Wilbert the Wizard (Overdrive) Chapter 4: Battle for the Broadcast

Wilbert the Wizard (Overdrive) Chapter 4: Battle for the Broadcast

A Chapter by Mr. Mills

Gallia must broadcast to the world that it is in danger while Frostwing and Wilbert try to outlive their pains.


Wilbert the Wizard and the Battle for the Broadcast

“The broadcast. That’s when we could get everyone safe and away from the rips. If only we knew how to get to the broadcast.” I exclaimed

“We’ll find a way to get a broadcast. If one of these citizens could just tell us how we could do it.” Said Gallia. I looked toward everyone in the frightened crowd.

“Do any of you know how to get a broadcast system working?” I said a loud.

“There’s a broadcasting system back in New York. If you go to the empire state building, it’s just on the other side on the left.” Said a man in a red shirt.

“Back to New York? That’s quite some ways away. You do whatever it takes to protect yourselves. No matter how dangerous New York is now, me and Gallia still have to go back.” I explained.

“Don’t worry. Us New Yorkers are tough. We can handle things around here in Buffalo.” Said a woman in sunglasses, purse still strapped around her shoulder. I got onto Frostwing. Gallia go onto Starlight. They took off flying through the dark sky. Clouds were coming in. I felt a few drops of water stream across my face, then it really began raining.

“It’s getting harder to navigate as we go through this storm. I wish we had a light or something to help us.” Said Gallia. Lightning struck at a nearby tree me and Frostwing flew past.

“Gallia, it might be a whole lot safer traveling on the ground.” I exclaimed.

“But if we did that, then the rips would’ve entirely devoured New York already.” Explained Gallia. We continued to fly. The city was now in our sight. Just before we could make it, I felt a tingly sensation in my body. Then it stuck. Lightning had been struck. I could feel the shock from him and it was indescribably painful. Frostwing began descending to the ground. Starlight and Gallia flew down after us. We hit the ground hard. Blood had run all the way down Frostwing’s back.

“Oh my Horon! Wilbert no! We need you! I need you!” said Gallia. Frostwing wrapped his wings around me to protect me. I think I had just a little bit of energy left to get us to the broadcast. I pulled out my wand with my hands which were now red, covered in blood. “Imundo!” I said teleporting all of us to the broadcast.

“Wilbert! I know we need to warn the world and everything, but there’s no world worth living in without you.” Said Gallia, tears rolling down her face. I lie flat on my back, struggling to breathe. Frostwing lie on the ground eyes closed being not very reactant.


“Turn over, let me see it.” Said Gallia. I did as she instructed and took off my robes. A scar had cut all the way across my back. I was losing blood rapidly. Gallia saw a crashed ambulance in the side of a building.

“I’m sure there’s bandages in there. Just hold tight honey!” Said Gallia intensely. She quickly got into the truck. As soon as she got in the truck had fallen into a rip.

“Gallia.” I said very weakly. My eyes were squinted as I could barely open them. If I lost to much blood, then it would be the end. I saw the ambulance return in a rip through the sky. Gallia fell out the back door. She screamed as she fell. Starlight swooped in just in time to save her, as I was very unable to. Starlight guided Gallia all the way to the ground.

“Thank you Starlight.” Said Gallia. The bandages still remained in her hands. She wrapped the bandages over my shoulder, then under. She covered the entire scar with it and pulled it tight. Then she cut the bandages by biting it with her mouth. She had fully bandaged the scar that went down my spine. Now Gallia had to tend to Frostwing. It took her the rest of the bandages to get through Frostwing. His spine was a bit disfigured and strange. Hopefully the bandages help.

“Gallia, tell everyone one what’s going on. The rip’s and try to move the most people you can to buffalo and other cities that haven’t yet been destroyed.” I said weakly to Gallia.

“I’m so sorry that this happened to you Wilbert. I’m going to get the camera.” Said Gallia. She cried even harder.

“Don’t cry, sweetie. Everything is going to turn out okay.” I said. I continued to lie on the floor. I felt very unable to go on any further. My body wasn’t very strong after all the blood I had lost. Gallia had now grabbed the camera and was ready to start broadcasting. She set up the broadcast and prepared the film.

“We interrupt your regular programs for world destructive reasons.” She said.

“Gallia did you seriously just say for world destructive...” I started. I wasn’t on the film; I was just on the ground next to the satellite.

“Honey, this is kind of important right now so could you just be quite for a few moments?” Asked Gallia broadcasting that to everyone.

“Ignore that, America is under attack by a series of rips and portals. Get to the nearest safest place before your devoured by the rips. If you’re completely pulled into a rip, you’ll be gone forever.” Explained Gallia. She taped the mic to tune it in just a bit more. It made the loud screechy noise that a mic makes that no one likes. Gallia held away from her face as the noise occurred.

“If you’re in your home, or in a dangerous city. Evacuate everything immediately.” Said Gallia. New York was almost one giant rip in the universe. One of the rips pulled in the broadcasting satellite followed by the equipment.

“Wilbert, we have to get out of here now!” Exclaimed Gallia. She picked me up off the ground and burst at the door. Rips and chaos occurred everywhere. Buildings were being destroyed all around us. She held me in her arms and ran as fast is she could. I coughed. And when I coughed I had coughed out blood. This injury could’ve been more serious than I had thought. Gallia didn’t care how much blood got on her it just mattered that all of us got out alive.

“Frostwing, come with us now!” Shouted Gallia. Frostwing was lagging behind. He was struggling to fly so he began to limp after us. The amount of terrain left in New York was getting thin. Frostwing finally got into the air after about 20 stumbles. I could tell it was hurting him very badly to fly. He got a little bit ahead of me and Gallia. Gallia continued to run. That’s when the rips stopped closing in on us. We had gotten to the dock at the edge of New York. We untied the ropes to a large boat.

“The rips have hesisitated. This is our chance to get away. Let’s get to those boats!” Exclaimed Gallia. She searched for the most capable boat and decided to just taking the biggest one. She headed into one of the rooms in the ship and lie me into a bed in a room with Frostwing. She went back up to the top of the ship to begin piloting it.

“Wilbert, get your communication orb so I can contact the citizens.” Said Gallia. Gallia thought for a few moments thinking about who she could contact so they knew that they were okay. Or at least mostly okay.

“This ocean is going to get rough.” Gallia thought to herself. Piloting a ship wasn’t an easy task. In fact, she no experience with anything like it before. It took a little bit realize that the controls are reversed. Even better she found out that there was an auto pilot on this oversized boat. She activated it. She headed back into my room to talk to me.

“Wilbert, that was kind of the great stunt for wasn’t it.” Said Gallia as soon as she had come into the room.

“Say what you need to say for yourself.” I said.

“I could’ve left you there Wilbert. I honestly didn’t think you were going make it out. We got two issues going on here. We got the rips coming toward us, and we got this storm to handle right now.” Explained Gallia.

“I could’ve done a whole lot of this myself.” I said

“Your Welcome, I did it. You think Frostwing’s going to be okay?” Asked Gallia.

“This is the same state Frostwing was in after he was struck by the thunderbirds, which makes a lot of sense. He’ll be fine as long as we keep his temperature low.” I explained sitting up from my bed.

“Low? I think I saw some bags of ice just above this floor.” Said Gallia rushing out of my room to get the ice.

“So this is how she acts when she accomplishes something big.” I thought to myself. Not that she hadn’t accomplished anything else big before, it’s just I’ve never seen her so proud of herself. She arrived back in my room with bags of ice. She just lye the bags of ice on Frostwing.

“You have to make sure the ice doesn’t melt.” I said. She twisted the room temp of our room into the bottom of the blue section.

“There you go Wilbert. If you need anything else contact me.” Said Gallia. She went back to top deck to use the communication orb.

“Call, Benjamin.” She said Benjamin being a new contact of it.

Benjamin’s face appeared inside the orb.

“We did it. We sent out the broadcast.” Said Gallia.

“That’s good for you, so do you have a plan stop the rips.” Asked Ben.

“Actually, I have something in mind that might just work.” Replied Gallia.

To Be continued

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