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About Me

I usually come on once or twice a day to post a new poem and leave a few reviews across the site.

All of my work is usually based off an experience I'm facing in life during the time that poem or story was written. I am experimenting with using imagery to get the creativity flowing through me, because at some point I would like to write things that don't directly pertain to events in my life. But hey, that's how I am.


Originally opened this account 2 years ago as a means to get back into poetry since it was a fun pastime of mine back in high school. Closed my old account then, made this one, eventually stopped coming here after a month, and this account went dormant.

Fast forward two years to now

Some pretty big life changes happened. I lost some close friends and an entire community of people who I used to play with on a regular basis.

I'm turning 27 in 6 days (today is August 4, 2020), and I realized that I haven't really gone anywhere in life. I'm missing the best years I could be living. I was due for a huge change. A change to get my s**t together and fix my life so I won't go to the grave with nearly as many regrets and I would if I do nothing now.

Originally wanted to delete this account and create a new one, but honestly I like this username (stupid reason I know) so I'm keeping it up. Deleted all of my old work and reset as much as I could to a zero state, like a fresh beginning.

The reason why I'm here now? I need to get involved with communities and be a lot more sociable. I don't know how lively this community is compared to how it was 10 years ago, but I'm willing to immerse myself in it and make a few new friends. I can be awkward to chat with, but hey that's who I am as a person.

Thanks for reading this. If I piqued your interest and you want to know anything else about me, feel free to message me.