Shangloo Islands

Shangloo Islands

A Chapter by Blue Bird II

Day 21- Bleeding
The dreams came back. Last night, I had another nightmare. The seven of us, we were heading back home on a cruise ship, laughing, having a good time. But, slowly they disappeared into fog. Brad, then Allison. Then Josh and Rilee. Minutes later, Jeremiah, Sherwin and I were having a good time. But then. . . . Jeremiah disappeared too. It was just me and Sherwin....... alone. But even then, I was ignored. As if I were the first to disappear. All that was noticed was my diary.
Day 22- Answers
The rations are lowering..... What can we do? We need food... we need fresh water. But more than that, we need answers. I can't stand not knowing. What do my nightmares & daydreams mean? I don't understand. My mind went out of control today. It began racing with thoughts and I passed out. Thats when the dream began.
Exactly the same as the one the night before. I... was alone. As I woke up, I was faced with a horrible reality. To them... I am nothing. Just the boy with a diary.
Day 23- A Drink
Today, we found a stream of water. When we followed it, we came to a magnificent pond. It over all took us 7 hours to find it, and get the water back to the beach.  
Day 24- Night in the Jungle
We went on an expedition to get more water, but it got dark so we're staying here in the bush until morning. Its late, so I'm going to bed now.
Day 25- Nothing
This diary seems like the only purpose for keeping me, now. And as the days go by, I'm starting to grow suspicious of Jeremiah. It all comes from my doubt of the visions. I don't think there real, but why so close to Jeremiah's story. I don't have to be nothing. I can help out this way. My visions could save us.
Day 26- On There Way
Speaking of visions, I saw another one. A storm at sea, and a small cruiser. The cruiser was being thrashed around like a rag doll by the waves. After a while, the storm passed, and the cruiser was barely floating. I woke up to rain drops on my face. I was soaked. The sky was pouring with tears of dread. Everyone else was anxiously looking out to sea. Off in the distance, was a vessel, barely floating above water.Someone was on the vessel. Unfortunately we had no way of knowing if they were still alive or not, because they were lying down. We decided we would wait until tomorrow to see if they would drift towards us. If it didn't, there wouldn't be anything we could do.
Day 27- Another Day of Waiting
Nothing new happened today. But the raft did begin to drift towards us.
Day 28- Reinforcements
The raft finally made it close enough for us to swim out and get it. When we pulled it to shore, we began to recognize who it was; Cassandra. She was unconscious. 
We searched what was left of the cruiser. All we found was some water and a map of this area. It was soaked, and not very readable.
Day 29- Tyson, Haley & Jackie
Cassandra was still unconscious today. We decided to pronounce the others dead. 
We found out that the island we were on, was in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. It was called the Shangloo Islands. That gave me some extreme clarity to my many questions. That must be where my nightmares and daydreams are coming from. But one question still remains. . . .
Why. . .

© 2011 Blue Bird II

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