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So many years gone...

Let's cut to the chase. I received an email last week regarding my ? class reunion . At first glance, I thought it was a mistake. But then at second glance, a strange sight. Correct name. Correct school. Correct graduating year. Oh s**t! That's me!! That's really me!!! WTF!!! My ? class reunion? This can't be real. But it is... That explains a few things...

Gray chin hairs. Slow metabolism. Extra weight. Memory lapses. These are all symptoms of time going forward. Getting older, you realize time is moving faster than you would like. Even if you have lived a fortunate life, you will have to eventually prepare for your own demise. And that's a subject for another day to talk about...

Looking at Facebook and Instagram, I wonder if I'm not alone facing the same insecurities. People that you knew the better part of your younger days, you have to take a second look to recognize them. Now we're the adults drinking adult beverages. We can have as much sex as we're allowed to or pay for. There are no more "school nights". We can stay up as late as we want to satisfy our debaucherous needs. But I would exchange it all for those 18 and under years again without hesitation.i realize now those were the best days of my life...How sad...

Looking through my high school yearbook is like reminiscing with someone else's memories. I know I'm looking at myself in the pictures, but at the same time, I feel as if I'm looking at someone else. Who is this kid?... It's been so long I forgot who I used to be or more so who I thought I was going to be. In school, I always did better on the re-tests. I learned from my mistakes and i did better the second time. There are no re-tests in life. You can learn from your mistakes, but only at the point in life you are now. You can't go back to the beginning...

So many years gone. Mates who became friends are now strangers. Assuming I even attend this so-called "monumental event" I can foresee the outcome.As we all meet and greet and talk about old times, privately we will be comparing each other's success and failures. They will be an equal balance of truths and lies. Old grudges will resurrect themselves like a slow burn. Most likely there will be no fairytale ending for the ol' homecoming king and queen.At the end of the night they will play UB40 "Can't Help Falling In Love", one of our prom songs, to close out the evening. We will say our farewells and go our separate ways. When we arrive back home and have some quiet time to ourselves, we will all ponder the same question..."Who were those people?"...

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Author's Note

? yes I'm still sensitive about how many years ago I graduated from high school. If you don't mind revealing yours, write your own story

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I saw my highschool sweetheart at my high school reunion. I was depressed the rest of the day.
we both had changed from being 18. Life is so unfair./ dana

Posted 1 Year Ago

Good kc. Everyone will make some connection to your story. Yes, the person you were becomes very remote and would he know you now? Maybe let's not go there! It raises lots of questions.
I like things like this that make you think.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Just an invitation to class reunion produced such an amazing writing ! Imagine what you are going to have after the event? An endless supply of material... with your sharp observations, and that brilliant sense of humor of are going to have a ball!

Posted 1 Year Ago

My grandma and most of my cousin attended a small country school each year they have a small gathering for homecoming. Then at the dance kids from grade school to high school cut a rug while years long past line the bleachers . It is cool to watch . Young lover trying to dance while little sisters play tag and granny visits with aunt Sara.
However I attended a large school and my own reunion holds no power. I'm not sure why but I'm content to let yesterday slumber. :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Yep. I went to my 50th HS reunion last year. I couldn't recognize some of them. Others, I forgot their names--now, are you Patsy or Dotty? Are you the guy who drove the blue and white '57 Ford? I hated to look at the photos of all those who'd had passed on. (A lot of reality there. Perhaps too much) It was strange and wonderful and sad. You really should go. Great, honest, introspective writing, my friend.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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