Trust Falls Short

Trust Falls Short

A Chapter by TopHatGirl

Chapter 4.

     "How am I supposed to pretend,
     I never want to see you again?"-Vampire Weekend.



The shadow from my nightmares is standing in my room. I can finally see his face, since reality is in color. He looks my age, maybe a year older. He is surprisingly handsome, which is odd, because he is from my
nightmares. He has soft brown hair and so brown of eyes that they're almost black.He's wearing a long, leather black cloak, and gloves, and I wonder why, because it's quite warm outside.  His gorgeous lips are pulled in a smirk, which makes me wonder,
      "Who are you?" I ask, and his smirk gets bigger. He offers a hand, but I don't shake it. He tsks.
      "Hasn't this school taught you manners?" He asks, and his voice is syrupy sweet, like he's speaking to a child. I fume.
      "I guess they didn't have How To Talk With Horrendous Beasts 101." I retort, and he laughs.
      "That's what she wants you to believe," he says, and I wonder who 'she' is. "My name is Leo."
      "Do you have a last name?" I ask. He shakes his head.
      "I don't know. My parents died when I was very young, and nobody knew my name." he explains.
      "How do you know your first name is Leo then?" I ask.
      "I don't. I just picked that name." he says, and I don't ask about it anymore.
      "Why are you here?" I ask. He opens his mouth, then shuts it.
      "I can explain it, but your friend Maddie will be back at any moment."
      "Just come with me, I'll explain everything. Just grab my arm." he says, and I hesitate.
      "How can I trust you?" I ask accusingly. The doorknob jiggles.
      "Aurora! The door is locked and I forgot my key!" Maddie's voice carries from behind the door. Panic spreads across Leo's face.
      "She can't see me, just, please grab onto my arm. I won't hurt you, I promise." He whispers. I almost make a show about considering it, then jumping toward the door handle, just to tease him, but his face scares the s**t out of me. How can he be so scared? I sigh, and grab his arm. He reaches into his pocket and grabs what appears to be a pocket watch. I watch as he presses a button on the side of it, and we are whisked out of the dorm room, into a portal.


  We land with a thud.
  "Ow..." I groan, and rub my behind. Leo is on his feet, obviously used to these kind of landings. I look at our surroundings. We're on the grass to the side of a tall stone building. It looks like the place from my nightmares, but in color. Nobody is around.
  "Where are we?" I ask.
  "Welcome to the queendom of Zenith."

© 2010 TopHatGirl

Author's Note

Enjoy! I finally put upthe next chapter!

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Oooh! Very interesting, although I was hoping to see a few more horrendous memories... tee heehee.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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