A Chapter by Veronica

Jade has after-school detention.


 I was scared shitless.

 I know Leah could beat me up, I was really wimpy. And here I am, with no friends, at a lunch table.

 But then I realized I was in after school detention.

 Leah apparently told the principal that I threatened to beat her up at lunch, and she smirked at me while she walked past the table.

 I thought giving her a smart-a*s remark but decided not too. She got me right where she wanted me. I was the cornered King in the game of chess. She got me with the evil Queen. And my pawns, her minions.

 The principal came up to me and sat by me, with a pink slip in his hand.

 “Listen- Jade…I thought you would never do this, even though I’ve only known you for a few months, the principal at your middle school told me you were really good,” said the principal.

 “And he’s right- I wouldn’t- and I didn’t!” I replied.

 “Can you prove it?” asked the principal.

 “Nope, that’s one thing I can’t do, sir,” I said.

 “Well, I’m sorry…,” replied the principal.

 “But I never did it!” I said.

 “It’s ok to be in denial…,” he replied, handing me a self-help manual.

 Then he walked off and told me to talk to him about any future problems.

 So now I got a principal who thinks I need help and a devil on my hands.

© 2010 Veronica

Author's Note

Well, I just made that principal look very stupid...O.O

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Yeah, that IS a stupid principal. Haha, he thinks Jade has problems. :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on August 13, 2010
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