Wilbert the Wizard (OverDrive) Chapter 3: The Driftlessly Dimensions

Wilbert the Wizard (OverDrive) Chapter 3: The Driftlessly Dimensions

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

After coming back into New York city the rips wreck havoc in New York and begin spreading across the globe. Wilbert,Frostwing,Gallia, and Jay have to evacuate everyone from the city somewhere safe.


Wilbert the Wizard and Driftlessly Dimensions

So here I was. I had just fallen through a rip in the other world along with some useless cat. It had done as I had expected it too. It had taken me back home to Storagia at the magical management. The cat that had come here licked itself, then ran away. I had to tell Jay. I couldn’t be away from Gallia. Either she would have to come to me or I would have to come her, but no matter what we would have to get together again. I burst through the doors of the magical management. To reach Jay. When I had entered the building something was very incredibly wrong with it. Desks and papers were floating everywhere, rips were in every wall. The building was glowing the blue that portals had glowed. The portals were expanding. The hall I was going to was getting more narrow as the portals closed in. I nimbly dodged them. I could see Jay at the end of the hall at the time all the rips had almost completely closed in on me. There was almost only a sliver of the hall left to run through.

“Wilbert! What’s happening?!” Exclaimed Jay. The Rip’s had completely enclosed all around Jay. The rips got to close for me to have a chance to. I too was taken into the rip’s. I found myself on the side of the street back in New, York. Rips were forming here to. All over buildings and even in the middle of the road. A car went into a rip, then came out another rip in the sky. Crashing into the ground, the car was smashed to pieces and casted a fire on all the trees on the street.

“This is insane Jay! What’s happening to this world and Storagia?! Who knew consequences could be as bad as this!” I questioned. I had found Gallia, Frostwing, and Starlight all sleeping at a lamppost.

“Gallia, the rips between worlds have become completely unstable and risk for massage destruction is very plausible!” I exclaimed to Gallia. She woke suddenly real fast.

“Wilbert? How’d I get all the way over here?” Asked Gallia.

“There’s a lot of questions to ask at this moment, but what we need to do is stop the ripping between worlds.” I said

“You’ve been researching that text book, right Jay? What is this ripping in between all worlds going to do to both worlds?” Asked Gallia.

“It’s most likely going to tear both worlds completely apart. We’re likely not just dealing with two worlds her, it’s more than that.” Said Jay as a rip appeared. Another car came soaring out of it and Jay ducked right under it. Jay fell backwards into another portal unexcitingly.

“Jay! We need you!” I shouted out him as he splashed his way through the portal. The portal he landed in wasn’t the same color of blue, it was more of a greener blue. He immediately hit his head on a hard dirt. Jay quickly lifted his head from the ground to be in in front of Sir Frank the Seventeenth.

“You must be Slimy Chimp correct? Or that’s at least a term you use to use. Wilbert told me about you. He was right about your look. He’s got that down.” Exclaimed Jay. Slimy Chimp sighed and face palmed against forehead.

“I thought things could never get weirder in my life, but obviously I was wrong Barnabus.” Slimy Chimp said to Barnabus. Jay fell into another portal back into the real world. I saw him fall from the sky.

“Imundo!” I exclaimed teleporting Jay from the sky back onto the ground. That’s when things got even worse. Dragons were coming. And they were of all kinds. Fire, Ice, Bolting, Dark, Wind, Earth and Holy. A bolting dragon struck through a building, causing it to completely fall over then being destroyed. Thousands of the New Yorker’s were running in terror. The news was on the billboard of one of their largest buildings.

“Strange portals are appearing all around the world. Mystical creatures are emerging from these portals and they’re destroying our society as we know it. A lot of the U.S military has gone missing due to, the portals.” Explained the news reporter on the billboard. The building was then destroyed by the same bolting dragon. The city was being evacuated. Everyone needed to be transported somewhere safe.

“Wilbert, you think that you could transport everyone out of this city safely yourself? If you could develop enough power from your wand, maybe you could teleport everyone to where this portal apocalypse hasn’t made it to yet, from then on, will we develop a quick plan to save all dimensions and all worlds from destruction?” Asked Gallia.

“That’s actually a lot to ask of me.” I said. Another large building began to fall.

“Gallia, everyone, get out of the way now!” I shouted as the building fell. The building slowly fell destroying anything in its way on its way down. I was pretty sure everyone had gotten out of the way. Me, Gallia, Frostwing, Starlight, and... holy Horon I didn’t think about Jay. It would be very lucky for him to survive. By lucky, I mean very lucky. I quickly ran back to the fallen building. I began lifting and tossing away pieces of rubble, tears streaming down my face. I had been friends with him ever since the academy. We’ve known each other since we were 3 years old. I couldn’t leave him now, not now. I still couldn’t find his body.

“Repulso!” I exclaimed bewailing over what I’m sure was lost friend. I had finally found his body underneath all the rubble. I fell to my knees, more tears rolling down my face then before. One of my tears landed directly on Jay’s chest. I checked his pulse, which I couldn’t find.  The police cars that had been orbiting around the city after the destruction had begun all stopped behind me.

“Don’t worry, sir. We’ll get the body of this poor man. We’ll do all that can.” One of them said putting Jay on a carrying bed and taking him into an ambulance.

“I’ve lost so many! So many of loved ones! I don’t think I can ride this emotional roller coaster again. Every time I saved some sort of world, it always included loosing someone I loved. This time, would be the final time. I’m done with the evil in this world. This is not even evil; this is just nuisance of humanity.” I said.

“Sir, your friend is going to be okay. Just stay calm.” Said the police officer.

“This is all my fault. We shouldn’t have gone here!” I shouted my face falling into my hands, sobbing.

“Wilbert, I’m not sure us going through the portal is what caused all this. I think this was done on purpose by someone else.” Said Gallia

“It doesn’t matter, what matters is so many people die because of all these things that happen in my life, I feel like this is truly the end.” I exclaimed.

“If this truly is the end, at least we all had it together.” Said Gallia. Her eyes watered up and I could see a tear fall down her face. I watched the city get destroyed before me. Dragons attacking, rips destroying everything. I couldn’t’ bare to watch this, so my option was to end it. I looked to the water just out at the ocean. I could see the statue of liberty sinking into the water slowly. It made me feel worse about what I’ve done. I was going to have to use the spell as Gallia had suggested. Maybe I wouldn’t even make it out of this myself, but as long as I could save everyone else, that’s all that matters. I slipped my wand out of my pocket and gripped it. I was at the border of the city. L took a few moments to have a few seconds of deep breathing. I thought real hard about all the ones I have lost due to all of my failures.

“Imundo!” I Shouted as loud as I could. New Yorkers stared at me confused what I was doing after Gallia had just told them to gather round me. It was a rather rough blast. I took all my energy, but I was sure that I got everyone this time. It’s so if all my magical energy had been drained. I fell to the ground and felt a heavy pain in my chest just how had before when I blocked out the Strike of Darkness. The spell had created a void of white dust that traveled around all the citizens. They all ducked just underneath the dust. As soon as the spell had gotten all around them, it had transported them outside the city.

“Everyone stick together!” Exclaimed Gallia loud enough for everyone to hear. We not in the city anymore.  

“Buffalo. Buffalo, New York, that’s where we are.” Said one of the citizens.

“Thanks for the info, but we need a way to stop these rips. The rips are enclosing all around the world. Soon there will be no world’s left to go to. We have to find a way to stop this and a place to hide in the meantime.” I exclaimed.

“Like I said earlier, I still feel someone’s doing this to us on purpose.” Said Gallia.

“Like I said before, it doesn’t matter what caused it, we just need to end it.” I replied. I stood up and my legs were quite feeble. Gallia helped hold me up. I hoisted myself up onto Frostwing.

“Me and Frostwing will search for a place to stay, when the portals reach here, evacuate immediately.” I exclaimed. The large crowd of thousands of people agreed. Gallia got onto Starlight.

“Wilbert, I’m coming with you. I’ll be there with you just in case something happens.” Said Gallia.

“Okay Gallia. Just follow me and Frostwing, we’ll lead the way.” I exclaimed.

We flew a little farther way into buffalo. There was city, it wasn’t huge, but it was a city. We encountered more citizens here.

“Gallia, if we’re going to warn everyone how dangerous these portals can be and there’s no point fighting against them, no one may make it out of this.” I explained.

“Then we need to find a way to get broadcast to everyone.” Said Gallia.

To be continued...

Wilbert the Wizard 44

Wilbert the Wizard and the Battle for the Broadcast

How will they broadcast this info? Will they develop a plan to save all worlds? Find out in the next Wilbert the Wizard.


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