Vampire 101

Vampire 101

A Chapter by shareeg

Learning about this new world- the real world.


Chapter Three- Vampire 101


Jayden opened her car door and walked into her apartment. As soon as she entered, her roommate rushed over to her. “Happy birthday, Jayden, you’re nineteen now.”

Jayden’s roommate’s name was Jenny and she was a very petite black girl who was born and raised in Philadelphia. Jenny had short hair and was very delicate looking. She spoke very softly. She had dark skin and was very pretty.

“Thanks Jenny. You’re too sweet.”

“Really? You think so? Maybe that’s because you didn’t open your gift yet.” Jenny handed Jayden a box. The gift was wrapped in bright pink gift wrap with a pink bow. This was typical Jenny behavior: the pink, the bow, she was so girly Jayden thought to herself.

Jayden ripped the gift open aggressively and noticed it was a rabbit vibrator.

“I don’t have sex with toys,” Jayden said quickly.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” Jenny said, smiling. “Hey, we all could use one every now and again.”

“Not me. I’m just not that into it.”

“Well, masturbation is the key to self exploration, Sweetie.”

Jayden began to walk toward her room. “Well, maybe one day when I’m ready.” Jenny followed. As they turned the corner, Jenny screamed: “Where did you come from?”

Jayden turned to look. Jordan was standing behind Jenny. “I knocked. Neither of you answered, so I just let myself in.”

“Did you knock like a mouse? I mean, you really scared me,” Jenny said.

“Sorry about that.” Jordan looked Jenny over. “You look cute in yellow. I like your style.”

“Thanks,” Jenny said blushing. Jenny walked to her room and shut her door.

As the girls headed into Jayden’s room, Jordan laughed. “Sorry, I forgot you lived with a human girl. I’m used to just popping up on the other vampire girls.

So I just, you know, popped up. I’m on vampire manners. That’s what we do. We pop up out of nowhere and leave the same way. It’s just our nature.”

“Well don’t. You scared her half to death, Jordan.”

“So your friend there, you two very close?” Jordan asked curiously.


“Uhm we’re cool. I like her. She is clean and keeps to herself. The best roomie you could have.”

“Listen, you know I’m lesbian, right?” Jordan said as if Jayden didn‘t know.

“Of course. Why are you even mentioning this?”

“Well, because your roomie. She has classes with me and I totally lust her, but I know she is not gay, just a tease. The thing you don’t know is that we vampires, we all have things we’re into or a secret thing we do. Even though I usually only bite bad people, I have this one weakness. You see, usually when I lust a girl, I can get them into bed with me. I’m pretty and good with knowing what they want. I have sex with them date them; get bored, it’s over.”

“Okay, where is this going Jordan?”

“Well sometimes, and this is rare, I lust someone I can’t have.

Usually I will get over her quickly, but on the rare occasion I will lust a girl deeply like I do your roomie. So the secret bad thing I do with situations like this is, ah, I may have her anyway.”

“What do you mean?”


“She is a human, beneath us, and for her to deny me is insane. So I take it, her body, the girl I want. I will take them away somewhere over a certain time period. I may keep the girl a week, a month, however long I want. I play with her until I’m done.”

“Then what do you do with her?” Jayden asked, now wondering about Jordan’s little secret behavior.

“Sometimes I turn them, other times I kill them. It just depends. I’m a rule-breaker. Screw the Niatate rules, once every hundred years is bullshit.”

“Well, I really like Jenny, Jordan. So please don’t do that with her.”

Jordan froze. She looked surprised. She seemed cold now, and angry.

“I’m your elder, Jayden you must never forget that. You fear and respect your elders, for they are far stronger and wiser then you. You don’t know what it’s like yet, living forever.

The boredom we suffer the pain. We are monsters and sometimes you will even give in to that and do heinous things. You just don’t know, yet. But you never deny an elder. You don’t realize I’m not asking you, Jayden, I am telling you. And you just have to respect it.”

“Well then, Jordan, I am asking, begging even, that you just spare her. She is a good girl.”

“When you ask a question like that, you are asking me to deny myself and you never ask an elder that. It’s a respect thing. It’s like the older a vampire is, the more other vampires know you suffer. So, you sort of are praised more. You want respect, you must learn this. See, if you suggest this of any elder besides me, they may have killed you out of spite. They would see your request as total disrespect.

This is how we elder vampires think. It’s our way. We come from different times. Never do this to any other elder because I fear they will hurt you.”

“Really, I didn’t know this, Jordan, about respecting elders.” Jayden feared Jordan, she could tell that Jordan was containing rage.

“Well, you’re learning. The fact that I didn’t hurt you would shock other elders, but I really care for you. You seem unique in some way, you are important to our pack.”

“May I ask will you free her after or is she one you will kill?”

Jordan looked at Jayden and paused. “As a gift to you, I will free her. But as we vampires say, you will be grateful unto me, which means you will owe me.”

“What do I owe?”

“Well, I don’t know yet.”

“When will you make your move on Jenny?”

“I’m not sure yet, actually. I’m patient. I like to build up on the desire part for a while before I have her.”


Jayden was surprised at just how casually Jordan spoke about this. She knew it was second nature to Jordan and she could care less, there was something colder about her. Jayden never noticed these personality traits in Jordan before, she did a good job hiding herself. This was a new person, one Jayden did not know.


“Okay, well that is what you want, so I know you will do it,” Jayden said, trying to sound okay with it. Jordan stared at Jayden for a moment, it was strange. Jayden could not read her expression; she seemed as if she was in a silent rage.”

“So Page just left you? I can smell her on you.”

“Yeah, she told me a lot of things about this vampire thing.”

“She told you how she was turned by that David?”

“Yes she did talk about that.”

“Well, David is a real jerk in my opinion, to not stay and teach because he was burned by the fact that she didn’t want him was selfish. They will do nothing to him at tribal over this because he is elder.

I doubt they ever call him to tribal in reality. And to think Page will always belong to him.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well Page doesn’t yet know all the rules and my heart is too weak for her to tell her. But he can have her anytime he wants. Also, she has to go to him for certain requests. See, when you’re turned, you’re always at a lower rate than natural vampires.”

“What things must she request?”

“Things me and you can do whenever, until he dies she must ask permission.”

“Permission for what exactly?” Jayden asked curiously.

“To mate with anyone at all, also to change a human. To kill a vampire or any other creature she has to ask permission.”

“Why would vampires kill each other?”

“The same reason humans do my dear: jealousy, money, sex, many reasons. You can never kill a vampire who is considered above you. However you can get into a fight with, or kill a vampire below you or on the same level totem pole-wise.

But Page can’t unless her master, who is the vampire who changed her, gives her permission. Tonight I will take you to a vampire hot spot and you can get to know others and learn. You must know other creatures will show up. You will soon learn to be aware of them.” “I’m very excited to go. Let’s do this,” Jayden said, scared but happy. “We’ll be here for you at ten.” Just like that, Jordan was gone.


At exactly ten, Jayden heard a knock at the door. When she opened the door, there was Marlo.

“Let’s move, but at vampire pace.” Marlo said, and like that, they raced off, flying through the halls at rocket speed. She could see the other girls behind them. Before she knew it, she felt air. They were outside and moving faster than the human eye could see. She saw Marlo landing so she followed her and the other girls landed as well. All their moves were quick and smooth and they seemed to just appear. The club looked like an old abandoned building on the outside. At the door stood a bald white man who looked very intimidating.

He didn’t ask for ID. He just stared at the girls, and then he let them in. They walked down a flight of stairs. Now they could hear the music pumping very hard.

“I didn’t know vampires listen to Jay Z?”


“Well, this club plays popular music,” Page said, laughing, “and rap is popular.”

Once the girls were completely inside, Jayden felt pure surprise. This club was full of vampires. She finally got it. She could sense it by the way they moved and their looks. She noticed vampires had some things in common, even when they were not in form.

Jayden grabbed Pages arm. She found Page to be the easiest to talk to about vampire stuff. It was like Page was an open book, even though she was new to it. It all seemed to come natural to her.

“So I guess most the vampires in here are either Viaxin or Niatate?”  

“Yes, you’re right and, ah, there are some out of town one’s dropping through,” Page said, scanning the room.


“Always be wary of them because they don’t have to live here, therefore they are comfortable making a mess, because they know they can leave.”

“What other creatures are here?”

Just then, Jayden could feel Jordan next to her. She was close to Jayden’s ear. “You know we vampires have strong senses. Our five senses are far advanced.


When you’re speaking, be careful what you say and ask because if any vampire focuses on you, they can hear what you’re saying.”           

 Jayden decided to focus in on some conversations to see what she could hear. But it was too intense. She could hear many conversations at once, so all the words were confused like phone lines crossing.

“You have to try and control it a little better,” Marlo said in her low soft voice. “Focus on one particular person and concentrate, try it. Once you perfect this, you can start working on listening to several conversations at once.”


Jayden scanned the room, that’s when she noticed him. Dmitri. He was standing with a group of Niatate vampires. Their golden blond long hair flowing. They were stunning and something about them made them appear to be far superior to everyone else, it made Jayden feel small. Dmitri was more handsome then all of them, he stood out. Jayden focused on him, especially his lips, and then she thought of what his voice sounded like. Just then, she could hear him speaking.




“This club is lame tonight. There’s nothing but out of town Wormpires and Geapys. How I despise them, the low class vampires.”

Unexpectedly, she saw him look up. His head turned. He was staring right at Jayden. Before she could blink, he was in front of her. He was dressed very clean and neat, wearing a trendy and modern black suit that was perfectly tailored. His clothes fit him like a glove. His hair was amazing and he smelled sweet like fruit.

“Did you know it’s not allowed for Viaxins to listen in on Niatate conversation?”

“No, she didn’t know. She is newly changed,” Jordan said protectively.

Dmitri faced her. “You’re an elder. May I ask how old?”

“You know a woman doesn’t like to tell her age.”

Dmitri laughed. “I’m just always curious about you elders. I mean you’re so old, you seen so much.”

“Does it not embarrass you to talk to us in front of everyone? You guys don’t usually do that,” Jordan said, ignoring his questions about her.

 “I know Niatate men are always sneaking off with all the Viaxin women, but usually you’re not so obvious. Of course, you would want to get to her first. I mean, she did just transform.

You’re not the type to follow behind other men, so I know you want her fresh.”

Dmitri looked taken aback. “So because you’re an elder, you feel free to talk to me like this? You must love your friend.” Dmitri’s voice sounded stern when he said this. He wasn’t speaking in his soft tone.           

Marlo seemed surprised by Jordan’s direct approach with Dmitri. “Uhm, she’s not talking out of place. She had a long day forgive my leader Jordan.”

Jordan turned to look at Marlo. The look said ‘shut up and step back.’

“Tell me this have you ever seen me with a Viaxin?” His voice was soft and friendly again. “Have I ever had any of you, for that matter? No, so don’t assume me to be a sneaky pig.”

“Of course,” Page said, it was obvious she was trying to keep things cool.

Dmitri now focused on Jayden. “Who is your keeper?”

Jayden looked to Page for the answer. Page turned to Dmitri.

“She has no parents, nor a mate. Her father didn’t come back for her yet.”

“Well he will soon. She did turn nineteen today,” Dmitri said knowingly. “Where is the mother?”

“Dead,” Page said quietly.

“What was her name?”


Jordan looked surprised. So did Page. Page looked to Jordan as if she was awaiting her approval to answer. Jordan gave her the ‘yes’ nod. Page answered: “We are not certain because she died punished, so they closed out all record.”

Dmitri looked stunned. “That must have been a big crime. What did she do?”

“Well,” Page said, almost afraid, “She had a baby by a Viaxin and she was Niatate, she had Jayden this way.”

Dmitri looked to Jayden. “This is why I think of you as different. This is why I see you. Your face could fool a man who wasn’t paying attention to your scent. Usually white Viaxins never have golden blond hair, nor eyes like yours.”

Jayden noticed a beautiful woman staring at her. The woman was tall with thin, long hair. Hispanic, definitely Niatate judging by her good looks, Jayden thought to herself. Her hair was brown, but sparkly and full.

“I think one of your admirers is wondering why you’re over here,” Jayden said slyly.

Dmitri didn’t even turn to look. “That’s Jade.”

“She thinks she is going to belong to me.”

“Oh, and will you marry her?” Jordan asked.

“It smells like a good idea,” Dmitri said with a smirk. “I mean Jade’s scent is like no other, but I got to give it to you, Jayden. Your face is so unique. It’s weird, but in a good way. You actually look mixed but I like the combination on you. Let me go calm Jade. I shall return. I want to talk to you,” he said, his eyes focused on Jayden.

Just like that, he and Jade both were gone. Jordan grabbed Jayden and flew off with her. When Jayden looked around, they were on the ruff of the club.

“He can bed you, and he is a smooth one. He is a man who rarely has to lust women for too long. So I know, like me, when he does chase, it’s like a drug, a game to him. But pay attention. He can never marry you, nor impregnate you. A woman always gets punished harder for these things. Your mom was Niatate and was killed for getting pregnant with you, and not killing you. Had she of slain you, they would spare her life, but if that man was to impregnate you, they would not punish him. They would punish you and make you choose. So, if and when he mates with you, use protection no matter what.”

“Why do you assume I would even mate with him?”

“You have no choice. You can’t say no to a Niatate for too long. Out of spite, he might kill you. Plus, you don’t know yet what lust feels like in your vampire body. You’re used to your human feelings. Oh, you will say yes when that good looking vamp tries to get in between your legs.”

Jayden thought to herself that Jordan’s personality had changed. When Jayden was human Jordan was bubbly and friendly, she was so sympathetic. Now she seemed direct, aggressive and highly uncompassionate. Jayden was not sure she liked the real Jordan.

“I would never bed a man who can’t ever take me seriously. I didn’t do that before. I was, well before the change.” Jayden said.

“We’ll listen to me good, don’t say no and, ah, don’t fall in love with him.”

“What makes you think he wants me? He said he never really beds our kind.

He said you never see him with a Viaxin.”

“Sweetie, he was lusting for you. I can tell. No vampire is as cruel with a woman’s heart as the Niatate. They are players and lovers and they run through women. They are least loyal of all vampire kinds. I must say this again although you heard it many times already, Niatate do cruel things simply out of spite.


It is in their nature to cheat and even if they fall in love, they still do what they want. They just become jealous and the woman has to live like his pet. I would never withstand that, just to be with a Niatate and all you can be is his mistress. Know that. You can’t even get the title, as if that means anything to them. They marry just to say their married. Nothing is real with them, there is no loyalty.”

“Well, I’m not interested in him,” Jayden said as a matter of a fact. Out of the nowhere, Page appeared.

“Well, why does your heart beat faster when he is around?” Page said with a knowing grin.


“I do not know. I mean, he is a cutie, I guess.

Any girl’s heart is going to beat faster over him.” Marlo is going to begin teaching you how to control your gifts tomorrow. Page will continue teaching you the history and laws and soon you will be ready for me to teach you,” Jordan said.

“Teach me what?” Jayden asked Jordan curiously.

“What I have to teach you must come after you learn what you need from them first.” Abruptly, Jordan was gone. She never said goodbye, anymore. She just flew off. When she was done, it seemed all vampires did that.









© 2012 shareeg

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