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It is about love....Pet love. If you have a pet it will help you



                 I had a passion for pets in my adolescence. There after I know not where this passion has disappeared. I like cats and dogs very well. But I am not that crazy to have one near me always. I wonder how patient these pet lovers should be!!! As long as a pet lover is not rodeo or an animal psychologist, it is not easy to maintain a love for a pet. In this hurry world, where, time is one of the main criteria that governs choices, where is time for a pet? When both parents are working they can hardly spare any quality time even for their children let not pets.

                        Still, many keep pets out of insecurity. They think that their fear of being attacked or robbed by outsiders will be abated by hanging a board at the gate “BEWARES OF DOGS”. But the fact is, nowadays, it seems, a dog’s instinct to take care of his master and his family is dwindling. Many dogs in the kennels of so called high families look at the stranger stupidly who enter into the courtyard of his master’s territory. My neighbor, business tycoon’s bull dog is the loveliest and the most docile creature in our precinct. He eats and sleeps and perhaps dreams about a b***h that come to my neighbor’s gate every evening to see her lover locked up in a luxurious mansion denied even the right to fall in love with its own kind. That’s all. He barks only when he is hungry says the lady

                        Lackey feeds master’s dogs, with fresh meat, fish, milk and biscuits at regular intervals. And master expects the dog to threaten the strangers with its thunderous barks.

                       Dogs used to do so in former days without fail as if by instinct. But I feel, there was an invisible thread of concern and love between master and the dog which gave the dog a feeling that he is a member of that family. Nowadays if we closely observe dogs in the kennels of bungalows, we can see that they are not in any sense superior to their ilks in the zoo. They might be barking when they sniff something odd in their environment. But that barking comes out of their insecurity as an animal. Not out of concern for the security of their masters.

                     Yet some keep several breeds of pets from species sundry, inside their home. These pets are allowed to have access to almost all activities going on inside the house from watching TV to defecating in European lavatory at a stipulated time preferably in the morning. I feel persons who fond of presence of a pet in their everyday life is those who have a strong need to pamper something alive in their day to day life. Such people derive a bliss and contentment similar to the one get while fondling an infant. Both infant and pet receive love in and they can not give it back. When an acceptor of love and concern is not in a state to give back, the giver will have a special enthusiasm in the act of giving.

              Or in my opinion, pet lovers are morbid haters of possible silence or loneliness in their life. They keep the pet in order to ward off dreadful silence. Or they deepen their company with their pets to compensate the loss of a loved one. What these people needed is a feeling of being needed by somebody or something. It is one of the psychological needs of human beings-to be in need. It gives him a feeling of worth with respect to his existence as a human being. Thus we can see that there are some existential elements in the love for a pet


                         But it is really a pity to see this love often seem to intimidate human love, when so many people across the world spend exorbitant sum to keep their pets. They ensure royal life of their pets ignoring the many destitute lives living in endless affliction around them. And there are many organizations to exploit the craze of these pet lovers by conducting pet show and other competitions for pets. In this, masters flaunt their pets and derive satisfaction that is ephemeral and transient when life span of their pet is compared to their own.


                 Pet love seems very much sleaze and awkward when I read about the news that one out of twenty who approach counselors for the solution of their depression problems have the demise of their pet as the event which triggered their afflictions. How superficial and cursory is our insight into the life and its meaning. Why should love of pets narrow down our love for the facts of life?

             Anyway pets have a mind. It is really curious and loving to live a life sharing our space with them.They are devoid of almost all frailties that we human beings carry along; like ego, jealousy, hatred, competition etc. They have only one language, language of acceptance of the milieu in which they are destined to live in. They have only one mind that is always predictable and in tandem with their instinct. They have only one voice that come out without any sort of articulation, right from their entity it jumps out bow bow bow…mew meeow meeeeeeow. May be, it is because of these qualities that human beings to stick to their passion for animal love. If desire to be too close to some animal helps him to transcend the animal in himself, let him be.

© 2010 JENY

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