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The year wasn�t known. It was before recorded time, before �reality�, before myths. In the tormented world, still being created, a battle between God and Demon was raging. Fire scorched the fresh planet, cursing it forever.

The year wasn’t known. It was before recorded time, before “reality”, before myths. In the tormented world, still being created, a battle between God and Demon was raging. Fire scorched the fresh planet, cursing it forever.
“None shall live! Destroy them!” Kinalf ordered to his underlings. The war had barely started and already the intensity was getting to everyone, everyone but him. He was rather enjoying the mass hysteria. The tortured screams made him grin. This was the perfect way to begin a new world, one that he himself would rule. After he defeated the Gods, all he would have to do was bring life, poor, pathetic, and weak life, to this blood soaked planet. Laughing to himself he shot a fireball at a dying God.
“Kill them all!” He gleefully screamed. The Demons fought viscously, tearing and ripping the Gods to shreds. Kinalf grabbed one by the neck and looked him in the eyes. With a wicked smile on his face, he whispered to the God, “All of you shall perish. I will rule this world, rule all worlds! No one will stop me.” And with that, he torched the miserable creature. With the fresh screams still ringing in his ears, he took in a deep breath. Smelling an easy victory, he pulled out his sword, Chaos Blood, and began to hack and slash his way towards the leader of the Gods.  Once he got there, the real battle started. He sneered at the valiant God fighting for “love”. He caught Orknuf’s eye and swung his sword. Steel met steel and sparks flew. Without saying a word, the two brothers fought: One for good, the other for evil.
“I will prevail, brother.” Kinalf shouted, a hint of menace in his voice. Orknuf merely shook his head and swung at Kinalf. The born enemies fought for hours, neither of them tiring. The Gods were down to their last 100, while the Demons kept coming. Orknuf knew when he was beat, but the urge to destroy his traitorous brother kept him fighting. His men were covered in blood, but loyally backed him up. They would stick by him to the death, which in most of their minds, was coming very soon. Kinalf and Orknuf locked blades. Face to face, the two brothers searched for the strength to defeat the other. Kinalf’s blade slipped, and in that second, Orknuf hesitated. Kinalf saw his chance and struck.
Steel met flesh and delivered the killing blow. Blood poured and covered Kinalf’s hands as brothers’ eyes met. Kinalf always enjoyed watching life leave his victim’s eyes and this time was no different. In fact, the deed was more enjoyable because it was Orknuf’s life he was watching fade away.
“I won brother.” Kinalf voice came out filled with malice and victory.The god’s hands dropped his weapon and surrounded his brother’s. Orknuf knew of the options before the battle began days ago. Just as he knew that all his choices were gone now. Orknuf couldn’t die knowing that his brother still lived. He couldn’t place such a plague on the mortals.
Muscles flexed and Orknuf shoved Chaos Blood further into his gut. Blood filled his abdomen cavity and began to steal precious time from the god. He suddenly wished her could say good bye to his love and son, but knew it was impossible. Orknuf had to bind his brother with his dieing breath. It was the only way the lock would hold.
“Brother, I bind you!” Orknuf managed to mutter as light tendrils snaked out of the wound and grabbed the demon’s wrist. The scent of searing flesh began to fill both brothers’ nostrils as the pure light clung to evil skin. The smirk disappeared for Kinalf’s face, being replaced by one of fear and disbelief. He never thought his brother would go to such extremes.
But Kinalf had been warned that this might happen. Of course, his noble brother would try to sacrifice himself to kill him. "What a fool" Kinalf said, his expression relaxed. He had thought of a way to undo this forever ago. He smiled at Orknuf and grabbed onto Chaos Blood shoving it deeper into Orknuf as the light tendrils continued to sear his flesh. He allowed his brothers blood to cover his arms then he yelled "You cannot win brother!" Flames surrounded the two, leaving everyone else in smoke. The Demons and Gods had both ceased fighting. Both sides were eagerly waiting for the smoke to clear. All holding their breath. Who would come out alive? They waited and waited.
Finally the smoke had cleared. The sight they saw was terriffying. Orknuf had been burned to nothing while his brother lay on his back, hardly breathing, barely alive. The demons rushed to him, to take him away before the remaining Gods could snap out of their shock. They took Kinalf to a different world so he could heal in time for his next attack. 
Later that night, all was silent. No one dared speak, for the reality of that days events might fully sink in. All was lost, to the Gods, to the mortals. How could life continue in such a way? Everyone pondered the future... All was silent.

© 2008 Brittaney

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I like the opening, a war between gods is always interesting.
I am interested in reading on.

Posted 12 Years Ago

The classic battle between what is good and what is evil! Heck yes, my kind of writer! This isn't like my own writing but its very close. I like the angle you wrote this from! Im actally very excited to read more of this too lol. That doesn't happen tht much. I wl be sure to return and read more into this amazing story you began here! until then, Lunare

Posted 12 Years Ago

kool...poor gods..poor motrals...*sigh*

Posted 13 Years Ago

I like thiss, i do find the "demons" are a mass force, are they god themselves? How are they killing the gods if their under them?

Posted 13 Years Ago

This prologue is excellent. I appreciate your style and your dramatic flair. It draws me in so that yes, I will have to read some more.
I did notice one error easily fixed. In paragraph seven this line: "Blood filled his abdomen cavity and began to steal..." Abdomen cavity makes it awkward. If you use the word Abdominal, as an adjective to describe cavity, the sentence flows more smoothly.
Brother against brother... always makes for an emotionally gripping read. I hope you see this story through to its end. I imagine you are having an excellent time unfolding the story in your mind. Envious, I am. ;)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Hi, my names Brittaney. Im twenty-two years old. My dream is to one day be published and become a well known author. My target audience is late teen early twenty's. Mostly people that want to read.. more..


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