Prelude to Order: Light

Prelude to Order: Light

A Chapter by Miles W.

Trailer 1 of 4 for Order of Seasons


As the sun was setting over the city of Vale, Yang Xiao Long and her sister Ruby Rose tore down the streets of the seedier parts of town.  There had been reports of activity by the remaining members of the White Fang, and the two of them had been tasked by Ozpin to check it out, as they, their other team members, and team JNPR were recognized for full missions despite still being students after the Cinder Fall incident.  As they continued down the road, they approached their target.  An abandoned warehouse that had been marked as an old hiding place for the criminal Roman Torchwick.  As they pulled up, they noticed two other people hiding nearby the warehouse.  Yang parked her bike a few blocks away, and hopped off.

            “Uh, Yang?  Do you think those kids are supposed to be here?”

            “I don’t think so Ruby.  They don’t look like White Fang, and they aren’t dressed up in suits like Junior’s guys.  But in any case, lets check it out!”  Yang said and started making strides towards the strangers.

            “Yang, wait!”  Ruby cried out to no avail.  Catching up to her sister, they leaned in on their two mystery people.  Not noticing them, the two peered around a corner staring intently at the warehouse.  Yang followed in suit staring, with Ruby showing clear signs of concern and confusion to Yang’s actions.

            “So, you guys come here often?” Yang said not averting her gaze from the warehouse.

            “GAAAH!!!!” the two strangers jumped back around the corner and faced the sisters.  One of them pulled out a pair of billy clubs, while the other pulled out a farming scythe.

            “Who….who are you?”  asked the kid with the clubs.

            “Whoa, chill out man.  This is my sister Ruby, my name is Yang, and I have gauntlets that go bang!  Eh? C’mon sis, you gotta give me that one!”  Ruby merely face palmed, as did the child with the scythe, but the boy just laughed.

            “Gauntlets that go bang.  Good one!”  He put his clubs away and motioned to the other one to put down the weapon.  He got up out of his feared little crouch and shook hands with Yang.

            “My name is Nathan.  This is my sister Natalie.  Sorry, didn’t mean to almost attack you.”  Natalie stayed in the corner for a few more seconds, not sure how to feel about the situation. Suddenly, she vanished from plain sight.


            “Oh, sorry about that." Nathan said walking over to where his sister disappeared.  "It’s her semblance. She’s very loving and outgoing once you get to know her, but due to her shy nature, her semblance is to not be seen.  AKA, she becomes invisible.  It’s okay sis.  I think we can trust these guys.” A few seconds of silence followed.

            “Are you sure we can trust them Nathan? They could be White Fang.”

            “Look, they don’t look life Faunists, and even if they were, I’m pretty sure there would be more of them, and we wouldn’t even be talking right now.”

            “Wait, what do you have against the White Fang?” Ruby asked.

            “It’s a long story,” Nathan said. “But the short version is, we don’t like them, and we want to take action.”

            “Okay, but seriously, the billy clubs I can tell, are a great work of craftsmanship.” Yang said. “However, that Scythe? Ha. Even one of Junior’s men could tear it apart easily.”

            “Hey!” Natalie said angrily. “I just happen to like this kind of weapon.”

            “I don’t blame you.” Ruby chirped up. She then pulled out Crescent Rose, and let it take full shape. Natalie almost couldn’t keep her jaw from hitting the ground.


            “Well, unfortunately, this is the only one I made.”

            “Wait Ruby, what did you do with that prototype that you and Uncle Qrow made back at Signal?” Yang chimed in.

            “Oh yeah. I think I left that back home on the island. If you’d like, I can give it to you once me and my sister finish up here.” Natalie nodded her head in agreement with excitement.

            “Great!” said Yang. “Now that we have that all sorted out, let’s go sis. The White Fang bust isn’t going to bust itself.” She turned to leave, but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

            “Slow down Yang. We want dibs on the White Fang.”

            “Sorry Nathan, but we’ve actually been sent here on an official mission. I hate to say it, but right now, you guys would be in the way of sanctioned Huntress business.” Nathan clearly seemed to be annoyed by this.

            “My sister and I can fight. Even if you tell us not to, we are going to do what needs to be done.” Yang felt a rise in the power of Nathan’s aura as his anger grew. She walked over to Ruby.

            “What do ya think sis?”

            “Well, I think if we let them help, we won’t be tripping over each other as much as we would if we let them be. Also, I think Professor Ozpin might be interested in these two.”

            “Really? Ozpin might but Goodwitch….”

            “Well you might want to decide faster Yang, they’re heading straight for the warehouse.”

            “What?” Yang turned to see Nathan and Natalie slowly sneaking away from the two of them. Yang, a bit upset, stomped over to the two of them and grabbed them by the shirts, hoisting them up, strangling them a little bit.

            “OKAY! YOU CAN HELP! Here’s how this will work.” Yang dropped the two of them as she said this. “Nathan, you’re with me. We create a distraction so Ruby and Natalie can either blow up everything they have in that warehouse or at least do some damage in case if they have more troops then we expected.”

            “Great. Let’s rock and roll.” Nathan said as he got up. The four of them then started getting closer. As they approached the front door, Yang prepared her gauntlets for battle, and then just charged headlong into the front door. The doors burst open, causing the White Fang soldiers to react and nearly fall on their faces. Yang and Nathan rushed in, beating up anybody in their immediate range of vision. Yang used her gauntlets blasts to launch towards some of the enemies further back, while Nathan continued to fight the people towards the front. His form was astounding. His weapons were more of an extension of himself rather then what he solely relied on. He noticed a sniper up in the rafters, chucked one of his clubs toward the ceiling, hitting the sniper in the head; all the while he was busy beating up soldiers with his fists, his remaining club, and his kicks. Clearly, he didn’t skip leg day. As he finished with the last of his immediate area, another White Fang member attempted to attack him from behind, but the club from earlier fell back down to knock his enemy off balance, giving Nathan the time to turn and hit him as if he were hitting a baseball. He then started walking over towards Yang, who was finishing up with her batch of soldiers. They walked over to each other, a bit confused.

            “Was that it?” Yang asked.

            “Maybe. I don’t even know if Ruby or Natalie had to do anything.” Suddenly, a mech suit came plowing through one of the sidewalls, and on its fist was Ruby. She went spiraling down to the ground and landed at Yang’s feet.

            “Ruby! Are you all right?”

            “I’m fine…where’s Natalie?”

            “What……?” Nathan asked.

            “We were ambushed by that stupid suit, and then I lost track of her. I also lost my scythe in the fight…..”she didn’t get to finish her sentence as the mech started lumbering towards them. Nathan seemed to be even angrier then before, and he rushed at the mech.

            “WHERE’S MY SISTER YOU MONSTERS?” He yelled as he started whaling away on the mech, but not really accomplishing much. Then, out of nowhere, his power spiked, and he managed to make a severe dent in the left arm. But suddenly, the other arm grabbed him and threw him across the room. Yang could feel it, Nathan had taken a much harder hit then he had been previously. It was as if his Aura had solely manifested in his weapons leaving his body wide open. Yang stood up, having helped her sister to the side, got ready to face off against the giant war machine. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the other arm of the mech was sliced off as if by magic. Yang looked around, and saw nothing that could have caused it. Then, in front of the mech, reappeared Natalie, with Crescent Rose in her right hand, and her old farming scythe in her left. She had a look of determination, one that showed no hesitation.

            “Leave my friends ALONE!” she screamed as she sliced the mech right in half. She got up, and then rushed over to Nathan. Yang on the other hand, was too busy being absolutely stunned by what she just saw. Not even Ruby could do that most of the time!

            “Well sis,” Ruby said a bit hoarse, “still think that Goodwitch would disapprove?”

            “I’m pretty sure nobody would disapprove after that display.” She helped her sister stand up, and walked over to where Nathan and Natalie were, as Natalie helped her brother to his feet.

            “Thanks for your help Natls.” Yang said.

            “Yeah. Thanks a ton!” Ruby added. Natalie, slightly embarrassed, handed Crescent Rose back to Ruby, who put it back in its holster. “I definitely think you will like the weapon prototype that me and Uncle Qrow made.”

            “You sure that’s all right?” Natalie asked.

            “Positive.” Ruby responded. “Also, I have a feeling that Professor Ozpin will have an opportunity for you two when we meet him in a few minutes.”

            “Wait, THE Professor Ozpin?!” Nathan exclaimed. “The head of Beacon Academy?”

            “Indeed I am.” They all turned to see Professor Ozpin walking in with several Vale City Police Officers arresting unconscious White Fang members. “And I must say, your performance is more then exemplary. How would you like to attend my school, the both of you?” Nathan and Natalie’s collective jaws hit the floor with enough force to shock the whole room.

            “WHAT?!” They both exclaimed. They started jumping up and down in excitement. They started hugging each other, then they hugged Yang and Ruby, then Professor Ozpin, and then any police they could get their arms around.

            “And here I thought we were hyperactive….” Yang said.

            “Yep. It’s going to be one interesting semester.”

            “I just can’t imagine how Weiss will feel about dealing with another hyper pair.”

            “Pretty sure they’re a bit more hyper then even us Sis.”




Four Similar in Nature

Guided by the Light

Hold Dear Your Bonds

For the Winds of Change are Upon Us

And the Line Dividing Light and Shadow

Has Become Blurred

© 2018 Miles W.

Author's Note

Miles W.

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I enjoyed this read and thanks for entering this into my current competiton, i only read first chapter sorry as time permits today
this is very imaginative, what a great imagination you obviously have and descriptives and well punctuated and written, thanks again, good luck

Posted 1 Month Ago

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I think it's a well written piece!
It is pretty hard to follow, however, I was really confused and lost at several points. The clarity gets better around the fight scene, but overall its hard to distinguish who's doing what or who's speaking.
Also, maybe lay a little more groundwork and description of people and visual things like colors or buildings.
I enjoyed it, though!

Posted 5 Months Ago

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