Wilbert the Wizard (OverDrive) Chapter 2: The Certified Citizen

Wilbert the Wizard (OverDrive) Chapter 2: The Certified Citizen

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

After A citizen of New York City discovers the truth about the wizards, they are forced to move underground. Literally, in the sewers.


Wilbert the Wizard and Certified Citizen

We were going to have to stay down in these sewers for at least one more day. Me, Gallia, Frostwing, Starlight, and the woman we had brought down here smelt a terrible smell far worse than the underground workings of Storagia. I was a little concerned since this woman had been unconscious for almost an hour now, I think about. It’s hard to tell the time when your away from sunlight. We marched through the sloppy sewers of New York, only with our instincts to guide us. It seemed go on forever and ever and it had no end.

“Wilbert, we have no sense of direction in here. That woman probably still hasn’t awoken because of how foul the stench is around here.” Exclaimed Gallia

“I don’t think the stench is the issue although the fact that it is terrible is true, I think we scarred her a bit too much at the central park.” I said. Gallia sighed. I set the woman’s body onto the floor.

“Gallia, if we’re going to do anything, this person needs to be alive, so I’m attempting to wake her up.” I explained.

“And how do you think You’re going to do that?” Asked Gallia. I knelt down, scooped some of the sewer water into my hands, then poured the cold, stinky water all over her face.

“I can’t believe you would do that! It’s gross for everyone!” Exclaimed Gallia. The woman woke up with a sudden gasp. She arose and began trying to get all the sewer water off of her face. She took one look and me and recognized me from Central Park.

“You’re that guy I saw earlier. You’re up to a scam. Some kind of scam with that extremely realistic robotic dragon of yours.” Said the woman.

“Sure, robotic. We’ll get you out of this sewer and you’ll wake up like it was a dream.” I said whipping my wet hands against the dry stone wall.

“Do anything to get me out of here. My goal was to never get into these dreadful sewers.” Said the woman. We continued walking unsure of which direction to turn or go. I could see a dark figure in the distance of the tunnel.

“Maybe he could be of your assistance.” Said the woman.

“Frostwing and Starlight, I’m going to need you to stay behind this corner so that sewer worker doesn’t end up like this poor maiden.” I exclaimed. My dragon sat down, then Starlight did the same. We walked toward the big sewer worker.

“Hello, sir. I’m Wilbert, prince of the... what I meant was, I’m Wilbert citizen of New York, and I need instructions to get out of these sewers.” I said.

“What are you doing’ in these sewers anyways? Do I need to call the cops on you?” Asked the worker.

“No need. Were just looking for a route to the nearest exit from the sewer.” Said Gallia. Then I noticed the sewer worker had a strange tool strapped onto his belt.

“The nearest way out? Are you okay with going through a sewage hole?” Asked the big worker.

“Whatever it takes to get out of here slyly.” I replied.

“You’re not from around here are you. I’m a true certified citizen of this city here. I’ve worked in the sewers for 50 years now.” Said the man.

“Who are you, what’s your name?” I asked the sewage worker.

“My real names Benjamin, but acquaintances call me Ben.” Said the worker. We began following the worker in the opposite direction of which we were headed in the sewers.

“Are you telling me we were going the wrong way that entire time?” Asked Gallia.

“Don’t blame me, it’s not like I know my way around here.” I replied. Frostwing and Starlight began walking behind us fairly close. The last thing I wanted to happen was for Benjamin to turn around. My communication orb vibrated from within my robe. I pulled it out. The orb read, Jay.

“Hello. This is Jay correct.” I said holding the communication orb up to my face.

“I see you got there safely, Wilbert. Now we just need a way to get you back safely. Strange things have been happening in Storagia ever since the portal closed on you. It’s as if our worlds are, melding. A portal appeared here as a gateway to the world you appeared. It wasn’t the machine or anything, it was just outside the magical management. The rip between worlds was very strange, and I wonder if this is really going to affect Storagia.” Exclaimed Jay

“I don’t think it will have much means against Storagia, but it might have some effects on this world too.” I said.

“Why are you talking into a snow globe. Is that a new trending phone or something, I don’t get out much.” Said Benjamin.

“It would be hard to explain to you. So Jay, where have these rips been occurring. Just at the magical management, right?” I asked.

“I’m unsure. But I’m almost 100% sure that the rips are occurring in more places than just this.” Said Jay. Benjamin looked behind him to see Frostwing and Starlight. I knew bringing our companions was a mistake.

“We’ll darn it be. I haven’t seen these creatures in years.” Said Benjamin. He walked up to Frostwing to pet him. I was very confused why he wasn’t running for his life, and what did he mean by he hasn’t seen them in years.

“What do you mean you haven’t seen them in years? Have you been to Storagia or something?” Asked Gallia.

“I’m not sure what Storagia is, but I definielety seen a dragon like this before. Except it was white and had soft fur. It was down here about 40 years ago when I was working in the sewage. I know them inside and out. I never thought I would live to see the day to see a dragon. And that horse of yours, very majestic.” Exclaimed Benjamin.

“40 years ago you say? Isn’t that when the portal to Storagia was invented and the man was lost forever. It was that exact date, that must mean that something had happened like this before. Those openings Jay told me about in Storagia.” I said putting my communication orb into one of robes pockets.

“If that was really him and he was a scientist, you would think he would have a journal or something about this.” Said Gallia.

‘Maybe he does. I bet he’s in this city right now. If we track down where Jim Kenneth used to live, I bet we could find some info on it there, and probably prevent the rips between dimensions happening.” I said. We had finally arrived at the exit to the sewer.

“Your free to go. Is it okay if I touch your dragon one more time?” Asked Ben.

“Of course it is. Since your familiar with magic, I think it’s going to be okay to use a spell to get me and Gallia past all those stairs. Imundo!” I exclaimed teleporting us to the top of the tall metal stair case that lead to the sewer lid along with our things. I teleported our things just outside the sewer lid, off to the left.

“Farewell.” Said Benjamin waving us a goodbye. He was a kind certified citizen. He escaped through the sewer lid. I lifted it off slowly. I heard a loud rumbling and something of a great size had rushed over us causing the metal floor underneath us to shake.

“Wilbert, be extremely cautious. We have a thing in America here called cars. Getting hit by one can easily lead to death.” Explained Benjamin. I nodded. I slowly inched the lid farther and farther off. As soon as the ceiling above us stopped rumbling, I had gotten the lid fully off. Cars were still straight ahead of us.

“Come out quick or you’re not going to make it.” I exclaimed to Gallia, Starlight, and Frostwing. Gallia quickly ran to the side made of cement and Frostwing and Starlight flew directly out of the whole. A citizen gazed at the short flight of Starlight and Frostwing, then they rubbed their eyes and the creatures were now out of there sight. Frostwing and Starlight were now in between two large buildings in an alley.

“You’re going to have to be more careful than that. You almost got yourselves caught be this society. It’s getting dark and it looks like this is where we are staying until tomorrow.” I exclaimed. Frostwing tucked in his wings tight so he could fit in the alley comfortably.

“This place smells as bad as the sewers, honey, I don’t think we can sleep here.” Said Gallia.

“It’s either that, or we end up torturing another human.” I said.

“The human! We completely forgot about her. We left her in the sewers after we went to meet up with Benjamin!” Exclaimed Gallia.

“Right. We already caused enough to happen in the world.” I exclaimed. We all settled down without Soon we were all sleeping safe and sound. I was awoken by some sort of meowing. But it was very unlike the meowing of the magical cats we have in Storagia. The cat crawled all over my body. I cringed as it did this.

Then I heard a loud tearing sound. I looked behind the dumpster that was behind us to find out what was making the strange sound. A purple rip had appeared in midair. It glowed and continued to expand. The rips noise got louder as it expanded. I would’ve woken up Gallia, but the portal had astounded me. It tore open to the point where it was a massive sound. The cat walked up to the general area I was in. It climbed up on the dumpster. It fell off the dumpster and into what seemed like a Storagian portal. I gasped. That’s when something terrible to me had happened, the portal had pulled me in!

To be continued...

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