The Poet's love-- Cuidad Juarez.

The Poet's love-- Cuidad Juarez.

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

Another chapter for the Poet's love

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The Poet's love -- Cuidad Juarez

Johnnie loved the view of the Hummingbird highway. He watched the five friends sitting in silence and he felt great pain in his stomach and in his legs.  He reached into his pocket and took one codeine pill. Don Carlos saw his face and he open a small container of his herbs. He opened a jar of mango juice and he put a handful of the herb into the juice. Paloma was caressing his forehead and she asked him. Johnnie, are you okay? Don Carlos helped him drink the mango juice and he told her. I'm okay dear Paloma. I need to sleep. The medicine of Don Carlos took effect. Lawrence told them. We must stop and rest. Johnnie awoke and he told Lawrence. I'm okay my dear friend. Don Carlos peyote mix will keep me alive. He rested in the arms of Paloma. Elena caressed his face and she sang.
"Death be not sweet.
Death be not near.
Please kind sun keep death at bay.
Just one more day and then another.
Life is sweet and the sweet kisses never forgotten.
To live is joy and to die. Is sadness"
Johnnie was in a deep sleep now. Soft tears fell from Paloma's face.  Leo reached over and touched the tears. He whispered. Dear Paloma. He is fine now. Don Carlos can put a elephant into a coma sleep.

4 hours into the drive. They see the Mexican border. Don Carlos told Leo to stop before reaching the border gate. He left the truck and he talked with the two guards for 10 minutes. Paloma saw him give the guard some small bags of medicine. The border guards hugged him and he returned to the truck. They drove-up to the border gate and the taller of the guards stamped the visas and the passports. He told them. Be safe and enjoy your time in Mexico. Johnnie did not awake till they were five hours into Mexico. He smiled and he told them. I feel good and I need to pee. I'm hungry too. The six laughed and Lawrence said. My a*s is sore and my stomach is empty. They drove for ten more miles and they found a small gas station and restaurant. The six ate the fresh cooked pork and chicken. Fresh tomatoes and onions with homemade tortillas. They ate in silence. Almost 12 hours of driving left them hungry and the legs needing some movement. Lawrence, Leo and Paloma took a long walk. Elena and Don Carlos talked in private behind the restaurant. Elena looked afraid and she told Don Carlos. He can die at anytime. Don Carlos wrapped his arms around her and he said. Not easy to kill a Coyote. They are mean as hell and he will hold his ground. I will increase the dose and you must make some of your special soups. She left him and she talked to the waitress. The waitress took her to the kitchen. The father of the girl heard the story of Johnnie sickness. He told Elena. Cook dear lady and do you need any help? She opened her purse and took out two small bags. She requested some water. The waitress brought two water bottles.  She boil the water into two small pots and she watched the water boil. She added the natural herbs and she thank the herbs for helping her.

Johnnie was writing.

Don't be sad, don't become a ghost or shadow.
We must be born and we must die.
The miracles of life are the kind people we had known and loved.
The love , we had shared and the songs we had sang are what we are.
I don't fear death, I fear losing you. 
You are my forever muse.
I will never forget us dancing nude to the song of the night.
You and I.
A miracle and a blessing to a man who understand..
You shall be the Poet's love forever.

                          Dear death
I see you near and you are whispering.
Life is pain and sweet death is peace.
In my sleep.
I see dear Father and loving grandmother's waiting with open arms.
I whispered in the ear of death.
Later my friend.
I have one more appointment.
I have one more dance and one more farewell.
I will walk the final walk with you soon kind friend.

My Spanish beauty. I remember us.
My dark-skin beauty who stole my dreams and my heart.
I was wood and you were fire.
You made dead heart and mind.
Burst into external fire that could never be put out.
You are my love and I will be waiting for you.
You and I.
Are true blue and hard-learned.
Love is for the crazy and the brave.

Elena came to the table and she served him the two soups. He smiled and hid the small notebook. He told her. My favorite tasty herbs. He ate them without a complain. Elena asked could she read the new poems in the hidden journal. He smiled and he gave her the book. She read them and she asked. Is this you final words dear friend? He smiled and he whispered. Dear Elena, can't stop death. He will come when he wants. She handed him the book back and she asked. When will you give the book to Paloma? He smiled at her and he told her. You will. Allow me to read the first poem.

                          The Poet's love
Once upon a hot Honduras night.
I found you, weak as a kitten.
I gentle caressed your face and your skin  with cold water and I held silence.
I saw the gain strength and your will to live was stronger than the want to die.
I remember you studying me.
You could not understand how someone wanted a beaten woman.
You never knew.
You made me gain strength.
You fought and was almost killed for strangers.
I never left you for three weeks.
You became the Poet's love and I never forget your face.
I never forget your sweet and gentle voice.
I would live and die for you dear Paloma.

Elena told him. Beautiful words dear friend. But when you die. Do you believe the words in this book will give Paloma peace? He told her no. If I lost Paloma. I would suffer till my last breath. Don Carlos sat down and he told them. When we arrive in Cuidad Juarez. We will meet some friends of Susana Castillo Chavez. Rumor had it. You met her once Johnnie? I did. So long ago. After the Iraq war in 1994. I heard her read in Cuidad Juarez. I was station at the Army base across the border in Texas. I talked to her about writing for a second. I knew she was talented and wonderful. Her death broke my heart. A kind and sweet woman. Don Carlos looked very serious and he told them. We will receive a journal of her own words and some documentation. Letters and notes from her friend. These are for Paloma. After Port Austin. She will return to Spain and write the book. Paloma knows this already. We must work quickly and be very private. Mexico liked to keep her secrets. She had many.

The six gathered and they loaded into the Truck. Don Carlos added his herb to some mango juice. Johnnie drank the mango juice and he fell quickly asleep. He laid against Paloma breasts. He awoke one time and he took two codeine. The next 8 hours were quiet. Only the driver stayed awake. They arrived in San Luis Potosi at darkness. Lawrence and Leo carry Johnnie to the motel near the clinic. Sharon was waiting at the motel. She brought her medicine with her. She did some testing and she told Johnnie. Your body is running okay. I have nothing here to help you. Between Don Carlos herbs and the Elena soups. They are keeping you alert and alive. You will leave early in the morning. You will be in Cuidad Juarez at the next daylight. I'm honor to meet you. You have many names and many faces. Many women were saved because of you. Many became you. You and Paloma made men and women brave in Mexico. Including me. She turned to Paloma and she stood-up. She whispered dear Paloma. I pray God keep you safe and be brave. Don Carlos gave him the mango juice and herbs. He told him. Take before you sleep tonight. Elena brought the two soups and she watched him eat every bite.  He got-up and he hugged Elena. Thank you sweet and beautiful friend. Elena left the room and she closed the door. Tears fell from her eyes. She saw and knew how cancer killed. Heartless and quick. Elena saw death in Johnnie face.

Johnnie locked the door and he stripped down to his boxer shorts. He laid on the soft bed and Paloma came out of the bathroom. Only wearing a t-sheet. He smiled and he told her. Please don't move and please allow me to see you dear Paloma. She laughed and she smiled. Death is near and you want be nude and sexy for you still? He smiled and he told her. Please take off t-shirt and dance for me. He turned on the radio and soft Mexican love songs were playing on the radio. Paloma released the t-shirt and allowed her silky underwear to fall slowly. He loved her. Her body, still robust and beautiful. She was still tempting and her eyes. Like perfect resting sea or morning sky. Make you wish to fall into them forever. She asked. Dear Johnnie. You want me to kill you tonight? I believe my love. You are dying?  He smiled and he drank the mango juice and Paloma took off his boxer shorts. She laid on top of him. Gave him warm and sweet kisses till they fell into a deep sleep.

                                John Castellenas/Coyote


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Wow! I really enjoyed this chapter, I am not sure who Susana is, but wow to your story so far. Kinda reading this backward, but I think I need to finish this.

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Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

Susana Castillo Chavez. She was a Mexican Poet killed for trying to help the young girls on the bord.. read more

1 Year Ago

aww that is so sad

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