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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by unluckeys

They made it to their destination with little conflict, we meet the family.. and we learn the bad history of our character, Liam. We also question ourselves on what is right and wrong multiple times!


Damien walked into the gas station, his head filled with dangerous thoughts. He got a picture of Liam’s car at this very gas station. He was following the right direction, he knew it. He followed the images he received whenever a camera spotted the car. It had its advantages having friends in large positions. He was gaining speed on them, this report given only a little over 5 hours ago.

He hardly stopped driving. His blood was so full of adrenalin that he didn’t realize how tired he really was. He got a can of energy drink, a hotdog, and a bag of chips, something to eat on the way. He was practically running through the gas station, not wanting to get further behind. Damien paid for the snacks and the gas before he drove off with intensified visions. He gained 7 hours on them, he knew that. If he kept speeding, If he kept going, nothing would stop him from catching them at a vulnerable time. He wanted to stop them before the final destination. His mind was filled with anger, hardly allowing the deteriorating state of his body to be recognized.

Liam, on the other hand, was making often stops. About every two hours he would request to stop, stretch his legs, go to the bathroom, get food. This was really ticking off Carter. He was a patient man, he really was, but when it came to this childish thing Liam was doing it was annoying him, close to the breaking point. He wanted to get there as quickly as possible. He knew Liam was trying to stall them, trying to allow the storm to catch up. Carter felt slightly more confident knowing he didn't contact Damien until they were a day ahead of driving.

Carter decided to play the same game as Liam. When that two hour mark came, and Liam would request a stop, Carter would tell him they would go to the next one. Except, when they passed it, he would answer with a “whoops, I missed the exit” or a “that place looks scary, I’d rather not stop” until Carter felt it was okay to stop. They didn’t talk much on the ride there, it was rather a quiet ride.

Carter was respecting Liam’s wishes of silence, yet he did want to talk. The air around them was tense with nerves, tense with the feelings that both men were penting up. Liam was waiting for Carter to make the first move and talk to him. But it never happened. They sat in silence all the way to their destination, almost 2,000 miles away.

The car made a delicate stop in front of a red barn, having followed a dirt road for a rather lengthy time. The air smelled of hay and animals, of nature at some of its purest form. Liam got out cautiously, looking up and admiring how clear and blue the sky was. Liam always has lived in the city, he almost never left. A gently breeze caressed his skin, Liam was at total peace. He never experienced something just so.. Refreshing. Carter hardly stepped foot out of the car when a familiar bellow filled his ears.        

“Carter, you sonofabitch come here!” A tall, thin man called, running over and giving his younger brother a large bear hug. Carter was surprised and excited to see him again, though this man was bigger than him and easily changed the hug into a headlock.

“Ethan. Ethan! we have a guest, calm yourself!” Carter heard the southern twang he grew up with return to his voice once again. This was a more natural tone to Carter, not dialect he picked up from the City. He was released from the ordorous arm of Ethan, looking up to see his mother and father standing on the front porch of the marvelous blue country house.

“Hey Mama, Dad..” Carter said quietly, walking over to Liams side and gently guiding him away from the other side of the car. Liam was at such inner peace with the nature that surrounded him, he hardly noticed what took place between the brothers. His entire mind was slowed down. “This is Liam.... I’ll explain a bit more once we get inside, I don’t want him to get his death of cold out here.” Carter ushered him inside were his parents moved to the living room. His father was sitting in his plush arm chair, taking his place as the man of the household. His mother stood next to him, ready to get whatever her husband commanded. The paternity that Carter was raise in, yet revolted largely.

Liam was in awe of the beautiful character of the house. He had only seen things like this in the few movies he’d seen, or in musems that Damien use to take him too. Those were much better times, for his life, for their relationship, for everything.

He was only brought back to reality, yet again, when the strong burly man before him cleared his throat.

“Carter, we weren’t expectin’ you back no time soon. And with guests. Why ain’t you call or nothin’?” He asked, placing the same pipe he has used since he was just a young man against his lips, lighting up what tobacco was already placed inside by his beloved wife.

“I know, it’s rude of me but I wasn’t expecting to get here so quick as we did.. Um... This is Liam...” Carter started with a shaky voice. He wasn’t sure how far he could go without explaining too much, and make Liam feel uncomfortable. He didn't know the limits he could tell. He didn’t know how his parents would react. He didn’t know what to say next. His voice stuck in his throat.

Liam watched as this man, who he feared for the entire 32 hour drive, almost fall apart under his parents scolding view. He hated seeing him like this, he looked so weak and uncomfortable. The silence was lingering uncomfortably as his parents were waiting for the explanation. Carter looked up into Liams eyes for help, begging silently.

“I...I needed to get away....To some place safe...cause..... M-my boyfriend.. Had done this to me..” Liam said with a shaking voice. He had to get use to saying it. Damien did this to him, he could no longer lie nor defend that man, as much as he wanted to. The love of his life had hit him around so much, that a majority of his body was covered with bruises. Including the new ones apparent to everyone who sees them.

Carter’s mom gasped and set down the cup of tea she was pouring for her husband. Her husband put the pipe down, standing up to move closer to Liam. He was a tall, strong man, it made Liam feel miniscule beneath his glance.

“This boy of yours, how long he been doing this?” Even though he had a strong country accent, his voice came out very comfortingly. Liam felt as if his large appearance and dominance over the household wasn't related to his personality. He did seem quite nice

“For...4 years... He’s dangerous, C-Carter...risked his life to get me away.... I-I know if I tried to leave, he’d...he’d find me and... And would h-h...hurt me, or worse... b-but Carter decided to help me..” Liam’s voice was shaking from his nerves. Though he felt the dangerous part was a lie, he knew somewhere deep down that it was not. Damien was very dangerous. He hurt him badly. He did unthinkable things to his mind and his body. He degraded him, abused him, raped him. Liam fought hard to keep this out of his mind, to focus only on this large man before him.

“You really did that Carter?” The edge within his voice that he previously talked to Carter in relaxed. He walked over and put a hand on his son’s shoulder. “You crazy boy, to make me proud. Ma, will you take our guest and fix him up? He looks a mess.” The father said, ushering Carter to a couch in which he sat close to him, asking him about his life. Carter was so relieved that Liam stood up for him when he couldn’t talk. Liam was a good guy, just like he thought. He had chosen the right thing, and this was the right place. His father was grinning with pride, asking his son about the very noble, dangerous thing he did to help a friend out. Carter was happy to share, though in the back of his head he felt like what he did could still be wrong..

Liam was taken to the kitchen by the woman who stood mostly silent. She had a very warm and sweet smile that took Liam back to the time where he was welcomed to his parents home. Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas mornings, Easter sunrise services... All of that halted after what he did to his parents.

Liam used to be hooked onto a few strong drugs. They made him do stupid things, that pushed his parents over the edge. They disowned him, refused to let him back in. They won’t even answer his phone calls or emails. His parents wanted nothing to do with him. He only had contact with his sister, being able to occasionally call on the holidays or during big events... Though never with his parents.

Liam admits that he was atrocious back then. Until he met Damien, he lived on the streets, whoring and selling anything he could to obtain that one substance he so desperately required. He would do the deed, to any man or woman who would pay for it. His next destination would be his dealer to get that moment of emporium. Until one man didn't let him go. That man was Damien.

Damien saved him from the gutters, where his final resting place would have been. The devotion he felt so strongly towards him came from Damien owning his life.

Is it that lives cannot be owned, only saved? If a man rescues a woman dangling from a building, does she owe him her life? Or just her gratitude? If a firefighter saves a baby girl the burning building- does he then own that baby? Is that the right thing to do? Liam felt that since his life was hardly worth anything before, the enrichment from Damien caused his life to be merely a possession, an item given only by the grace of that man

Which  Damien could take away at any moment.

“Now, Liam, my name is Ms. Ferguson. I’m going to help take the sting off of some of those bruises, but it might hurt a tad bit. If it hurts too bad, you tell me and I’ll change my plan.” Her smile and warmness touched the very depths of Liam’s heart. Liam nodded as antiseptics, numbing creams, bandages and ice was applied all over his face and exposed skin. “oh good god, child, you're really banged up... Well, you're safe now. Us Fergusons is good people.” Her sweet country twang brought a smile smile to Liams face. Until she asked him to open his shirt.

“I-I can’t...” Liam said with a shaky voice, his eyes wide with fear. No one could see his body but Damien, that was Damiens property. He had marked it permanently years ago, though the scars are still remaining. He couldn’t show her. She was a married woman with children,  yet Damien didn’t wouldn't allow her to see none the less. Everyone was challenging Damien for Liam, everyone. At least what is what he was lead to believe.

“Darling, I haveta. I needa see what is going on there.. It’s okay, I’m a mother of 5, all of them country folk. It won’t be nothin’ I haven' seen before.” Her warm smile and guiding hands gently helped Liam take off that button up shirt. His own hands were shaking far too much. Ms. Ferguson was shocked by what she saw. She went to work though her shock remained. She could make out every bone he had on his body. He was so thin, it was almost suprising he could move at all. But that wasn’t the worst part of it. When she was fixing up his back, she saw the scars that laid on his lower back. “Damein’s Property” was branded into this poor child’s back. Her frozen movement informed Liam that she saw them.

“I guess... This is a new one... Does it hurt?” She asked softly, knowing the severity of this situation was dire. That man wasn’t playing, she had to tell her husband that. If he went through the efforts to brand this into his back, she knew he would be searching for him.

“No ma’am.... It’s..old....” Liam said with short breaths, tears falling out of his eyes and onto his bruised and battered cheeks. Ms. Ferguson got a tissue to delicately wipe away his tears.

“Shhh, it’s okay baby, it’s okay... You in Mama’s care now sweetie, Ain’t no one gunna hurt you again.” She spoke with such concern, with such love that Liam broke down in her arms. He hated being so emotional like this, but he couldn’t control it. All of this bundled up inside, the only reliefe he ever had was when he showered... Because Damien couldn’t tell tears from waterdrops.

Carter walked into the kitchen, seeing this broken man in the arms of his mother. He saw the distinct words scarred onto his very boney back. He was angry, very angry. He didn’t know it was this bad, he was mad at Damien for doing it, he was mad at himself for not stopping it soon enough, he was mad at Liam for not reporting this sooner.

Carter had to leave the house and go outside to calm down. He was shaking from anger. He felt the presence behind him that he didn’t want at that time. Ethan took a seat next to him on the old porch. “That kid really is hurt, ain’t he? You did a good job, bro.” Ethan reached out, setting a hand comfortingly onto Carter’s back. Though Carter shook it off, though he appreciated the attempt. He was still mad, he didn’t want to be congratulated for being too late.

“Yeah, but I could have stopped it sooner.” He said, spitting onto the grass with disgust. His brother sat in silence, knowing no words would make him feel better. Ethan left his brother time to regain himself and rejoin the family. When Cater did, his mother was cooking and Liam was no where to be seen.

“Hey, ma, where did Liam go?” Carter asked, running a hand through his hair. He was already getting protective of this man. His mother turned to him, still stirring a bowl of batter for a cake she was baking.

“He’s up in the guest room, he wanted to get some rest.” His mother said as if it was an okay thing. Except it wasn’t. It wasn’t okay. Carter already knew Liam tried or did contact Damien back in the hotel. Alone with a phone in his room? That was a call for trouble. When he got there, he heard talking from inside his room. He stood silently at the door, listening closely in.

Liam has managed to escape the emotional bounds of this woman and escape to a room. Luckily for him, it had a phone. He needed that phone, he needed to call Damien. When he was left in peace and heard the footsteps move away, back down the hall to the kitchen, he took the phone out immediately. He called Damien with a heavy heart.

One ring was all Damien needed to answer the phone. The unknown number told him it was Liam. He had it plugged into that tracker already, waiting for it to go through and find out where this boy had taken his property. “Liam, baby, are you okay?” Damien said, with a calm and relaxed tone. He was very good at portraying his voice with different emotions than how he felt. It was with his job description, though Damien was bubbling with rage on the inside. How dare Liam forget to call him until now. How dare that butcher keep him from calling! He wanted to hit something; preferably Liam’s or Carter’s face.

“D-Damien..... I don’t want you to come get me...” Liam said in the tiniest of voices, Damien even struggled to be able to hear him. Yet, Damien was confused.. He had that bitched wrapped around his finger! Why would he be saying or even thinking that?

“Liam, what do you mean baby?” Damien kept his voice even, which was a known sound to Liam that he was so mad, he couldn’t even attempt to sound calm. Liam felt a shiver down his spine.

“Don’t come and get me! I can’t take it.. I can’t keep taking your beatings! I can’t keep taking your insults! You raped me! I can’t live like that.. I just can’t.. I’m a person too, not your b***h, not your s**t! I’m sorry but.. You won’t change... and I can’t live like that....” Liam said in hysterics. He was finally saying the truth. He loved Damien so much, but he couldn’t live in fear. He couldn’t live in pain. He knew it too. He just had to get away, with the advice of a mother figure to tell him he was right. “I love you! But I can’t... I can’t..”

Damien was taken back. What did he just say? He didn’t want to be saved? His temper went above anything he could hide. “Listen here and listen good you s**t, you are mine and I’m bringing you back with me either you like it or not.” Damien hung up, pushing his foot down on the gas so he would excelle even faster. He gripped the steering wheel so hard that he left finger indentations. He was going well over the speed limit, yet hardly did he care.

Liam was left, in the sound of the dial tone, shaking. He couldn’t move. He was crying so hard. He finally managed to drop the phone to place his arms around himself. He didn’t notice when that door opened up, he didn’t notice when Carter sat on his bed...

He did notice when he wrapped his arms around his crying, broken figure- allowing him to sob into his chest. Carter moved Liam onto his lap, holding him delicately, as if he would physically break apart.

"You did the right thing.... It's okay, you did the right're safe now..." Carter whispered those normally comforting words into the ears of the broken man, though the man felt anything but comforted.

Had he done the right thing? Was this what he really wanted? To leave the love of his life-though if he stayed longer his life could be taken... What was right and what was wrong was blurred badly in the mind of Liam. Was it right for him to stay with a man who kidnapped him? Or was it right for him to stay with a man who would brutally abuse him?

He didn't know what 'right' was anymore.

It took over a good hour before Liam felt the strength to get up again. He realized the comforting man who allowed him to wet his shirt with tears was asleep. There was a cup of hot chocolate on the table. Liam raised his weak and thin frame onto the cold wooden floor. He turned back to see Carter yet again.

Carter was a handsome boy, yet Liam was hardly wanting of thoughts like that. He didn't want any relationships right now. He wanted to be alone, maybe with friends. Right now, his friends were those around him.

He placed the blanket over the shivering body of his kidnapper before receiving his hot chocolate- it was still warm. The feeling of the warm liquid slipping through his throat gave him a very pleasurable experience. He was so cold on the inside. He was numb. That gave him some feeling on the inside.

He decided to adventure out. Check out the environment which would be his new home. He silently left his new room, looking out both ways. It was quite nice; half of the walls were covered in a natural paneling, the upper half a charming light blue color. Upon the walls were multiple pictures of the family; He saw a picture of Carter when he was a little child with his brother. They were playing peacefully together... Liam was reminded about his own childhood...

he went between homes a majority of his life, his parents divorcing when he was at an early age. Every other weekend, he would have to fly halfway across the country to stay until he had to fly back. He changed from school to school that way. He had double the homework that he would always fall behind on. He was a lonely child, never maintaining friends. He was the ‘weird kid’ in all of his schools.

He was snapped out of his memories when he heard footsteps that slowed to a stop. He turned to see the brother of Carter, Ethan. “Oh, hey..” He said in an uncomfortable manner, standing back in the thin hallway. Ethan was very awkward around this boy, he had no clue on how to consolidate someone who’s been abused.

Liam sensed that. Just because he had been abused, this man who normally seemed fun loving, cocky even- it rendered him very uncomfortable. Liam felt a sense of fear go through him. For the rest of his life, was he going to be the ‘abused kid’ that would never be normal to those around him. He ran past the awkward man waiting, booking it towards the front door as fast as he could.

If it wasn’t for the burly man standing in the doorway, he would have dashed out of that door and ran down the road until his feet bled and he could no longer move.

"Hello, son. Supper will be ready soon, anything I should tell the misses you don't like?" He asked with such a charming smile, Liam’s urge to run halted.

“I don’t eat...Fatty foods..... And stuff, at least I couldn’t... I don’t really know.....” Liam said, thoughtfully, finally realizing how serious this problem was. It wasn’t just being abused mentally and physically.

He no longer knew how to think for himself. Damien thought for him, every action he made, everything thought he made had Damien or his large influence in it. Liam shook the idea from his head, realizing that he was staring at Mr. Ferguson for far too long. “Sorry...” He said, embarrassed.

“It’s fine buddy... Hey, listen. Just know you safe now. Ain’t nobody getting past ol’ Carter there. Me neither. Now, you go rest den wash up and I’ll come and git you fer supper.” Mr. Ferguson reached a hand out and patted his shoulder very gently. Liam smiled half heartedly, nodding. He felt like he should be safe here. He felt like he could be safe.. But he couldn’t convince himself to agree to it.

Liam walked back into his room, seeing that Carter was awake, and walking around. “Oh, hey. Morning.” Carter said with a smile. He didn’t try to ask what Liam talked with Damien about. He didn’t harass or yell at him for doing so. What he did do was give Liam a gentle hug. Liam stood like a soldier, just accepting being hugged.

Carter left the room, going to check out and see how his own room remained. He hadn’t been home in so long, he wondered if he still had everything he left. He was remembering old times from the pictures that hung against his walls and stood on top of tables. He saw pictures of his family, pictures of his friends. He just could hardly believed how things have changed so drastically.

He left for the city, wanting more. Though he wasn’t the only one. His sister and youngest brother left for the city as well, though he wasn’t sure on what they made their lives into. Ethan wanted to take over the family ranch. While his sister, Audrey, stayed in this small town to become a stay at home wife. She already had two children. He laid in his bed, looking at old photos. His eyes still felt heavy. Driving for so long made him exhausted. He was remembering all of the times with his family, the good and the bad. How much he missed this place, yet how much he couldn’t stand it. How staying in this place has thrown him over the edge multiple times.

He was lost in his thoughts when he heard someone clear their throat in the doorway. He sat up in his bed, to take view on the intruder. His blood ran cold-There stood Damien. Within his hand was a gun, pointed right at his face. He froze, staring ahead at him “Say goodnight, Butcher.” With a sickening grin on his face, he pulled the trigger.

Carter shot straight up, breathless. He had sweat pouring down his face. He had just been dreaming, yet the threat was so real. Damien was after them. Damien was dangerous. Damien was unhappy. Carter suddenly felt very sick to his stomach. He ran to his trash can, empting the reminisce of his fast food lunch.

He knew that they were done for. He needed to protect Liam. Liam was so brainwashed by that monster that he would go back to Damien the moment he saw him. He almost did without having to lay eyes on him. Except now he had called and told Damien that he didn’t want to be with him anymore. Carter knew he didn’t like that idea one little bit. Liam couldn’t return to that man, man being a loose term for the monster he is. He would hurt Liam, probably to death. Most likely kill him.

He raised himself up from his position on the floor, calming down his rattling nerves. He was reassured so much that what he did was right, though at that time he felt it was wrong.

Because he kidnapped Liam, Damien is mad and could possibly kill not just Liam, but himself as well. Maybe even his family. He took Liam, and now Liam has to live in fear. Is this really a fair thing that he has to do that? Was his actions justified? Damien probably would have never killed Liam, though that slim chance that he could made Carter feel like it was right.. Or was it wrong?

Dinner was served soon after that, the food taken in almost silence. The only sound around them was the scrapping of plates, the occasional cough or clearing of the throat from the head of the table, Mr. Ferguson. It was an awkward time, especially for Liam who felt way beyond the ability to eat. He wanted to go curl up into a ball in a safe place. He didn’t think it was safe here, not forever. Maybe an asylum.. Or if he were to get arrested, yet again, he would be safe. But then the threat would be his possibly dangerous criminal roommate, not a crazed abusive man..

It would be an equal trade.

He excused himself from the dinning table before he was finished with his plate, retaking his position in his room. He was exhausted, emotionally and physically. Carter was assigned to do the dishes, which he was willing to do. He missed the home cooked meals that his mother so graciously allowed him to eat.

There was a knock on the door. Very rarely did they ever have a visitor, they were in a little farming community, their house following a long dirt road. Ms. Ferguson walked quickly to answer the door, expecting a towns member dropping by or requesting something. What she saw surprised her.

A ‘city slicker’ a very handsome young man with dark hair stood in the door frame. When he spoke, she felt as if her feet were swept from under her, his voice as smooth and and silky as honey, so deep and wonderful she wanted him to read to her.

“Hello ma’am. I am looking for Carter. I’m his friend from the city, he left in a hurry and asked me to deliver this bag.” The beautiful city slicker proclaimed, a bag within his grasped. She let him in right away, trusting his honest face.

Carter, on the other hand, felt a shiver down his spine. That voice... That beautiful voice he has heard on his way to work, everyday.. It was Damien.

             He was inside his house, and he was dangerous.

© 2013 unluckeys

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I am a young girl from Minnesota who enjoys writing stories. In my stories, I usually tend to create a whole new society. I also enjoy to write about things that are touchy, things that are painful an.. more..

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