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Up close is a group designed to give up close and personal reviews. It's tough to get real reviews that contain constructive criticism. If you are looking for reviews that actually are meant to better your writing and make some friends along the way, you've come to the right place.

We are accepting all types of writing, particularly stories and chapters, with the exception of poetry until further notice. Your grammar doesn't need to be perfect, but it also shouldn't distract us so much from the story. There will be a different piece featured weekly for group members to review.

We are looking for in-depth reviews here. Expand on phrases such as "I really like...." Discuss the characters, dialogue, word choice, structure, the exposition, etc. By discussing works in this manner, you will not only help the writer you are reviewing but your own writing/ reviewing abilities as well.
Let me emphasize this is to be CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Rude and unnecessary meaness will not be tolerated. There is a difference between, "I was somewhat disappointed by this" and "This sucks". Generally, even if I don't like a piece, I can usually find one good thing to say about it.

Forums and Contests--
The forums are open to discuss literary technique. I will sometimes put up a writing prompt there and in the mail for you to work on as you desire. This is to help inspire creativity and to see how each writer did it differently.
Likewise, there will be contests!

"If you want to write, you must begin by beginning, continue by continuing, finish by finishing." --- From Jack Heffron's The Writer�s Idea Book

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Mysteral - Night Prowler

Mysteral - Night Prowler

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Beginning sentences with conjunctions.

Mysteral - Night Prowler

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Worst Review-- Ever.


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