struck. At that moment, running through the crowd at rapid speed was this large beast.


His hair was like wool and he was completely red in color. His eyes were black and his skin was rough. His muscles were huge and from his mouth he blew fire.


The elder grabbed both girls. He tossed them behind the bar and jumped behind them. Jayden peaked. She saw the Ingrid pick up a vampire male and begin biting at his head like he was a snack. The Ingrid was huge, like five times the size of the vampires. His mouth detached when it spread open to fit large objects. It’s teeth were large and razor sharp like a sharks.

She heard a vampire speak. “The Vampire eaters!” he said in dismay.

The Ingrid literally devoured the entire vampire like a candy bar, snacking away. Just then, she felt the elder lift them again.


“Now we can move. Once he is sort of full, he is slower.” They moved at vampire pace through air and before she knew it, they were outside a house on South Street. The elder opened the door. The girls ran in. His home was contemporary and very trendy. Jayden began pacing, walking hard on the hardwood floors.

“Control your legs,” the elder said. “You’re using too much force; you will damage my floors girl.”

“I’m sorry.” Jayden seemed really shaken up. “But no one mentioned a creature like that to me.

A vampire eater; does that mean we’re his main diet?”

“Well, yes. I didn’t tell you because it would scare the hell out of you and they don’t come around often. They feed once every few months and there are only like two in Philly,” Page said.

“Besides you can smell them coming. If you wait for them to eat the guy next to you, once full they’re slow. You can then run. You just can’t get caught by surprise.”

“Oh well that sounds easy, but what if I’m the one he’s eating while everyone else is waiting to run?”

“They don’t choose their meal randomly,” the elder said.

“What?” Page said surprised. Both girls faced the elder now.

“They live in sewers and sleep for, like, months at a time. The whole time, they’re sniffing. When they smell something, they, like, they awake and track it. They can smell anything within a two-mile radius. They move to different sewers all the time.

The damn thing will keep moving till he smells something he likes, even if takes weeks, months or years. They only eat vampires. Why, I don’t know.”

“My Goodness, so anytime any one of us could have a death sentence?” Page said sounding terrified.

“Well they don’t challenge the Niatate for some reason. They like fear them,” the elder said.

“I heard it’s not that they can’t physically beat them, it’s that they worship Niatate,” Page said knowingly.

The elder laughed: “I’m sure that rumor was concocted by the damn Niatate. I hate them, so arrogant.”

Jayden heard her cell ring. “Hello?”

“Hi, it’s me. I told you I wanted to talk.” It was Dmitri. He sounded calm.

“Well I can meet you a little later.”

“How about you meet me outside the house you’re in, its now, what, 1am? Come outside at 3.”

Dmitri hung up. He didn’t wait for an answer.

“I need to lie down,” Page said. “She had taken this new information hard.”


Sean lifted her and carried her to an empty room. He laid her down. When Sean walked back in, Jayden could not help but to stare. He was handsome.

“Do you ever wish to day walk?” He sat beside Jayden. He seemed calm and regal. He sat with his legs crossed, but it looked manly.

“You know, I learned to appreciate what you are and just learn to love it. I was turned long ago and at first, I missed day. I use to wish I had been turned by a Viaxin at first, but then I learned to appreciate the culture of the Mead. We are kind and gentle. The men, we take care of our women and provide. We only feed on bad humans, you see. The Niatate only believe in loving the Niatate. They are a bunch of pretty boys and spoiled women who value nothing and mean nothing because they are given everything. How can you have character when you never work for anything? As far as me being Viaxin, well, second to being who I am, that is who I would want to be. Some Geapys and Vericons actually switch breed but Meads rarely ever switch.”

“What does that mean to switch breed?”

“Biologically Niatate can’t switch breeds, nor can Viaxins who are natural born Viaxins supposedly, but all others can switch.”

“Why did you say supposedly?”

“Well that my dear is a much longer story for another time.”

“How can you switch?”

“Well, let’s say I wanted to be what you are. I would have to worship a Niatate until he changed me.

Only Niatate men can do this. The thing is they rarely ever turn you into Viaxin. It’s like they don’t want there to be too many of you.”

“How can they do that? Change a vampire’s breed?”

“The process is painful and they rarely do it. I have never seen it but I did meet a vampire who was once Geapy and now is Mead. He worshiped the Niatate for 300 years. He was not allowed to tell me how they did it, but he really wanted to be what you are, Viaxin, so he could day walk. Yet, the Niatate didn’t make him Viaxin like they promised.”


“The scary thing is that sort of means that Niatate could wipe out an entire breed by changing every vampire that is the breed they want to eliminate. That’s a scary thought. Can I ask you something?” The elder asked.

“Yes, anything,” Jayden said back to him, staring into his eyes.         

“Why do you have the beauty of a Niatate?”

“I am mixed breed. My mother was Niatate.”

Sean seemed astonished. “That is rare to be half Niatate,” he said in a whisper. “I have never seen that. They let you live?”

“Well, I’m here, right?”


“Well, be careful to never bring much attention to yourself and be grateful for your life. Can I touch your pretty face please?” he said. “No mead ever gets to touch the face of a Niatate and I would never get the chance. Niatate woman never mate outside their breed. Your mother was very different. Every vampire will want you just to feel like they are with a Niatate.”

“I’m not Niatate. I am Viaxin,” Jayden said.

“Well actually you’re a little of both,” he said reaching his hands to her face.

“So you’re attracted because I look Niatate?”

“Well a little, but also there is something unique about you, something good. When I saw you, I felt it. I felt your kindness. I heard your song.”

His hands were cold. Just finally making contact, he touched her face so softly. Then he pressed his nose to hers. “I lust you deeply, but I would never cross the line. I can only mate someone I’m married to. Those are my own private morals.”

“It’s okay. I want to lay with you,” Jayden said, lusting him as well. He pulled away.

“I am a man with honor.”

 Jayden felt wetness in her panties and a throbbing. She had been horny before, but not like this.

 It felt much stronger than when she was human, being horny as a vampire was almost unbearable.

“Why is it harder to control lust as a vampire then when I was human?”       


“Well vampires senses are so strong and we feel things differently, so now when you lust someone, it’s like a drug or something stronger. It‘s like cocaine it‘s an addiction now, sex is something your body will need.”  

“How can you control it if you want me Sean?”

“I’m elder. I have learned to.”

“Were you ever married before?”

“Yes, once, but I don’t talk about that.”

Jayden felt herself breathing hard. “Please just give it to me,” she said while reaching for him.

“No and you must control yourself, too. We vampires must learn to love emotionally and spiritually before we lay. That is what is wrong with our kind: blood and sex always.”

“Well can you hold me?” He held her close and she loved his scent. It was more like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies she thought and there, she fell asleep.

When she awoke, he was gone, but she still carried his scent. She went to the empty room. Page was gone as well. When she looked at her phone, she saw she missed Dmitri’s call.

She rushed home at vampire speed and got dressed then quickly made it to school.

She was an English major and loved LaSalle university so far. As she walked toward class, she thought about her first day as a vampire, all she learned and saw, and she knew that by week’s end, things would be really crazy. She felt someone glaring at her, eyes locked on her. It was Dmitri. He looked heated. He walked toward her quickly, but in human pace.


“Hey what’s up?” she said as friendly as possible.
“So you denied me?” he said, his face red and his voice was not soft. “You just want to make me want you more? It is working.” Just then, he leaned close and sniffed his nose. “Did you bump into a Mead vampire?”

“Yes, I did. They’re nice. So what did you want last night?” she said.

“Well that was then, this is now,” he said. His plump lips seemed so kissable. He was so different from Sean. He was angelic looking and God-like. It was like he was sassy and full of confidence, and that was sexy.

His eyes were blue like the sea. When he stared, it sent chills down Jayden’s spine. How could she be so attracted to two men at once?


 She tried to deny her attraction to Dmitri because he had a rotten attitude but no matter what, she was attracted to him, she now realized that fact.

“I want you to come with me. You should ditch class today.” Jayden found herself following him and he was used to being followed. “So let’s move at vampire pace. We’re going to Chicago.” Like that, they were gone.

They arrived to a very urban neighborhood within forty minutes or so. It was mostly African-American people. They were now walking at human pace.

“So what are we doing?” Jayden asked.

“Well, it’s that time for me to hunt and I wanted you to witness it.”           

“When I went yesterday with the girls, we were in California and we hunted child molesters.”


“Well I don’t hunt based on things like that. I only hunt once a month, so I make it worth my wild. Every vampire has a favorite blood type or ethnicity as well as gender they prefer the taste of, and don’t let anyone tell you different.”

“So what’s yours?” Jayden asked curiously.

“Young black females. I don’t care as much about the blood type itself, and I prefer, them to be between the ages of 16 to maybe 28. However, the only vintage year I like is a forty-five year old black female. But I really like blood young,” he said. His eyes seemed to sparkle. A very concentrated look came across his face. Just speaking about what he liked seemed to give him deep pleasure.

“So you drink every drop?”

“No, not always it depends on my mood as well as what game I’m playing.”

As Jayden listened to him, she felt her humane side kicking in.

It was one thing to just feed, but to play; she didn’t like the idea of torture.           

“Well, sometimes I just feed. Other times, I may spend time with them, at first; you know lusting them, then having them.”

She knew enough by now to know that he was talking sexual. She did not realize it but she made a disapproving face.

“You don’t know yet the way lust feels and in combination with feeding, it is the ultimate pleasure. You also have no understanding of the vampire culture yet but time is a good teacher.”

“Why did you want me to come along?”

“There is no answer to that nonsensical question. Now I’m just going to feed today because I sense your discomfort.”

“So how will you choose your victim?”

“I already have. Two weeks ago, I watched her. It’s part of the thrill.”

“Vampires play a lot of games, huh?” Jayden asked.

“We’re very bored.” Dmitri said with an evil grin. “Stop looking at me as if I’m something bad. I am what I am, as you are what you are. We are animals. I live my life for pleasure and I like instant gratification.”

“So you don’t believe in discipline at all. No hard work, just fun and pleasure. Life’s a game,” Jayden said more so accusingly.



Dmitri looked at her there was a smirk on his face. “It is when you are the greatest being. If you were full blood Niatate, you would understand the joy that comes with being the best. My prey today, she is seventeen, very ripe, just reached womanhood. Breasts that sit up gracefully, young skin and she is very cute. Come, I’ll show you right now. She should be at swim class.”


He grabbed Jayden’s arm and they moved at vampire speed.  Humans were totally unaware, they were to fast to even see. They were on the ruff, looking into the building through the glass. The girls were all African-American and swimming. There was one sitting on the bench watching. She seemed shy and awkward. She reminded Jayden of Jenny because she was thin, tall and darker. But she was more so cute than pretty, unlike Jenny, and she seemed more average in the looks department. She was like a girl next door type and Jayden knew that she was the one he was seeking.

“Why her. She is so simple and plain?”


“There is nothing plain about her. I was drawn in. Maybe it’s the fact that she is so lonely inside, like me, so hollow. When she passed me, I felt her sadness and that’s when I chose her.

Plus, her body turns me on. The way she is perfection but does not act like it, so to the eye of someone not paying attention, she is average. However, in actuality, the shape of her face, eyes and her skin it’s amazing. I have this weird thing, when I see woman, I can see what they look like naked, so when I walk down a street that’s what I see if I want to.”

“Listen, can’t we focus on someone older? She just has her whole life ahead of her. I can’t...”

Suddenly Dmitri stood. His eyes were now hazel. They were darker than normal, but still pretty in an intense way. He was obviously in rage. His voice was harsh. “Let go of this humane attitude, you’re a predator now. It’s going to make your life miserable, this kindness you have.”

“Why would it make me miserable?”




“You’re a freaking monster, a killer, and nothing more, and you’re going to have a hard time coping with the things you’re going to do if you don‘t accept this.”

“What things?”

“You never know what you may give into.” Dmitri moved quickly now. He was gone and just like that he was back with the girl. He had her tossed across his shoulder like a rag doll; she was screaming. He grabbed her so quickly the human’s eyes could not catch it. He grabbed Jayden and they were off. They were now in an abounded building and there was a bed on the floor with thick red sheets. He tossed the girl on the bed she looked up. She was full of panic.


“Please, let me go. I have to go home. My little brother is there alone with our dad, and when I’m not around he hurts him. He needs me, please.”

“What is your name?” Jayden asked curiously.

“I’m Nicky, ah, please help me. Please.” There was snot running from her nose. The tears were flowing. She was in bad shape. Dmitri was now behind her. His eyes were still hazel and seemed warm. His fangs were so much more attractive than Jayden’s when she was in form.

His hair was neat and he seemed peaceful. He held the girl. “Calm down, sweetie.” He wiped her nose and eyes with a handkerchief and it worked. She was calming down now. “I’m not going to hurt you,” he said sincerely.

The girl didn’t see his face since he was behind her, but when she turned and saw his fangs, she let out a scream.

“You’re a vampire!” she said, astounded. “Please don’t kill me! If you’re going to eat me, don’t kill me, too.”

“So you want to be changed?” he asked. He smiled. “Maybe you will be. It depends on if you can please me.”

Jayden was pissed. He had told her a lie. He said he would just feed. He began kissing the girls neck and she gave in. It was obvious she just didn’t want to die. She thought by giving him what he wanted, she could maybe live.

She was using all she had to stay alive. She let him take her clothes off she let him kiss her mouth. Although she wasn’t fighting him off, the trembling made it obvious she was scared to death at the same time.

He laid the girl on her back and she stared at Jayden, not knowing what to do. It was like she could sense that Jayden didn’t want her to be hurt. Dmitri took his clothes off swiftly. He was moving softly and slowly like a gentleman. Jayden wondered was he always this smooth and gentle about it? She knew it just depended on his mood.

He grabbed the girl’s hips and pulled her into him. As he entered her, the girl let out a painful moan.

Dmitri looked up at Jayden. “I love virgins,” he said with a devilish grin. As Jayden watched, she could not help but to be turned on. She could smell the blood from him, breaking the girl’s virginity. It was intoxicating, the scent of the blood and the girl’s vagina.

She knew he wanted her to see this because he knew how it would make Jayden feel: horny.

He was exposing the monster inside her; he wanted her to know that she liked it, no matter how much she tried to proclaim she didn’t. Watching him, as beautiful as he was, and the girl being so innocent, moaning so softly, the look of pain and suffering on her face as he stroked her with grace and rhythm turned Jayden on. She knew it was rape but there was something animalistic within her now, he had proved it to her.

 The faces he made were sexy to Jayden. He was in pleasure and he would rub the girl’s breast and thighs in such a way, so aggressive, so eager, so in love with her body. Jayden remembered what losing your virginity felt like, she felt sorry that the girl had to suffer the physical pain of it as well as the mental pain of being raped.

Jayden wondered how he wasn’t killing this girl with his strength. Page had told her that humans can’t take sex with vampires. When Jayden heard him let out this intense growl, she knew he had finished and just then he bit the girls breast and began drinking from it. The girl was stunned, and then he stopped suddenly. The girl fainted and he stood.


“You see, only Niatate can mate with humans without hurting them. There is nothing I can’t do.”


He picked the girl up and threw her over his shoulder. I’m going to take her and turn her Viaxin, but I can’t let you see how. I’m going now, but I bet you now know the monster in you liked this, and I know because I can smell how wet you are.”

Dmitri was gone with the girl and Jayden was off like a light. She had the girl’s scent and knew she could find where she lived. When she did, she found the father. He was sitting at his desk, staring at pictures of children on the Internet. It was child porn. Jayden moved quickly and with one snap, she broke his neck. You see, she was a monster but she was also kind, and the thought of him hurting the boy bothered her deeply. Jayden felt conflicted, what would being a vampire mean. Would she lose her soul and humanity. Would her conscious understand right and wrong the same. What was she now?


Jayden knew she had to meet up with Marlo later and at the moment, she just felt overwhelmed by her new life. She sat there, eating lunch and looking so very confused. Student’s past her by.


She sat alone. She thought about the girl’s face, how terrified she was to have this man just having his way and not knowing if death was near. Dmitri was a selfish creature to enjoy pleasure while someone else was in pain she thought. But was she just like him now?

Jayden could almost feel the girl’s feelings. It was like she felt all of this girl’s emotion. There was a connection to her, somehow. At that point, she smelled the most intoxicating scent and she turned. There was a black girl gliding down the halls. Her skin was caramel and shiny. Her cheekbones were amazing. One of her eyes was hazel and the other was a combination of hazel and green.

They were hypnotizing. Her lips were full and soft and her body was amazing and curvy, full breasts, long pretty legs, sexy thighs. Her hair was extremely long, flowing with thick full locks that just touched her bottom. She was sexy.

Jayden knew it. She was a Slevin, and just as she past Jayden she smiled at her. Then she turned towards Jayden walking quickly.


She sat down beside Jayden and seemed rather easy going, her vibe.


“Hi, I am Daje, one of only three Slevins who reside here in Philly. Did you just turn? Because I seen you before, but you were not a vampire then.”

“I’m a natural. I turned nineteen yesterday, so now I am a vampire your absolutely right.”

“So you know any vampires here?”


“Yes, ahh there’s Marlo and Jordan and Page, oh, and Dmitri.”

“I don’t know Dmitri, so he must not go to school here.”

“You know what, I don’t think he does,” Jayden said like she just realized it. “I mean the more I think about it, I never seen him before yesterday,” Jayden said.

“Is he Niatate,” Daje asked?

“Yes he is,” Jayden said, wondering why Daje asked this.

“Niatate do things like that, you see, because they are the rulers.

They like to know everything that is going on with the vampire race at all times. So in every city there are general vampires that run things in that city, then there are area princes.”



“They oversee a certain section of that city. So, when you changed, he must have been just checking into it. He must be a general or area prince. If not, then it’s weird. There is no vampire who is made or changed without them knowing about it and checking into it. If not, how would they know who was breaking rules? It seems eventually they always find out. So, the same day you changed he would check up on you and tell you about the Niatate to let you know who the superior was.”

“You know what, he did,” Jayden said laughing.

“So is he lusting you now, too, did he get you yet?”

“No but he says he doesn’t really go after Viaxins. He never approached my friends.”

Daje looked at Jayden. “Use the word yet. He never approached them yet. One thing I can tell you, try to hold back a little. Make him chase you.



That way, he doesn’t just bang you and quit you quickly, that’s what they do.”


“Not with you I bet, because you’re Slevin.”

“I am, but we are very exclusive and I have never slept with any Niatate here in Philly. They know there are three of us here but they have never really come across us yet. Now, other types have, but we have just gotten here a few months ago.    

“So it’s three Slevin girls?”

“No just me and two Slevin men, and they look like models. One is black, the other is white.” The two girls sat talking for a while. Jayden really liked Daje and felt she was easy to be around. She didn’t want to stop talking to her.

After class she went to train with Marlo. Marlo began teaching her how to navigate her way around when traveling in vampire time and how to land in an unnoticeable way.

This was a hard skill to master. It’s easy to follow others, but to navigate on your own and get to different places was very hard for Jayden.

You needed very good senses and natural skill as well as a strong sense of direction to begin with. Jayden only knew the basics.


She knew that you can travel north, south, west, east and that was it as far as travel. Marlo also began to teach her how to defend herself. This too, was difficult. They also studied controlling the senses, because now each one was far more sensitive. After training, she rushed home to take a nap. She felt very tired and needed to rest. She knew that once it was late, she would get to smell the scent of cookies and see Sean and hear his amazing accent. Jayden awoke that night feeling excited. She looked outside. It was now dark. She checked her phone. Dmitri had called. It was funny how he was the only vampire who seemed to call her since she changed. It was also weird because she never actually gave him her number. The girls never called. They just showed up. But he didn’t always just pop up like the others.

Maybe Niatate had better manners, she thought.

Jayden got dressed and headed out, hoping to follow Sean’s scent, but she still couldn’t quite figure out how to control her sense of smell to track. It was easy to find Nicky’s dad because she was angry her instincts took over, it was like she wasn’t trying then. It was harder to trace vampire scents than humans and she had only one lesson. Just as she turned the corner, he was there.



“Let me guess, you found me right? Not the other way around?” Jayden said laughing.

“Yes,” he said, “like it was obvious. I don’t think you’re the type that will pick up on your vampire skills easily, but once you do, since you’re mixed, it’s probably going to be something special,” he said smiling. He quickly changed the subject.

“So, you wanted to see me again?”

He was now standing in front of her. He placed his hands against the wall as he pushed her back. She felt such passion. She wanted him inside her right then and there. She could feel someone standing over them. She made eye contact with Dmitri.

“You didn’t answer my call earlier?”

“I was asleep,” she said, swallowing hard. Dmitri turned to Sean, acknowledging he was standing there.

“Mead, ah, didn’t know many of you visited us here in Philly.”      

“Well, I spend some winters here and share a place down on South Street with an old friend.”

“Yes, the house that Jayden was at last night. That was your home,” Dmitri said like he had just realized this. Dmitri’s voice was strong, not soft, but not angry. It was a tone she had never heard him use yet.

Dmitri turned to Jayden. “Well Jayden, I’m going for a stroll. You care to join me?”

“I can’t, but maybe later,” she said. Sean seemed staggered. He quickly joined in.

“Sure, she will join you. I will catch up later.” And like that, he was gone. Dmitri’s eyes were dark now.

“You dare to deny me again, and I see now you deny me again over a Mead, this is why you didn‘t show up last time.”


“No, I didn’t know, I,” Jayden stuttered. Just then, she realized she wasn’t suppose to do that, ever.

“Yes, you respect elders but the Niatate were always first, always.” Dmitri faced Jayden.

“How dare you insult my ego in such a way in front of him?” He was now leaning his face against hers and she could actually hear his heart beat. He placed his hand around her neck. Suddenly, Jordan appeared.

“Dmitri, she is new and does not know the rules.”

“You think I was going to kill her?”

“I don’t know, were you?” Jordan said in a serious way.

Dmitri looked back at Jayden. “No, but I command you to stay away from the Mead because he, I would kill easily.”

Dmitri walked away using human pace. This shocked Jayden because he didn’t always use vampire pace like the others.

“Where did you come from Jordan?”


“I just, well, I’m your leader you know, so sometimes I keep watch. Not always, just when I can and your new so I’m keeping watch.”


“Well, why is he doing this? Sean is my friend and I already like him. Normally my feelings aren’t as intense so quickly, but in my vampire body, it’s like I feel things differently.”

“The older you get, the more you will forget your human life and get used to your vampire body,” Jordan said dryly. “Emotions are different now so be careful. Vampires fall in love fast but we feel all things fast and strong. Our emotions are unstable and they can change easily,” Jordan said sounding almost motherly. “There’s a thin line between love and hate and jealousy and all these things. Relationships are dangerous with certain types of vampires because feelings are so changeable and intense; vampires are like freaking bipolar humans.

“The Meads, they are good controllers of emotion. Dmitri is only doing this because you don’t give in as easy as he is used to. This makes him want you more and he is used to being the best man of all.

“So now I can’t see Sean because he said so, who do these Niatate think they are?”


“This is a form of slavery Jayden, study how slavery works and you will have a better understanding of your new life. Rape, brutality and superiority complexes are all a part of that vicious slavery system. Niatate vampires only respect the Niatate, humans and other vampire breeds are beneath them in their eyes. You must do as they say and you must please him so no, you can’t see Sean anymore, and if you do, then you’re putting him in harm’s way.”




“Let’s follow Dmitri. I need to talk to him, really I do.”

“It’s best you don’t talk to him about it girl, just obey. We can‘t follow him Jayden; it doesn‘t work like that.”

“I think he has the wrong idea. I mean, I like him, too. I like them both I guess, but in different ways. Besides, he is Niatate and therefore he would never take me seriously.”

“So what, he still does not want you to be with the Mead, not while he is trying to charm you.

Go home and if you see the Mead again, then say your goodbyes for now until Dmitri has you. Then, after sex, he will lose interest.”


Jayden nodded yes and then as soon as Jordan was gone, she called Dmitri’s cell.  On the second ring, he answered but he began talking immediately.


“You know you upset me like no other girl. And I’m letting it go so easily, I never do that.”

“Let it go easily? You just banished me from someone who is really just my friend.”

 “You insulted me, a Niatate. Trust me, you got off easy, but I’m drawn to you, girl. I know other girls have been telling you things about me, they probably say I am an a*****e and all that, but I’m really not like most Niatate men. They are far harsher, I’m nothing compared to most.”

“You’re not a jerk, really is that what you think?”

“No, and I have no reason to lie. If I was like them I would not need to lie. I would just have you and be done with it. The fact that I care what you think of me, it’s something I never experienced, but make no mistake: the sensitivity I feel for you is just for you.”

“What does that mean?”


“It means that I am Niatate and I do have some ways to me, and I believe in following the rules and class systems and that is something you must know about me.”

“I know you believe it; I saw what you did to that young black girl. You raped her. I don’t like this talking over the phone,” Jayden said.

“Well that had nothing to do with me having a problem with black girls, in fact it’s the opposite. I am very drawn to them and I could have really hurt her, but I don’t like to hurt girls during sex; I did her a favor now look behind you.”

When Jayden turned, Dmitri was there. He was so very handsome, she felt guilty for feeling this way.    

“I know the Mead seems good and he may be, but he’s not like me. He can’t protect you like I can. With me, you’re always safe.

With me, the world is yours. With me, your life has a meaning.”

“So my life is meaningless?”

“Well are you full blood Niatate?”

“So if one is not Niatate, then this is how you feel about them?”     

“Stop thinking about what I feel and what I think; and just enjoy me.”

Dmitri pulled her close and laid a wicked kiss on her. And in that moment time stood still. This man was a good kisser and his fruity scent and good looks had taken over. He picked Jayden up and flew up faster than a bullet. When they arrived at his home, Jayden was surprised at how simple, plain and elegant it was, but what did she expect from him? She thought.

His bedroom was far different from the rest of the house. It was sexy and had imagination. This was the room he put his energy into; he had a very nice bed with a large exotic headboard. It was a very eclectic wooden piece.

The dressers were stylish and modern.

The colors were neutral besides the orange accent wall behind the bed and the fireplace, full of life. The comforter was huge and comfy and very soft. It was a cream color and the pillows were  plush.


Jayden couldn’t believe she was in his bed and he was leaning over her with that face. Men like this could charge money and women would pay, she thought to herself. But he was a cruel rapist she thought. Those blue eyes took hold, giving her this sincere look that just made you want to give in to him.

His soft voice said her name like he meant it: “Jayden, my sweet Jayden, how I want you.” He kissed her neck, and then moved down toward her soft breast. He was kissing them through her shirt. Then he took her shirt off.


She wasn’t wearing a bra, so everything was right there; her pink n*****s hard as a rock. He sucked her n****e ever so erotically, licking and twiddling his tongue. Jayden let out moans. She was never the type to get loud in bed, but he was drawing it out of her. He moved down her stomach.

He was getting closer to her spot. He took her panties off slowly and this made Jayden feel so much anticipation. He opened her legs aggressively and this was such a turn on, he pulled her to him and began tasting her.

First, it was soft and slow. Then he began to get aggressive. Jayden was losing her mind. She couldn’t control herself. She had screamed his name so many times.


She had grabbed his hair. He flipped her over, opened her legs, and slid himself into her. This was so passionate and she was very moist down there. They were like animals changing positions. Scratching, biting and screaming so loudly. This went on for what seemed like hours with small breaks in between. Jayden found vampire sex lasted much longer then human sex. Jayden felt closer to him as they lay there afterwards talking. They talked about life before you changed and childhood.

“How old are you Dmitri?”


“I’m nineteen, of course. Like you, I will be nineteen forever.”

“I mean how old really? Like Jordan, she is nineteen, you know, too, but really she has been around for hundreds of years. She tells people she is twenty-one. That’s what she told me.”

Dmitri laughed. “Well, I guess technically I’m seventy two.”

“Really? Wow, you’re an old man.” Jayden laughed.


“So that girl Nicky, she was the first you changed, since we can only change a person once every hundred years?”

Dmitri laughed. “I’m Niatate. Do you really think we follow that?”

“Who made it all up, these rules?”

“We did, the Niatate. It’s just our way of having some kind of order, but you know there is a difference, so we don’t always listen. But you guys have to. The thing is, Jayden, even if you hate us, there has to be some kind of order. If not, vampires could just eat and kill all supply, multiply like crazy and just act like savage beasts. It would be worse without us. At least we maintain things. Someone has to. That’s why some breeds are better than others. Someone technically has to control, even if it’s not, you know, equal all around. That is why nature gave us so much power.”


Jayden sat up. “So you really just do what you want?”

Dmitri looked irritated. “Stop thinking about that and think about all the orgasms you just had.”

“You know what? Maybe it’s not so bad you can’t take me seriously because lying with you is good. When you get past that part, it’s like Sean said, there’s no character with a person who has never worked for anything.”

Dmitri quickly jumped on top of Jayden. He grabbed her face. “You’re the only woman who has ever talked to me like this.” His hands were on her neck now. She could feel his anger. He was squeezing tight, then he let go.

Jayden jumped up. “I’m sorry. I know I should not have mentioned him.”


“Shut up! Shut the f**k up! How dare you speak his name to me?”

When she looked at his eyes, she could feel the anger. “I could kill you for this, but somehow I just cant,” he said in amazement. “You say I work for nothing in life, but I’m working for you.”

“You just had me.”

“Yeah, but I don’t have your mind on me. Women give me their mind, body, and soul in minutes. Don’t worry. I sort of like the chase because you will fall in love with me,” he said in a serious tone.


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