Wilbert the Wizard (OverDrive) Chapter 1: Interdimensinal Intertwine

Wilbert the Wizard (OverDrive) Chapter 1: Interdimensinal Intertwine

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Holy crap that was so hard to publish. Anyways Wilbert has to go with Gallia and Jay going to the other world.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Interdimensional Intertwine

The Storagian War is now officially over. It was 4 days ago since it had all happened. We rejoiced in our happiness. My adventure wasn’t quite at its end. I asked Gallia about some sort of portal to the other world. Once we cross over, it could completely change everything. The way the other world worked was so strange and paranormal. It was the last thing I wanted to do that would go down in mage history. Then I would truly be the greatest battle mage that there ever was. I had just told Gallia about my plan to make it to the other world. We had to get to the management in Storagia otherwise known as the S.M.

“Wilbert, how do you plan on getting to the other world once again? You destroyed the book and the only possible way left to leave Storagia would be the Storagian management.” Exclaimed Gallia.

“That’s exactly my plan. I should be able to get into the faculty because I was Storagia’s greatest hero.” I said.

“I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. You want to fly over to the magical management so you can open that portal to that other terrible dimension?” Questioned Gallia.

“It shouldn’t be rough. We’ll stay there for a vacation for a few weeks or so and we’ll make our way right back here.” I sad.

“If you think you really want to go explore and investigate more of that world, I’m sure that’s what we need to do.” Said Gallia.

“I’ll go get Frostwing and Starlight out back. Get ready, we’re going to need to pack quite a bit because we are going to be gone for a while.” I said.

“I’ll make sure well get everything packed. I’ll get mine and your clothing.” Said Gallia cheerfully. She headed into our room to collect our things. I had taken Frostwing and Starlight from behind our house outback, to the front ready to go. I strapped on Frostwing’s new saddle. I had designed it myself just after the Storagian war. It would be better for Frostwing wing to carry things. Gallia opened the door and began taking our suit cases on side. I loaded them onto Frostwing’s back. Afterward I got onto Frostwing. Gallia got onto Starlight.

“Time to reach that other world.” I exclaimed. I took off on Frostwing.

Gallia followed us just a little bit later. Only taking off a few seconds behind us on Starlight. Starlight’s wings flapped and expanded very neatly. Frostwing was flying a lot lower than usual. It must’ve been all the weight on his back. After about 10 minutes of flying, we were just east of the magical management.

“Were finally here.” I exclaimed after a long, silent, peaceful flight. I got off Frostwing and took everything off of him to give him a break for a little while. We had arrived at the management. The management had held relics and all other sorts of other strange items found in Storagia. Jay, the president of magic, was here. It looked like he was researching some textbook based on the invention of the communication orbs and how they worked.

“Jay what are you doing here? Were you expecting us?” I asked.

“No. I just came here to study the wonders of Storagia. It’s good for me to get out of the office sometimes, Wilbert.” Jay replied.

“Interesting. Me and Gallia came here to reach the other dimension. Were unsure if we are able to do that here, but that is the plan.” I exclaimed.

“The old portal to the other world. It was built almost 200 years ago. I doubt that rusty old thing still works. But if you really wanted to risk it, you could try. There could be unexpected consequences.” Explained. Jay.

“I see. Would the consequences be dire? How bad would they be? “Asked Gallia.

“The portal’s very unstable. It’s impossible to tell. There’s a chance that you’ll get trapped there forever and there will be no return, there’s another chance that you could make it in and out just safely. If the portal shuts down, I’ll try to do whatever I can to get you out.” Said Jay. Jay lead us down a door with the word, Portal, embroidered above it in gold. He opened the door slowly and let us to the silver portal. He was right. It was very rusty. There was a picture of the man who had first built it, Jim Kenneth, standing next to his newly built machine. The year was so long ago, it was clear back in the 1800’s.

“Professor Kenneth went into the portal and never came out. Are you really risking to go in here?” Asked Jay.

“You only live once.” I replied. Jay flipped on the switch to the portal. A blue swirling vortex.

The vortex looked like a pool of water. Its physics resembled water also. I touched the portal with the tip of my index finger, it rippled like water and felt like a little bit of a tickly sensation. After putting my finger in I had put my head in to ensure that we could get our luggage through.

“Past me the suit cases and bags.” I said. Gallia began passing the jobs and Jay was helping. I moved them through the portal. Gallia stepped all the way through, Starlight going right behind her. Frostwing went into the portal to, with what looked like a splash of water.

“If this is farewell, then farewell. For our future, and everyone that remembers ME’ future, if we don’t come back, tell everyone our story.” I said to Jay before entering the portal. Going into the portal felt like diving into a pool of water. Everything was blank around me. I was just inside some blue liquid. That’s when everything around me began to form into solid objects such as tree’s, rocks, and what looked like a stream. Bursts of color appeared all around me. I fell onto a hard grassy ground. I could still see the portal behind me.

“Wilbert! Glad you made it out of there safely, I almost thought you didn’t.” Exclaimed Gallia. The portal behind us collapsed and disappeared.

“Didn’t Jay say that wasn’t supposed to happen?” Asked Gallia.

“Looks like we’ll be extending our stay. Possibly, forever.” I said.

“This dimension doesn’t contain any, magic. We have to lie low around here because if someone sees a dragon or unicorn soaring through the sky, they’re going to think something’s very wrong with them. We’re going to have to be secretive about magic to these, humans.” Explained Gallia. Frostwing shielded himself from the beaming sun here. Probably not the most ideal place for and ice dragon to hang around.

“I wonder where we are in this world?” Asked Gallia.

“Welcome to New York, New York. It’s so nice you have to say it twice.” Me and Gallia heard from some robotic sounding person. We looked toward a building and the sound was coming from speakers from it. A woman was sitting on the bench reading a magazine. Dressed in a jacket and a scarf, disregarding the fact that it was decently warm outside.

“Hello, miss.” I exclaimed formally. She looked up from the fashion magazine. Not to see my face, but to see the face of a dragon behind me. She squealed, then her skin went a pale white. She was completely stiff.

“She must be in shock. These people must really be scarred easily.” I exclaimed.

“We have to put her somewhere, we can’t just leave her like this.” Replied Gallia.

“We’ll take her with us for now. We’ll likely just erase her mind and pretend it never happened. We have to avoid contact with all other people in this world though.” I explained. I flipped through my spell book for a mind clearing spell. This spell required an initiation, so I was going to have to find a good place to do it. If someone in this world would just welcome us into their home for once.

“We need someone where to stay. I think we’re in, New York City,” According to that voice. We can’t just wander the street’s. We’re going have to go underground in this city until what we can figure out what to do to conceal our magic powers and our creatures that are mystic to this world.” Said Gallia.

“We’ll find a way. Maybe it’s our best option to go down there.” I said pointing to a lid in the middle of the road.

“Sewers. Wilbert, I know sometimes you can kind of have low class, but having this low of class. By going underground, I didn’t mean literally going underground.” Said Gallia chuckling a little bit.

“Gallia, it’s a last resort. We’re just going to have to work things out until Jay restores the portal. Trust me, it won’t be more than a day down there.” I said lifting the sewer lid in the road, revealing a set of bars on a ladder.

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.”  Said Gallia. She began climbing down the ladder. I slowly guided Frostwing down into the sewer. He couldn’t even fit in first, but I ended up cramming him in there anyways. Starlight just fell almost completely down the hatch. I followed them down the sewers.  I’ve never smelt anything worse in my life. I knew sewers were stinky, but nothing has ever stunk this bad before. We had all made it to the lining in the sewers in a large tunnel.

“And how exactly are you supposed to navigate your way around this stinky place?” Asked Gallia.

“We don’t we just have to find our way out.” I said holding the woman we had put into shock. It looked like she was dead but, she obviously wasn’t.

TO be continued... Next Read more Wilbert the Wizard

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Will they ever escape from this unique world? How about that woman they scarred?



© 2019 Mr. Mills

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