Chapter 1: A Dream, Just A Dream

Chapter 1: A Dream, Just A Dream

A Chapter by Aurora Silverheart

     Mane tossing, nostrils flaring, and an untameable fire in his soulful eyes. The beautiful red stallion blazed through the plains. Like wildfire. I stared breathless at the horse whose beauty was in his wildness and freedom. Wild, like the mustangs of endless plains. Free, like the birds in the sky. Fire, like an uncontrolled wildfire. Wildfire...

     "Alexa! Wake up!" Mom's waking up call jolted me away from my dream... and the horse. It was the first thing I hear on schooldays.

     "Hurry up, Alexa! The bus will be here in fifteen minutes!"

     "Comiiinnng!" I shout back. Rushing around my cluttered room, I quickly collect some clothes and pulled them on, a white tee, a pair of faded jeans, and my favorite pair of blue socks.

     But Mom's shouting wasn't the real reason I hurried; it was the delicious smell drifting from the kitchen. Blueberry pancakes!

     I closed the door quietly behind me and run down the stairs, taking two at a time. You haven't lived until you tried my mom's pancakes. My progress towards the irresistable smell was cut short by the silver-gray kitten that paused to rub her face against my pant leg.

     "Hey there, Misty! You're the cutest kitten in the world..." I continued to baby talk to the small kitten as I carried her to the kitchen with me.

     "Meow," was all she said to the string of incoherent baby talk. She closed her baby blue eyes and gave a purr of affection.

     By that time, the smell of yummy pancakes intensified. Did i mention that my mom makes the best blueberry pancakes EVER?

     "Morning, Mom." I deposited Misty in her cat bed and walked over to my mom.

     "Good morning, Alexa. Did you sleep well?" Mom asked, looking up from her cooking and flashed me a dazzling smile. Did I also mention that my mom works as a super model? Yeah, I know what you're thinking, the oh-so-glamourous people who pose for cameras and such. But she's just a normal person, gifted with good looks. 

     "Yeah..." I said to answer her question. And smiled inwardly. She had no idea how well I had slept.

     I really wished that I had my mom's looks, instead I have tawny colored hair, a rather elfish face with a smattering of freckles. The only thing I had inherited from my mom was her viridian green eyes. 'Eyes like jewels', some people said. 'Like spring leaves,' others said.

     My mind was distracted from looks by the huge, syrupy, stack of pancakes in front of me.

     "Eat as much as you can before the bus gets here. You did get your stuff ready yesterday, right?"

     "Yup." I took a bite of the leaning tower of pancakes. Mm... delicious! Mom had gotten them the perfect golden brown color that I loved. I took some more bites, savoring the sweetness.

     My happiness was short lived, however. A certain obnoxious honk made by a long yellow vehicle was the reason. My bus was here.

     I quickly wolfed down the rest of the pancakes and dashed out the door, grabbing my backpack. I called a hasty "bye, mom!" over my shoulder as I left.

     I boarded the b-u-s and slid into the seat with my best friend, Tracey.

     "Hi, Alexa!" My bf greeted. I noted how her jet black hair was still damp from the shower.

     "Hey, Trace!," I replied. I paused, I could tell something wasn't right. "What's up? Something botherin' you?"

     She sighed. "My little bro, Sammy, has a school activity the same day as our Horse Show so my parents can't come to it," Tracey explained.

     Our local stable, Sunny Fields Stables, was hosting the annual Horse Show. It was supposed to show how great horses are to Tracey's parents so that they might buy her a horse some day. But now it looked hopeless.

     I pulled out a decorated envelope and handed it to Tracey. "Here," I said. "It's my birthday invitation for this Saturday. It's kinda on short notice, though," I said, trying to take my friend's mind off the Horse Show on Thursday.

     It did the trick. "Thanks!" Tracey brightened up. "I think I'll be able to make it." Just then, the bus pulled into the school bus loop. Everyone piled off, sweeping Tracey and I along.

     We were just about to go in when the door was blocked by a familiar person. And I mean familiar as in a bad way. It was Juliet. One of the 'popular kids' in school. Now, I know you're thinking about Shakespear and the Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. You just have to give Juliet a blonde wig and the latest designer clothes. Oh yeah, and make her 100% meaner. There you have our school's Juliet.

     "What do you want now? We're in a hurry in case you haven't noticed." I didn't have time for this! The bell was about to ring in five minutes!

     "Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. We just wanted to talk to you." She tossed her blonde tresses over her shoulder and smiled at her two friends: Veronica and Stephanie.

     "I heard you were going to the Horse Show, this Thursday," she smirked. Juliet, Veronica, and Stephanie were also students at the Stables. I regret to say that they aren't bad riders. Stephanie snickered.

     "Well, I'm surprised that they even signed up for it, the way they ride," Veronica chortled to her friends.

     "Leave us alone," Tracey muttered, glaring at the three girls. Juliet glanced around just in time to see our teacher coming towards us.

     "C'mon, let's go," Juliet said, slinking off with her two friends in tow. We left too, not wanting our teacher's attention. I pulled Tracey towards our lockers.

     "That was so mean!" Tracey complained.

     "Tell me about it." I rolled my eyes.

     We quickly dropped off our stuff at our lockers and hurried to first period.



© 2010 Aurora Silverheart

Author's Note

Aurora Silverheart
This is an idea I came up with. I hope you liked it!

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