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About Me

Hey ya'll. Honestly Bios always kinda creep me out, I mean what do you say to people that you've never met? Or even if you do know them how do you describe yourself in anything other that "I'm Annalisa... I don't know" (large shoulder shrug). For awhile I was trying to update this regularly, keep people up with what's going on in my life kinda like a blog, but I'm not online enough to make that work so instead I decided to make a more general Bio... If I could only think of something to say...

As far as a person I think I'm fairly boring. I like to read and write, I draw and occasionally paint when I can afford good oil paints. I love photography and run around like a maniac with my camera. I'm a nerd, and have many scholastic guilty pleasure that I keep hidden away in a closet so as not to hurt my dumb as a rock reputation I've had since school. People are great as well, but I'm more than a bit socially retarded so I am a bit of an acquired taste. I'm just one bug awkward freezing weirdo who huddles up in corners trying to get warm and occasionally falls asleep on the floor.

Below are some songs that I really love, and I think that they say a fair bit about me. I thought about having poetry, but then I couldn't decide what to put up. Too many talented and amazing writers out there for me to pick from. Luckily though I am pickier with my music so choosing some favorite songs that spoke about me wasn't too hard. That being said they change regularly... So maybe it's not all that easy... Oh well.

Love you all, while you're here take a second and read something. Or leave me a comment and I will feel loved for the entire day. ;)

"The Twist" (by Metric)

We were too wasted to close the window
Friends and family looking in to my only hiding place
The rhythm of a strangers skin

Infidel to die for
What i am doing will happen in the morning
When the mirror won't recognize me

He holds a certain gesture when we're loving to ask each other
Do you want it? Do you want me?
I want it, it is you, you are where I want to be.

Who is he? (oh)
Why would I (do)
Hitch a ride? (the)
I can drive. (twist)
Who is she? (oh)
Why would I (do)
Hitch a ride (the)
When I can drive. (twist)

Somebody put me back in school, I forget everything
I used to know know to leave the boy behind
Without having to watch him go

Who is he? (Circumstantial) (oh)
Why would I (do)
Hitch a ride? (the)
I can drive. (twist)
Who is she? (Circumstantial) (oh)
Why would I (do)
Hitch a ride? (the)
When I can drive. (twist)

"Elephant" (By Damien Rice)

This has got to die
This has got to stop
This has got to lie down
Someone else on top

You can keep me pinned
It's easier to tease
But you can't paint an elephant
Quite as good as she

And she may cry like a baby
And she may drive me Crazy
'Cause I am lately lonely

So why d'you have to lie?
I take it I'm your crutch
The pillow in your pillow case
It's easier to touch

And when you think you've sinned
Do you fall upon your knees?
And do you sit within your picture?
Do you still forget the breeze?

And she may rise, if I sing you down
And she may wisely cling to the ground
Cause I'm lately horny
So why would she take me horny?

What's the point of this song? Or even singing?
You've already gone, why am I clinging?
Well I could throw it out, and I could live without
And I could do it all for you
I could be strong
Tell me if you want me to lie
'Cause this has got to die

This has got to stop
This has got to lie down, down
With someone else on top

You can both keep me pinned
'Cause it's easier to tease
But you can't make me happy
Quite as good as me

Well you know that's a lie

"Creep" (By Radio Head)

When you were here before
Couldn't look you in the eye
You're just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry
You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
I wish I was special
You're so f*****g special
But I 'm a creep
I 'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here

I don't care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice
When I'm not around
You're so f*****g special
I wish I was special

But I'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here

She's running out again
She's running out
She run, run, run run

Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you want
You're so f*****g special
I wish I was special
But I'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here
I don't belong here.

Ever After Happily (By Jay Brannon)

The smell of a candle
freshly blown out
the light of the clock
shines on my skin
like a sickly green moonlight
on a pale white days decay
I try to wipe you from my memory
but your face wont fade away

another boy kissed me today
I laughed in his mouth
its not funny that Im not kissing you
Im not laughing because we fell through
its the stories they told us when we were younger about life and love
how our happiness lies in the hands of another
whod fly in on the wings of a dove

well thats the way the fairy tale goes
boy meets girl and they wed with roses
but thats not the way it seems to be
and Im pissed that they lied to me
cuz boy meets boy and boy runs away
or girl meets girl and shes afraid to stay
we end up home alone watching court tv
not living ever after happily

youre right
you are prince charming
onto the next princess when hes bored with the last
hes the hero of every story
hes got his chapter in every girls book
he walks away with all the honor and glory
but I wonder what else he took

goodbye, prince charming
and drown sleeping beauty
shove Cinderellas slipper where the sun dont shine
toss the little mermaid back out to sea
cuz the fairy godmother had to perform another abortion today
and the seven dwarves live in the forest, of course, cuz they were driven away
but this part of the story could spark a cultural rage
so at the sound of the tone we just turn the page

starting today
well tell the story my way
the king of imperfection
takes back the prince of mistakes


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Posted 12 Years Ago

Oh my, Welcome Back...hugs So how are things?
Let me know what you think about the magazine...thoughts????
What were you doing oversea..was it fun and exciting?
Well I really missed you and hope to chat with you again soon.


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Posted 12 Years Ago

Hi Anna...are you in DC or I hope all is well and you are doing great...check out this mag it has members from writers cafe and other sites...It really is a great mag...hugs

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Posted 13 Years Ago

BOO!! happy halloween weekend,
how's it going? I'm hoping well, talk soon

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Posted 13 Years Ago

hahahaaha, jeez, do you always just drop of the face of the earth
I mean! how ya been? like and what part of the world are you living in now?
and yea, nice to see ya old friend,
thanks for your kind thoughts, you rock

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Posted 14 Years Ago

my main thing is I had to cut out the cheese and meat from my diet..I've even taken to putting lemon in my coffee..every little bit helps..I hope you feel better. I'm starting too...

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Posted 14 Years Ago

I had to break down and buy some of that stuff that thins the mucus in my works. Now I'm coughing it up instead of just coughing it further into my chest..

and take some herbs, like fenugreek and elderberry.

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Posted 14 Years Ago

mohawks are awesome, i bet you would look cool.. how could you not with mohawk ^^

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Posted 14 Years Ago

oh..that was a lovers quarrel, between my ears and theirs'.

it's only a partial ban..I have things to upload and what not.

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Posted 14 Years Ago

hope England is going well,
thanks for baring with me,
regarding the read requests.
Talk soon. Michael

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Posted 14 Years Ago

The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls

The tide rises, the tide falls,
The twilight darkens, the curlew calls;
Along the sea-sands damp and brown
The traveler hastens toward the town,
And the tide rises, the tide falls.

Darkness settles on roofs and walls,
But the sea, the sea in the darkness calls;
The little waves, with their soft, white hands,
Efface the footprints in the sands,
And the tide rises, the tide falls.

The morning breaks; the steeds in their stalls
Stamp and neigh, as the hostler calls;
The day returns, but nevermore
Returns the traveler to the shore,
And the tide rises, the tide falls.

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807�1882)