The Archeology Of Inspiration (Pilot)


What is this group? Well, it is the home of a project. I hope you feel inspired to support it.

We hope to establish an interesting collection of work that explores the nature of - wait for it (And I'm sorry if it appears non-sense, but I have no other way to describe it) - transcendental interpretations and subjective impositions, but which, ultimately, supports the positive effects of collaborative relationships by strengthening personal and collective communication.

------------------------------Group Objectives-------------------------------

There are two things we want to achieve through this group:

1) We want to develop a vibrant and enthusiastic group which demonstrates the unique collaborative process that has been proposed, but separate to the Anthology:

Group members can upload work that has been inspired by a piece of writing here on the writers cafe, or if it has inspired some one else to write something. Each submission has to be linked to the work that Inspired it. Only these types of inspired writings will be accepted in as group writing.

Please read the group writing and if you feel inspired, start writing something else and upload it. Remember to link to the work that inspired you. This will help demonstrate the power of Inspiration. It's an experiment, don't forget. You can read the forum for more information on how it works...

Please click on the featured work and have a read. This will show you the kind of potential this experience has.It is a journey. Just follow the links...and hopefully, when you are finished reading, start writing...

2) Next we hope to establish a final team of writers to carry out the work for the collection of work we hope to produce.

In general, a winning submission will be chosen from a competition and that work will then be passed onto a writer, where they will then compose something new inspired some how or other by it. The new composition will be passed to the next writer, etc, until we have completed the process, depending on how many writers take part. Whenever we run a competition, we need a diverse range of thought provoking pieces of writing.

----------------------Projected 'Food for thought':--------------------------------

The Archaeology of Inspiration is a collaborative investigation into the nature of Inspiration and its consequences. We hope to establish a network of Artists demonstrating the Collaborative process, across mediums, to enable the observation and consideration of the impressions imposed upon forms (Art) and how original ideas can withstand human subjectivities, and through it, promote the project and enrich lives through the Arts. We are conducting a preliminary pilot project here on the writers cafe, by exploring the idea through writing.

While introducing concepts about the nature of gift exchange and the benefits of collaborative relationships, we will explore the implications of linguistics and semiotics; the affects and roles played by signs and language in society and social interaction, where objects, gestures, clothing, images, sounds, smells, and of course language, have meaning beyond themselves. Language, whether written or spoken, is a 'code' - a system of signs that convey meaning beyond the words, letters, or phonetic sounds. For a code to be understood, both the sender and the receiver must achieve fluency. But, again using language, meaning is not only imposed by a word and by convention, it is also constructed by context - the specific social circumstances, the class, age, gender and ethnicity of the participants, and the simple intonation.

What characterises much of modern contemporary dialogue is the use of new media - SMS, email, etc. Never before has so much social interaction taken place without face-to-face contact. The confusion and dissonance this can lead to is a result of engaging in a dialogue where there is no visual contact, while continuing to employ a code, in which all participants may be fluent, which can only be truly comprehended when both sight and sound are available. The outcome is often a misunderstanding, demonstrating neatly exactly how meaning is generated, and the diverse elements that contribute to its interpretation.

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A Story by mick weller

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Angel Bird

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Founding The Object (The Archeology Of I..

May 16, 2008 - June 16, 2008

Founding The Object (The Archeology Of Inspiration).


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