Wed, Dec. 7, 4:50 pm

Wed, Dec. 7, 4:50 pm

A Chapter by Kayla G

Cheaters never win and winners never cheat . . . but that doesn't mean Callie won't at least make an attempt!


CoolCal: hey, La-La!

Lane: CC.

CoolCal: wat " not even a 4 in place of the ‘a’ or a 3 in place of the ‘e’? *ur* more unoriginal than *Benji*. & i didn’t even think that was *possible*.

Lane: . . . r u thru?

CoolCal: . . . maybe . . . ooh! i just remembered, i have this problem . . .

Lane: yes?

CoolCal: k, so it’s like this, i have this friend, rite?

Lane: Ben?

CoolCal: no, some1 else.

Lane: . . . what other friends do u have besides me & Ben?

CoolCal: hey! i find that highly offensive! i can have other friends outside of u 2! >:o

Lane: not saying u can’t, it’s just surprising that u DO.

CoolCal: well, if u feel that way, maybe i shld go tell my OTHER friends abt my problem . . .

Lane: fine, fine " I’m sorry. So, what’s this problem of urs?

CoolCal: ANYWAYS, my friend, John, runs 5 miles per hr, rite? & my other friend " yes, i made *2* new friends " Lucy, runs 3.5 miles per hr

Lane: oh, boy . . .

CoolCal: & John wants to know at wat time he’d catch up 2 Lucy if she began running at 10:00 am & he began running the same track at 10:30 am.

Lane: just . . . i can’t even . . .

CoolCal: hmm?

Lane: i am not giving u the answer, Callie! u’ll never learn anything that way.

CoolCal: dude, wat r u TALKING abt? i’m not lrning anything NOW. believe me, u wldn’t be hurting my education " that’s 4 damn sure.

Lane: still . . .

CoolCal: uuuugggghhhhh! fine. i’ll just go ask my new best bud. even tho it'll be totally embarrassing if HE gets the answer rite, considering the age difference . . .

Lane: come again? u talking abt another 1 of ur fictional friends?

CoolCal: actually, no. no i am not. i’m talking abt this cute kid in my alg 2 class. his name’s Ryder and he’s a red head with a face full of freckles.

Lane: kid? u also said something abt an age diff?

CoolCal: yep. Ryder’s only a freshman, but he’s also a Mr. Smarty-Pants. a FRESHMAN, Laney. in a ALGEBRA II class. full of JUNIORS.

Lane: impressive. & scary. our classmates can be . . .

CoolCal: douchebags? i know. they’ve already proven this by giving the poor little guy tons of crap 4 being a brainiac and youngr than them " tho none of them really NEED his help looking bad, they can do that just fine on their own. anywayz, me being me, i try keeping his self-confidence up as much as possible, cuz no one shld fall n2 the pit of self-doubt, b/c of their loser peers.

Lane: aw, Callie! u act so insensitive & indifferent when, in reality, u DO care!

CoolCal: don’t be ridiculous, i just find amusement in making him blush, cuz when he does, his face gets so red that his freckles disappear. i call him little genius man, btw.

Lane: huh. so u R going to ask him abt the hw prob then?

CoolCal: i may bring it up. 2morrow. cuz i don’t know his # & i’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a fb page. he just doesn’t seem like the type. like i said, he’s shy, but i don’t think it’s just cuz he’s in a class full of sucky 16 yr olds.

Lane: u think he’s just like that, period?

CoolCal: yup.

Lane: well, glad ur making it easier 4 him. so, how was Español?

CoolCal: did that Benji let it slip?

Lane: u know he did.

CoolCal: grrr, well, u gotta’ give me SOME cred. i DID get there. it just took me a while . . .

Lane: uh-huh.

CoolCal: & besides, it’s only junior yr. i’ll save my worries 4 nxt yr. hakuna matata, baby!

Lane: Callie! that is the LAST thing u shld do! nothing good ever comes out of getting ur stuff 2gether in the last yr of ur high school career.

CoolCal: yeah, career. cuz we get paid 2 do this, rite?

Lane: . . . u ignored everything i just typed, didn’t u?

CoolCal: ooh, looky-loo! Benny-boy just popped up. adios, amiga!

Lane: Callie!

Lane: Cal?

Lane: alrite, fine, but when u start flunking, don’t come crying 2 me!

© 2015 Kayla G

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Added on January 17, 2015
Last Updated on January 17, 2015
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