I will say this first about the group... we focus on mainly political views, but also so much more. This is just our main focus.

Do you recognize the system? The system that talks about bullying, but doesn't truly try to stop it? That says we must help others, but still has a silent code in place about how we're still supposed to not look, just watch out for ourself and our spot in the social ladder? The system that transfers justice and the upholding of truth to something completely different? Just trying to protect the system, and not as much of the truth? The system that leaves so many poor, and in poverty? The system that would rather lock up young boys in ghettos rather than help them? Give them a chance? The system full of corruption, immorality, and the system that has turned their backs on God? Do you know this system? Do you not agree with them, but don't know what to do? You don't even have to believe in God for this group (although, it is welcome). You just have to not like the system, and see it for what it really is. If you feel the same way as me, join us. Our goal as of current is just to talk about the system, in it's true form, and it's problems and flaws. To raise awareness. You may get ignored as one writer... but as a group? You have a higher chance of being heard. I know there are some radicals out there... heck, I used to think what I think now, knowing the system, that people who believed this were radicals. I know different now. Anyone is welcome, no matter how radical. You may open my eyes on some things, I may open yours. Doesn't mean all of us agree, but that's one of the main things we do when we rebell against the system isn't it? We think for ourselves. So, if you feel the way I feel (which you can see this for me, The Storyteller specifically, by reading some of my work such as, "This World We Live In...") then join us. Tell us your opinion, your story. Let the truth be heard, let freedom spread, let life be truly lived.

One more thing: I'm going to send invites to all of my friends. But my friends and anyone else should read this description first before they join... And they should be serious. This is serious, this is real. If you join, you must really feel this, and really believe in what we are about.

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