#3 Tracy's Reunion

#3 Tracy's Reunion

A Chapter by tynamite

Sheridon tries to figure out why Tracy is ignoring him.

1:30 PM
So how did Tracy's reunion begin?

The moment she had waited for started with futile conversation. Once inside Debra's room, they noticed several memos from the friend. One memo from the fax machine insisted they leave work at 4pm. Another memo asked what multidirrending meant. Another memo told them that she had stolen Debra's stapler and plastic wallets.. Another memo told them to get started on reading paperwork to look for anything she's missed. Another memo told them to interface with the customers in the bar, serving drinks to them, and that to pick drinks to serve with confidence whilst collecting customer feedback.

"So what does multidirrending mean?" asked Tracy making conversation.
"Oh it doesn't mean anything. It's just a word I made up to get myself out of trouble. It means multiple diverse errand facility doing. I just combined all the words together” Terry explained.
"I couldn't fit the word facility in so quick so I should have instead said multidiverlitting. Multiple diverse errand doing. For example, I've been multidiverlitting with all the girls in my class." he explained. "Doing and providing multiple facilities for a diverse group."
"And I've been multidiverlitting with your mother's alcohol stash."
"That's right, my Mum does have a really big alcohol stash” Sheridon added.
"I've been multidiverlitting with your Mum's family."
"And I've been- multidiverlitting your wardrobe for the fat chavs."
"I've been multidiverlitting your stinky house for the potential second hand smokers."
"And I've been multidiverlitting your glasses as when you wear them you look like an alien."

The chat had to be interrupted as the stranger burst in open the door with Stefan. He was happier more than ever and he had two tribal streaks on both his cheeks, made of chocolate.

11:00 AM
Kerry and Tracy were inside Debra’s room and they were occupying themselves with dealing with calls. Kerry liked to know the sort of calls her mother would get.
"Let me do one" said Kerry picking up the phone as it rang. She put on her best secretary voice. "Hello Clexacubicle. Kerry speaking."
"Can you redirect me to reception?"
"Okay." she did. "That was your fault" she said pushing him "You get all the good ones."
"Too bad. We have to go to Tracy now."
"In a minute. Once I answer a good call, I will."

* * *

Later on, there was another call. "I would like to make a complaint about Debra. Is this the complaints department?"
"Yes it is."
"Well last week, when I was in the ClexaCubicle, I'd just come back from my day as a visitor. See I was visiting my family, hence my purpose of needing a hotel, to visit family. Visit my parents. I couldn't help but notice how the cleaners clean throughout the clock. Day and night. Always blocking up the corridors. This was not a problem, as everyday for two weeks, my duvets were always creaseless. They always ironed out the creases. Not that I didn't make my bed, because I always, make my bed and my room spick and span. However this one day I went to my hotel room to see that my my mints and biscuits and teas were taken. So I saw Debra, made a complaint. And she told me that I'd already eaten my guideline daily amount. How rude!"
"I'll forward your complaint to the manager."
"Goodbye." Kerry put the phone down and sighed.

* * *
"This is boring let's go” Sheridon said. They did. They went to find the others.

11:30 AM

"I'm one hour late" Sheridon said, "Tracy's going to think that I enjoyed her absence."
"Tell me about it." They opened the door. Behind the door was Tracy and Terry.
"Finally. Now you can help us." Tracy said with no positivity.
"Where's Stefan?" asked Kerry.
"He got stolen. When we finish we can have him back" Tracy replied.

The seat by Tracy got occupied by Sheridon. The seat by Sheridon got occupied by Kerry. The seat by Kerry was empty. The insertion of folded papers into A5 envelopes was done by Sheridon. The licking of envelopes shut, was done by Kerry. The speech was nonexistent. Pirate radion filled the room. Sheridon liked to feel valued by others.

Sheridon liked the idea of feeling happier now the phone situation was out of his mind, but in a weird way he wasn't. He knew this situation of peace would not last forever, and him sitting next to Tracy peacefully. He liked her company, but not her behaviour. He was not happy, but he was grateful to have someone being  concerned about his whereabouts. He also wanted, and did not want her, to open her mouth.

Sheridon answered the phone and told the friend that they all were busy doing work, hence the reason why they couldn't reply to any faxes. The call terminated on the 40th second of the call.


Fifteen minutes of adverts begun. In this time Sheridon tried to make conversation. His phone rang after he said "you did not".
"I sent you a fax ten minutes ago, and you haven't replied. Why is that?" It was Debra’s friend on the phone.
"Because I was multidirrending"
"What does that mean?"
"It means facilitating, as in providing facilities-"
"I know what facilities means" interrupted the friend
"As you know facilities means, you should perhaps know what multidirrending means."
"Excuse me?"
"Multidirrending is when you- It means facilitating as in providing facilities but providing errands in conjunction for the people who the facilities were designated for. On top of that, the third thing is that it also means to diversify and converse with other workers or staff or residents in the process."
"So why did you call?"
"To tell you to reply to the memo. And maybe do any more memos I send you, once you've done with your multi-dirrending."
"Okay bye."
"Bye." Sheridon put the phone down, so he could now speak to Kerry if he wanted to now.
"You are so condascending" spoke Kerry.
"Tell me about it" he replied. All but one in the room could understand what Sheridon's special word meant. Do you? Who do you think couldn't understand?

"Tracy, I'll pay you £100 if you tell me what multidirrending means." Tracy ignored him. "One hun-dred pou-nds." he slurred. Tracy looked at him cold and robotic like. If he couldn't see, he would have thought that he was transparent. Each time Sheridon spoke, his voice incremented in pitch. "Tracy. Tracy. Tracy. Tracy. Tracy. Tracy!" he poked her arm twice. "Tracy. Tracy." The twin's anticipation and smile level, increased simultaneously at the same rate.

Papers she was folding fell onto the floor. She continued folding the rest. Sheridon slowly put his hand out to grab the rest. Sheridon slowly put his hand out to grab Tracy's glasses off her face and wear them himself. The twins laughed. He then became a lovers man reading a poem to her.
"Roses are red. --- Violets are blue. --- You're the best thing I've never said. NOW JUST ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION WON'T YOU!"
There was no response. The twins laughed and simulatenously chanted Tracy with Sheridon joining in. Out of sheer boredom, Sheridon decided to tap a beat with a nearby highlighter and his hand on the table. The twins got up and started dancing to the music that was being played on the pirate radio station. If the other two couldn't recognise faces, and didn't know any better, they would have thought the routine was choreographed. Tracy stopped doing her work. Shortly after, Sheridon joined in. It was weird him using his peripheral vision to copy someone one foot behind themself. So the dance changed to having two backing dancers to a 1990s style R&B music video to instead being three French tectonic dancers.

When the song ended, everyone was seated. Sheridon was trying to figure out why she was ignoring him. Was it because he was late? Surely she could understand that he had important secret business for Debra to take care of, couldn't she? This question puzzled his mind. There was something different about him unlike the twins when they got back to work. He had the satisfaction of presence, Tracy being by his side; but not the satisfaction of consummation, interacting with the girl he wished hadn't turned up, but who wished she had.

Sheridon wrote "Turn your phone on silent, and pick it up, then hold it under the table so I can spy on Tracy to see why she ain't speaking to me. Ask her why she's ignoring me." He was planning on secretly giving it to Kerry once the conversation became dry. Kerry was waiting for the chance for her turn in the twin slating stakes.

"We're nearly done" announced Kerry, her tongue all dry and furry from the licking of all the envelopes. She was going to finish her licking first. Terry and Tracy both changed each others opinion of each other. In all the years they've known each other, they were never a part of each other's lives. They both doubted very much that they would go home having learnt a thing about each other.

* * *

Sheridon was outside eavesdropping. As his twin sisters sound the same, he hadn’t a clue, who was saying what.
"Whatever he's done to make you quiet. It certainly worked.
"He doesn't remember what it is." said Tracy.
"If you'd have known you would be quiet all day, would you have come here today?"
"No. I think he doesn't like me being quiet."
"It was the last thing he said to me."
"What was that?"
"He said if so, I hope you stay silent until this day finishes."
"He didn't mean that."
"Yes he did. He hated it when I turned up and he hated it even worse when I spoke."
"How could that be? He didn't want to get rid of you."
"If he wanted to be rid of you, he wouldn't have sat by you."
"He doesn't care where he sits. As long as you keep your chit chat to a minimum." replied Terry.
"Do what you have to do to enjoy yourself" said Kerry, "I don't even care any more about your trivial persuits."
Sheridon put the phone down and Sheridon walked in the room straight away and then Terry put the phone in her pocket.

"Do you know it's lunchtime?" queried Sheridon.
"No" replied the twins.
"You've got forty-five minutes. It's twelve fifteen."
"If you finished your multidirrending, you would have known from a memo." added Tracy.
"Very funny Tracy" replied Sheridon.
"I've only got fifteen folds to do, but stuff it. I'll do it after lunch." added Kerry.
"And I'm not buying anyone food this time" he stood authoritatively, "so if ya poor, you can go out and buy chips." Sheridon winked at Tracy to annoy her, and she did not respond.

They turned the radio off and left. Tracy took one look behind her at the remaining work, and then walked off following Kerry outside. The only work that she had left was the work that was on the floor. Sheridon did not dare enter Debra's room though he wanted to again after the day he's just had doing memos.

Tracy didn't bring any money with her, she had brought a packed lunch. It seemed like a good idea at the time and to her it still seemed like a good idea now. She preferred having a packed lunch she packed herself than to go outside and buy chips. Her meal was more original.

The group separated once again, only this time, it was unnecessary . Tracy and Terry walked outside in the fresh sunlight and warm weather to eat, Kerry and Sheridon brought their food outside as well, as the café was shut. Only this time, they they had brought fish and chips from the nearby chip shop. They both had a mini portion.

Due to the diversion they made, Sheridon did not see Tracy on the way out. He thought about her silence, and how she enjoyed having him question his offences. What had he said or done to her last in order for her to keep her mouth shut? He was even wearing her glasses and she didn't seem to mind. He wondered if he could get away with wearing her handbag. He wondered what he would look like if he dressed like a trendy hippie or bohemian (both are the same thing) to exhibit the lifestyle of "free love". He wondered if the clothes she wore glowed in the dark. He was not sure if he wanted her to speak again. The last time she did, he was infuriated by it.

"There are only four hours and thirty-five minutes of the day left" said Tracy sitting on a wall with Terry eating her packed lunch in fresh air.
"Yes. Kerry's right, do whatever you have to do to make you happy. If you want to leave this place not saying a word to Sheridon, go ahread."
"I will when he remembers saying If you do, I hope you stay quiet for the rest of the day."
"I have a feeling that he will remember."
"Yes. He doesn't like people to hold, gru- grudges, against him, if that's the word."
Talking about Kerry and Sheridon was not the best way for Tracy to get to know Terry. But Tracy did not mind.
"I wonder what he's talking about. He might be talking about why I'm quiet” Tracy said.
"So why are you here anyways?" asked Terry to Tracy.
"Debra told me to come as she knew that Sheridon would be here."
"Debra told you to come?" asked Terry shocked.
"There's no need to get shocked. Maybe she thinks I'm good for him."
"Maybe Debra sent us here with a secret mission that you're not supposed to know about and left him in charge of it so you wasn't meant to turn up here today."
"Maybe. Maybe he's just hard to please."
"Maybe he is" lied Terry knowing that he wasn't.

Sheridon and Kerry were continuing their lunchtime being sat on a bench eating their food.
Sheridon started to speak, "Working a nine to five job really knows how to test your patience."
"Once the time becomes one, the toll of work will start crunching upon our minds” replied Kerry.
"Yes. At least we got to hide the evidence without Tracy finding out."
"Yes. I was expecting her not to give you a chance. I was also expecting her not to leave you alone."
"I'm glad she did. It's nice not to be inconvenienced by her appearances. Today of all days."
"How did she know I was going to be here?" asked Sheridon
"What do you mean?" Kerry wondered.
"Who told her her to meet me in the morning as we walked to Debra's workplace? How did she know we was going to be there?". Kerry shrugged her face with no clue.
"If I had known that she would keep her mouth shut for the rest of the day, I wouldn't have been so annoyed when she turned up.
"Who would have known? In a way, I kind of want her to speak so you can be annoyed with her, only joking." Sheridon added.
"I never thought I would be talking about Tracy in such a positive way."
"Skeen. When she does talk, all she does is embarrass herself."
"Why doesn't she just go home, where she belongs?"
"You know say! For a minute there I thought you wanted her to speak."
"About! You would have to be blind!"
"Tracy's fashion sense has spawned an adequate son unlike its flawed creator. Those glasses look better on you."
"Everything Tracy wears looks better when she's not wearing it."
"You know every second you silence her, a little piece of her dies inside?"
"No I didn't. So I suppose I have to let her reclaim her voice back to spare her feelings."

Moving the focus from Sheridon and Kerry for a moment, Tracy and Terry continued their lunch time sat on a brick wall enjoying life.
"This is a great day."
Tracy disagreed. "There's nothing great about doing work."
"This time is just flying. I don't know where it goes. One thing I do know is that once work is done, I'll be able to ask about her habit of stealing free gifts."
"Don't tell her that. Everything I tell you about her has to be a secret."
"Why?" she said eating a sandwich.
"So she can tell me secrets to me, so I can tell you them"
"So what do you do?"
"What do you mean?"
"What good things do you do unlike your evil twin."
"I do, a bit of gardening for your next door neighbour."
"That's good because I've never seen you outside my house before."
There was a bit of silence. After finishing her sandwich, she ate baked crisps, a yoghurt, then some almond cookies. Her large bangles on her wrist did get in the way when she lifted up the prune juice.

Terry however, ate chips with salt and vinegar. She had a wooden fork and was eating her chips out of a newspaper cone using newspaper she found on a bench. The portion was a small size. It was nice to watch the various cars go past. It was nice to watch the bus go past. They both shared the experience. Passers by noticed the two and thought they were friends. Tracy had a miniature lunchbox on her lap and Terry had chips. Several people walked past and thought "I could never get friends like that." Other people were wondering what they were doing. After eating pizza, Kerry and Sheridon moved from their bench and met the others. Sheridon looked in the bin, and saw the standard crispy thin paper, which lay in the bin, as well as the newspaper. That must be Tracy’s, he thought.

"Hello Terry. Hello Tracy."
"Hello everyone."
"You know when I said to stay quiet for the rest of the day?" Tracy looked at him attentively. "I meant it." Tracy stood up from the wall she was sat on. "I didn't mean it."
"He seriously didn't" added Kerry.
Tracy sat back down and spoke with such enthusiasm. "There's so much that's happened to me in two weeks. The stood up people sat so they could listen to whatever it was that she wanted to say. The passers by who would think "I wish I had friends like that" must of as well thought "How did they become friends?" if they were to pass again.

"I'm making a video for drama, to prevent teenagers from having teenage pregnancies." Sheridon thought about teenagers having adult pregnancies. "Me and my friends are in it. It's  much very like a limescale advert where the person talks over the advert."
"You mean a bleach advert with a voiceover?" asked Sheridon.
"The ones where they ask if your toilet looks clean but has hidden limescale and then they show this ultraviolet image and show you the limescale left behind?"
"Does the voiceover ask about life but still say you've got children to take care of?"
"It asks from the parent's view, if they want a second mouth to feed, and teachers if they want another school dropout. Stuff like that."
"Sounds interesting."
"It is It's more like a washing machine breaking down to limescale than a toilet as those limescale adverts are fake. A washing machine advert can't ever never ever ever be faked.

The four were 10 minutes late. They decided to enter Debra's room and found it just how they left it.

The twins were having a good time now they had each other's company and the other two's entertainment value. They thought about all the good things that happened today, along with the boring.

Tracy took one of her almond cookies as she was in a good mood. She was in a better mood as Stefan walked through the door with the stranger saying "I thought you would be here. Thanks alot for doing my work, even if you did miss out 32". Nobody replied. The stranger left the door shut.

"Oh I know" bubbled Tracy. "Multidirrending is multiple diverse doing in giving a homeless and hostel charity and multidiverlitting is volunteering for that charity, so you as well provide facilities for them."
"That's right" agreed Sheridon. "Multidiverlitting is mutliple diverse facility doing but multidirrending has the word errand in it."
The four people thought for a minute.
"It's nice that you can agree on something." said Kerry.

© 2018 tynamite

Author's Note

NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS CHAPTER, so if you enjoyed it, please comment on about it and explain what you liked.

No hooks have been developed here apart from you learning that Kerry is allegedly accused of having wild behaviour whilst drunk. This chapter took 4 hours to write.

Hooks are things that you learn in a story like characters, objects, places or relationships that novelists use that they can refer back to in later chapters. An example of a hook Debra's handbag and the hotel handbook. Another example is that Tracy likes Sheridon.

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I enjoyed this chapter. I loved the two new words you created. It was nice to enjoy the office setting and the outdoor lunch. I like the dialogue of them answering the phone calls too. Very Interesting. Will be nice to see where this is headding.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I thought this was interesting because it had a lot of filler from the last chapter. Sheridon is really a jerk at times. I can understand why Tracy would stop talking to him. It was good. I liked the dialouge. It flowed really well. Thanks for sharing. :)

Posted 13 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

He may be a jerk, but all the girls like him and Tracy is still obsessed with him.

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