Young girl, compilation. (Deciding on a name)

Young girl, compilation. (Deciding on a name)

A Chapter by Bunnycorn

This is...I suppose you could call it a song, or perhaps a collaberation. I can't spell that word either.

Young Girl, your body so beautiful.
Young girl, has your heart broken?
Young girl, has your bride been destroyed?
Young girl, your mind broken.
Your pride destroyed.
Young girl, so rebellious.
Refusing to cry,
Refusing to fall.
Young girl, you'll never understand.
You'll never escape.
You're mine.
You can not leave me.
You shall become my slave.
So enjoy yourself.
As I shall enjoy you.
Soon you won't even be able who you are,
nor where you are.
Your body will be taken by lust.
You will gladly take any punishment you must.
I hope you will scream.
beg me on your hands and knees.
Get angry with me.
You wish death on me?
Come than; kill me.
It won't change anything.
You'll still be mine.
Didn't I tell you; girl?
You can't escape me.
No matter how much you beg,
hate me.
Even in death you shall be mine.
So come on, kill me!
Have I not put you through enough?
Have the humans not cost you everything?
You're alone, and it shall always be that way.
No matter how much you beg,
hate me.
Don't you want them to feel the same way you do?
The deaths that you've seen.
The hell they've put you through.
The pain you've had to deal with.
The people they've put you with.
Are you to weak?
Are you going to sit there and cry?
Or are you going to stand up and fight.
You can become my monster.
Rather than my little toy.
You can either kill me,
Or you can sit there and beg,
hate me.
Young girl, your beautiful body's covered in blood.
There's no turning back now.
The humans will hunt you.
So you might as well kill them.
Get them back.
Kill them,
while they try to kill you.
Young girl, you don't have to bow down to anyone now.
You don't have to beg.
Nor plead.
And when you finally die...
You shall be a devil.
and you shall be hailed as their Queen.
They will love you,
And you shall love them.
But only if you can kill the humans.
Starting with me.
Otherwise, you shall die alone.
And uncared for.
So make your choice.
You'll kill many.
Before you are finally caught.
You'll be the queen of the devils.
The humans shall call you a coward,
but they'll never know...
How much you begged,
nor how they ignored you, and how much that ended up costing you...

In the end.

© 2010 Bunnycorn

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I like how you dehumanized her and are offering her a chance to reclaim some type of esteem, but only after a killing spree....Great right with depth good work.



Posted 10 Years Ago

This spoke with so many voices it seemed... a passion.. a pain.. giving and taking over the course of a life... It seems to a story coming to life...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on October 1, 2010
Last Updated on November 10, 2010
Tags: Dark, sad, young girl, brutality, murder, killing, rage, hate, love.



Auburn, WA

Feel free to rework any of my poetry too how you see fit, but please, atleast say that the original was created by me, and that you just reworded it. :P. Also, currently looking for someone who can h.. more..

Story Idea; Story Idea;

A Story by Bunnycorn

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