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Indigo Indigo

A Story by Maddie

Creep Creep

A Poem by Maddie

Scent Scent

A Story by Maddie

Reptilia Reptilia

A Story by Maddie

Maybe Let it Be Maybe Let it Be

A Story by Maddie

Panic. Panic.

A Poem by Maddie

Something Something

A Poem by Maddie

Porcelain Porcelain

A Poem by Maddie

Clouds Clouds

A Story by Maddie

About Me

Maddie. That is my name dearest ones. I have always had a strange love for either something strange or either too out of order. But it's all okay, because we all have strange loves for things. Specifically dark things.

I think in my past life I probably either lived in the 1950's or the 1970's, because I adore all things old and from the past...except history class.

I love old horror movies. Especially bad ones, because those are the most entertaining.

I love music. I hate itunes and downloading music, mainly because it's annoying as a b***h and it's just not the same. I love buying CD's. When you have a CD, the actual music and the important piece of the band in your hand, unlike an invisible media wave on a computer, it's remarkable. Think about it.

I like things that people have never really heard of. Especially bands. I really enjoy listening to many bands, specifically the Sex Pistols, Rights of the Accused, Dinosaur Jr., Quitter, the Lyars, The Kramps, The Buzzcocks, Nirvana, the Smashing Pumpkins, and hundreds more. I love punk, grunge, indie, alternative, rock.

I like ranting about things, and I think I read about politics and the economy too much, but it's entertaining. I love writing, and I think it's one of my few ways of expressing myself without having to scream and yell at people trying to prove my point. I love the arts and I love arts and drawing myself.

I love how the mind works. I find it so interesting. I would love to be a psychologist some day. Often I am considered more of a quiet type, but everyone still has their quirks no matter how boring or quiet. Nothing can quite be as it seems, as cheesy as it sounds. Usually the saddest people are the ones with the most money, the most friends, and the ones who seem the happiest and the happiest ones seem the complete opposite. That's what I like about's all about the strange unexplainable quirks like that in life that are hard to question.


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Posted 11 Years Ago

Your life is an eclectic recipe of love, hope, peace and freedom. To live a love filled positive future you must make sure you use the proper ingredients. Mix love, hope, peace, freedom, compassion, honour, integrity, truth, joy and bliss in a bowl and add the pure water of spirit. Bake within your soul and watch the beauty that rises. The final step is to share your feast with as many people as possible.

by Micheal Teal