Chapter 3: New Arrival

Chapter 3: New Arrival

A Chapter by Brittaney

Rhiamon was awoken by the gentle touch of the sun coming in through her opened window. More like a scathing burn that got her moving just a tad quicker. Even still, she lazily got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, but froze just outside its door. A t

Rhiamon was awoken by the gentle touch of the sun coming in through her opened window. More like a scathing burn that got her moving just a tad quicker. Even still, she lazily got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, but froze just outside its door. A troubled look crossed her face as she slowly started to remember the dreams she had had last night.

‘Dreams… Is that what those were?’ She had to strain to keep them from flooding her mind all at once. They were just so powerful and overwhelming. Then it hit her. Her eyes widened as she fell to the floor on her knees.

‘Evil’. The thought shot through Rhiamon’s brain like a rocket. It left her no choice but to embrace it, let it run its course. Lying down on the floor, eyes slid closed, she let it flow. Scenes of another world barraged her from every angle. Her mind couldn’t focus on an image long enough for her to comprehend what was happening. Tears silently and unnoticeable fell down her face and soaked into her carpeted floor. The emotions wildly ran through her as she struggled to regain her sanity. Finally, everything stopped. Rhiamon felt numb inside. She now remembered everything she had dreamed perfectly. It was all so vivid; the hate, hurt, and betrayal that had burned in Kinalf’s blood red eyes. She couldn’t stand feeling bad for him, yet something inside her wanted to ease his anger. Confused by her own emotions, she decided there would be time to think about what was going on later. She slowly stood up and stretched. Fully awake, she decided to hell with a shower. She would just end up making a mess anyways. Besides, she wasn’t sure if she could be alone right now. She needed to keep her mind busy.

“Speaking of messes…” Rhiamon mumbled to herself, still somewhat disturbed by her thoughts, “I need to make some breakfast.”

Still in her pajamas, consisting of a red tank and black lace underwear, she made her way into the kitchen. After all, her brother and Hank had seen her in less, and besides, they should already be out in the field by now.

“But what to eat?” she asked herself as she tapped the counter tops. There were two hungry men and herself to feed, leaving few options. Cereal never cut it in this house. Unless it was the multi-grain crap that doctor’s commanded you to choke down. Finally deciding on something simple, bacon and eggs, Rhiamon walked over to the kitchen to retrieve the necessary ingredients. After finding a suitable pan, she got to work.


The night had been long and tiring but Jasper couldn’t be a happier man. The mare had given birth but a few hours ago and the colt was already suckling its mother’s milk. The birth had been a beautiful sight for his silver grey eye, a pleasure he would stay up many times over for. It was the promise of coffee and a good meal that had him approaching the house.

Wood flooring caught his eyes and he slid off his muddy boots. The last thing the Jasper wanted was his boss on a war path because he scuffed the floors. His socks made no sound as he swiftly walked across the room towards the kitchen. The first thing that hit his senses was the smell wafting out to him. His nostrils flared and he inhaled the wonderful aroma, causing his stomach to growl fiercely. It had been a longer night than he thought.

Jasper slid through the door, expecting to find an older woman cooking. Like Hank’s wife or an old Aunt Mae that had been with the family forever. Instead he found a beauty swishing her a*s in timing with a tune she was humming. And what an a*s it was. She was clad in only a tank, lacey underwear, and black fuzzy slippers and Jasper had been sucker punched right in the gut.

Letting the built up air escape, he ran fingers through black hair as eyes traveled up the curvy form. ‘Definitely not Hank’s wife or some old Aunt Mae,’ he thought as he controlled the urge to run fingers through hair.

“If I had known I was going to get a show along with coffee, I’d have been up here long ago.” Jasper spoke finally, a silly smirk on his lips.

Rhiamon froze mid-bacon flip and calculated her options. The voice was unfamiliar to her and for a moment feared it was another visit. Turning slowly, she prepared for a ghostly presence floating in her kitchen. Silver-blue eyes met flesh but her fear did not cease. No, he wasn’t a ghost but the male was a stranger. 'A rather sexy stranger.' She thought to herself.

“Who the hell are you?” Rhiamon asked and glanced meanigfully at the knife on the counter.

“Jasper ma’am, Jasper Khalon,” he replied quickly, noticing the gleam in her eye. The last thing he wanted was a blade impaled through his chest. “The new ranch hand Cadeyrn hired.”

Eyes narrowed as Rhiamon considered this for a moment. Her brother had not mentioned hiring a new ranch hand. Yet, it made sense. Hank was gaining his years and Rhiamon refused to do anything with the horses. It brought back to much. She believed him, for now anyways. Therefore left the knife where it was and poured him a mug of coffee. “Here’s your coffee.”

As he took the beverage, Rhiamon studied him further. He was dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and cowboy hat, typical ranch gear, and she knew just what lay beneath. A man with muscles of steel, other wise he wouldn’t be able to handle a bucking stallion at breeding season. But those things never made her heart thump. No, it was the gleam in his eyes. The ‘I’m here and you know it’ gleam that one got through sheer pride.

“Thank you Ma’am.” Jasper tipped his hat and accepted the caffeine, emptying the mug while under her scrutiny. Well, she wasn’t the only one examining the merchandise. He had taken her state of dress to his advantage and got more than one eye full. Whether it was a good thing or not the man had yet to determine.

Setting the ceramic aside, Jasper flashed his pearly whites. “So what’s your name? Or do I keep calling you Ma’am?”

“Rhia,” she gave him her nickname. Rhiamon hated her name as it made her think of a pokemon. “Rhia Calhoun. And don’t call me Ma’am; I’m hardly old enough to be called that.”

His every thought went to a crashing halt. She was the boss’s sister and therefore off limits. ‘Damn, it should be mandatory for women to carry those signs. Off limits, I’m your boss’s sister!’ Jasper thought but kept appearances up. “Well Rhia, thank you for the coffee. I’d better be going now. There is lots of work to do on a ranch.” He turned to leave, but couldn’t help himself. “Oh by the way, nice lace.” Jasper winked at Rhia before exiting the kitchen.

Lace? For a moment Rhiamon was puzzled to just what he meant. Then she remembered her state of dress and froze. Her brother was going to pay for not telling her that there was another male on residence. A blush of embarrassment and fury flooded her cheeks as she turned back to her food. Oh yes, Cadeyrn was going to pay dearly and first with a cold meal.

After paging Hank that his food was ready, she went to her room to change and ready for the day. She may shy from the stables and the memories that lingered in its corners, but there was other work to be done.

Dressed in proper attire, Rhiamon ventured out into the day. Boots crunched on the earth as she tried to make a wide berth of the stables. However a voice caught her attention, Jasper’s voice. He was talking to someone, but no one was talking back. Curious, she approached slowly and spotted the man.

No one was around him. The only other living thing was a horse he was caressing. “What the-…” She whispered turning her attention to something of more importance. Standing next to her was, once again, the man/ghost she had met at the mansion.

© 2008 Brittaney

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