A Chapter by Blue Bird II

Day 16 - Civilization
     Today during routine, I found myself daydreaming about a city hidden in the forests.
There were natives there, and they had mounds of food and other resources. I saw me and Sherwin standing at the podium. Sherwin was mumbling but I couldn't understand it. I looked off into the distance and saw nine graves. Thats what woke me up. What could that mean?

Day 17 - Joshua & Alison
     I had another daydream. It was almost the same, but as Sherwin spoke I wandered over to the coffins. I read the plaques on the first two. They were Josh's & Alison's graves. As I touched the plaques, another daydream shot into my head. A vision actually. I saw Josh & Alison stumbling over a cliff, Jeremiah watching the gruesome event.
     That same day, Jeremiah returned to camp. He relayed the news almost exactly like the vision. . . only, he said that he found them dead at the bottom of the cliff, rather than seeing it first hand.

Day 18 - My Dreams
I couldn't sleep last night. Why would Jeremiah do that? Or, was my vision even real? But it was so close to what Jeremiah said.... Man, these dreams and visions only started when we got to this damned island. And, why me? All these thoughts only come to me. Why?

Day 19 - Second Party Survivors
In all the confusion, I forgot about the three others. When we left the docks back home, their was supposed to be Ten of us. However four of us had to take a separate boat. Jackie, Haley, Tyson, and Cassandra. Sherwin reminded us of them. Maybe there is hope. Usually by now, with how long we have been here, it would mean that the people back home gave up on us. But, I know that if those four made it to the resort they would not give up. We can't give up.

Day 20 - Wind That Blows
I had another vision today. It was foggy, and hardly recognizable, but I can still record the vision. 
The second party survivors, were still out at sea on there cruiser. They were worried about something. They were looking at manuals on the boat. Though, I could only see the girls on the deck. Where was Tyson at? See, Tyson was the operator of the ship, and was supposed to get the girls to the resort. If something happened to him... no. These visions can't be real. They aren't real! No......

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Posted 13 Years Ago

Nice chapter. They remind me of my self. I daydream all the time.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Blue Bird II

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A Chapter by Blue Bird II